Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Bill Gates--and Our Children's Education - an OP-ED by Regular Contributor RAH

Bill Gates has had disturbing results in his past
efforts to provide Services for Children

Now he wants to revolutionize Children's Education!

Our Children: A major part 

of the "END GAME" by RAH

It should be fairly clear to even a casual observer that the SHTF big time, and with much more to come.

Allegedly "intelligent" people are caught in midst of a total collapse of civilization as we know actually...we are at the abyss.

On one side we have "medical experts" and our "elected representatives" trying desperately to convince us humble citizens we are in danger due to _____????? (aka currently undefinable mythical virus) and the majority of humble citizens aka "sheeple" actually believing these liars and charlatans.

This conflicts with mountains of actual evidence that we actually have "NOTHING TO FEAR!!!" 

What should concern us is that while people have the right to "believe" whatever they wish, these same poorly educated and propagandized "sheeple" will be the same types that wish to impose their bogus beliefs onto the rest of us (i.e., Masks, Vaccinations, Social Distancing. etc.) .


G-P Middle School - PODS System for Face-to-Face Learning.  Watch the video at the link below: 

Bill GateZ and his Oligarch Friends Want to Turn Our
Children into "Pod People"  Watch the video at Vimeo

One of these many classic COMMUNIST agendas is to control our precious children. The Cultural Marxists have been doing this since post WW2--turning our children in SJW's, LGBQT...BLM..etc., etc. and literally making Critical Thinking "extinct".

However, this is not enough...they are beyond even doubling - down. The video (above) shows how children, as the new school year begins...will be placed under a daily regiment that is somewhere between Military Boot Camp and Prison, again, based on some mythical enemy "COVID". This is psychological warfare pure and simple...aka pure evil. Children will no longer be able to be "children", but, instead, be on par with robot-prisoners. Imagine, going to school each day in sheer dread of being isolated in classroom with some box around your desk...subjected to peer pressure, monitored for bathroom breaks and constantly in fear of "contact tracing" etc., etc.

ALL BY DESIGN!!! appears it is ALL-BY-DESIGN. One can logically deduce, aka dare I say via "Critical Thinking"...our children's education is but one of many agendas being rolled out via the mythical "COVID enemy"--which has no solution. [ed.  other than vaccination]

Schools, whereby social distancing is near impossible, will be hotbeds of perpetual outbreaks.( FYI here in outbreak is apparently defined as 2 or more cases--a very easy benchmark to achieve). Let's cut to the chase. Schools will soon be perceived as NO FLY ZONES...aka dangerous to one's health. Much like small businesses are collapsing via this bogus COVID myth....parents and children will waive the white flag out of desperation and ultimately choose to keep children "safe" at home and avoid bricks-and-mortar learning.

  So, then, what?  Who picks up the slack?

ANSWER:  The usual suspects--as usual, in what appears to be a long-term plan, hatched years ago. Here is an analysis by John Klyczek That appeared on August 26, 2020 in The Renegade Tribune:

Gates and Big Tech “Reimagine” Post-Human Education: The “New Normal” is A.I. Data-Mining for “Social Credit”

The above article is absolutely full of relevant information. And, it should be cause for major concern. 
Again...the traditional bricks and mortar schools appear to be on their way out. Teachers, like medical doctors, may be dying professions (soon to be replaced by "AI " ???)  The irony is teachers would have/should have been part of the solution, but they don't see that they are part of the problem, feeding into the Oligarch agenda's and not realizing it till it is too late.
from article:

“Disrupting” Class with “Creative Destruction”

The Gates Foundation’s Reimagine Education initiative is part of its larger “Disaster Capitalist” mission to exploit COVID lockdown as an opportunity for “Creative Destruction” that will ram through the mass-institutionalization of “disruptive technologies” which “destroy” the tradition of human teachers in brick-and-mortar schoolrooms in order to “create” a new public-private industry of learning analytics engineered by communitarian partnerships between Big Tech and Big Government.

The partnership between Google and the Gates-financed InnovateEDU is a prime example of how the Reimagine Education campaign is fueled by a “Disaster Capitalist” stratagem to capitalize on Joseph Schumpeter’s economic principle of “Creative Destruction” by heavily subsidizing “disruptive” ed-tech that digitally automates school lessons through virtual classrooms which facilitate COVID “distance learning” by replacing human teachers and brick-and-mortar schoolhouses while the latter are forced to shut down due to COVID lockdown. According to InnovateEDU’s company website, “InnovateEDU is committed to massively disrupting [my emphasis] K-12 public education by focusing on the development of scalable tools and practices that leverage innovation, technology [my emphasis], and new human capital systems to improve education for all students and close the achievement gap.”

By advancing “technology” to “massively” for the purposes of “leverag[ing] innovation,” InnovateEDU is explicitly proclaiming its commitment to Schumpeter’s “Creative Destruction” economics. And by exploiting the “Shock Doctrine” of COVID lockdown as an opportunity to partner with Google and the Gates Foundation to massively expand Big Data-mining through BigQuery, InnovateEDU is clearly exploiting “Disaster Capitalist” schemes to “Build Back Better” by enhancing its “creative disruption” of traditional schooling with technocratic AI learning analytics.

In brief, through partnerships with BigQuery and Cortex, the Gates-financed InnovateEDU is fulfilling its “reimagination” of education by expanding ed-tech data-tracking that “massively disrupts” traditional schooling by streamlining massive pools of cognitive-behavioral and socio-emotional learning analytics to improve AI algorithms which will “destroy” traditional teacher feedback as new automated instructional algorithms are “created” to “disrupt” human teacher feedback with digital stimulus-response feedback programmed to condition students for workforce “competence” in a techno-fascist planned economy managed by “human capital systems.”

In alignment with the Gates Foundation’s “disruptive tech” partnership with InnovateEDU, the Gates philanthropy has paid out $1,375,414 to the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, which declares itself “a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to improving the world through Disruptive Innovation … [T]he Institute offers a unique framework for understanding many of society’s most pressing issues including education, healthcare, and economic prosperity.”

In the fields of “K-12 Education” and “Higher Education,” the Clayton Christensen thinktank promotes advancements in “disruptive” ed-tech “Software and Hardware” (including “adaptive learning” courseware and other “artificial intelligence” programs). The thinktank also advocates for “disruptive innovation” in K-12 and higher education through partnerships with “For-Profit Providers” on the cutting edge of “Data & Assessment,” “Personalized and Blended Learning,” “Social-Emotional Learning (SEL),” “Social Capital,” “Competency-Based Learning,” and “Workforce Readiness.”

On May 27th during the COVID lockdown, three weeks after the announcement of the Gates-Schmidt-Cuomo collaboration to Reimagine Education, the Gates Foundation issued a special $294,914 grant to the Institute for Disruptive Innovation for the purposes of “understand[ing] what motivates districts to adopt continuous improvement practices to improve outcomes that are predictive of post-secondary success.”

To sum up, the Gates Foundation’s partnerships with InnovateEDU and the Institute for Disruptive Innovation are illustrative of the Gates’ philanthropy’s broader “Disaster Capitalist” enterprise, which is stage-managing the “Creative Destruction” of the old schooling system in order to usher in a new techno-fascist system of AI edu-conditioning that Naomi Klein calls a “Screen New Deal.” Built on “surveillance capitalism,” what Klein labels as the “Screen New Deal” is nothing less than the next phase of Project BEST as the Gates Foundation bankrolls Reimagine Education partnerships with Big Tech corporations that deploy “disruptive technologies” for tracking students’ learning analytics into psychological profiles which rank the students’ cognitive-behavioral and socio-emotional “competence” algorithms into “Social Credit Scores” that determine their job placement in a digital workforce caste system. 

More QUOTEs from article:

Reimagine a Global “Screen New Deal”: Build Back a Better “School World Order”

The Gates Foundation’s Screen New Deal is not limited to the Reimagine Education initiative in the State of New York. Indeed, the Gates Foundation’s “Reimagine” campaign is being mirrored by the US Department of Education, which has issued a national “Reimagine Workforce Preparation” competition that awards CARES stimulus money to schools applying for grants that pay for new “career pathways” curriculums facilitated by adaptive learning courseware and other virtual e-learning management systems online. Expanding the Screen New Deal agenda beyond the USA, the Gates Foundation has dumped out over a quarter billion dollars in grants to “Reimagine” educational institutions across the globe.

During the COVID-lockdown months from March 1st through June 2nd, the Gates Foundation poured out at least 203 grants totaling no less than $228,261,262 to “Reimagine” education systems across the globe. These Gates grants financed corporate charter schools, public-private community schools, virtual/online edu-corporations, ed-tech companies, socioemotional-learning non-profits and universities on basically every continent. Altogether, these combined grants set up public-private ed-tech infrastructures for “social distance” learning networks to be AI data-mined by Chinese-style “Social Credit” algorithms which score students’ cognitive-behavioral, socio-emotional, and biological health metrics to determine the students’ access to education, employment, healthcare, housing, transportation, and even due process.

CONCLUSION (from article):


"...With more than a quarter billion dollars dumped into a hi-tech concoction of post-human AI ed-tech that tracks psychometric and biometric data for workforce placement and contact tracing of COVID-19, it is evident that the Gates Foundation’s technocratic stratagem to “Reimagine” global education is aiming to “Build Back Better” by setting up a global surveillance grid that institutes a worldwide system of dystopian “Social Credit,” which will utilize the “internet of things” to data-mine students’ digital psychological profiles in order to virtually dictate whether they get access to schools, jobs, hospitals, housing, transportation, and even due process."   



As stated earlier, The  Klyczek analysis discussed above is a fairly detailed but excellent article. One can deduce from it that there's a more insidious overarching agenda.  Clearly, Gates and the other Oligarchs are not simply satisfied with trying to "vaccinate" the entire world's population. We will also be subjected into Orwellian mind-control platforms. 

These Satanists are "all-in" for 100% TOTAL CONTROL including, if not specifically, our vulnerable children.

The COVID scam is a multi-faceted weapon...and will be leveraged, via fear porn, to maneuver parents and students into "stay-at-home" on-line learning en masse.

We will then be at the mercy of whatever curriculum, or whatever they wish to promote...and "on-line" surveillance.  Once this is firmly established as a "New Normal"'s over.  The End Game has been imposed and victory for the Oligarchs. The end product??? Tragically for humanity, this will be dumbed-down subservient citizens--prisoners--who will be monitored 24/7/365 and 100% reliant on Big Brother and their whims, including giving these evil scum even more God-like powers. 

Again, in an ever-increasing litany of mounting collateral damage, we face the abyss--all due to some "mythical virus" people believed in. Why?  Because of even more misplaced trust given to the "usual suspects" who, throughout history, have been in a war for our minds, bodies, and souls. Will they win?

PS:  Hope you "learned" something before it is too late. Forewarned IS Forearmed.



The Stark Raving Viking said...

BAD, Billionaire Absolute Despotism ...

I put Pandemic 2 video embedded in my blog today. If that video getting wide distribution with the efforts of its producer, might just finish off the Gates/Fauci crowd. The smoking guns are listed ...

I think if there isn't some sort of worldwide push back to masks, the social distancing, to be prisoners for the rest of our lives just waiting which version of what forced vaccine will kill us the quickest ...

I will consider a forced vaccine assault and attempted murder and will probably act accordingly.

Keep up the good fight.


greencrow said...


Thanks for this very illuminating post. WHO knew Bill GateZ had his bloody little fingers into our edjumication system? I didn't until now. Hey, just this morning I learned that he's also got his fingers into the weather modification/biowarfare pie

Will somebody do humanity a favour and write his name on a bullet???

As for the dystopian world of our children's future education that you I've said on this blog in the past...there's another choice. We can go back to the low tech education of my youth in the 1960's. Chalkboard/Whiteboard, pens and pencils and hard cover books..readers like "Dick and Jane". We can find the old curriculums they used and teach our children in our own basements. That education, along with critical thinking skills, will take them anywhere in life. They can learn the "Smart Phone/Computer" garbage on their own later on...if they want.

That's the real solution! And it's so simple.

Thinking....... said...

Gates is into weather control as well as many other things.
Seems he wants to one way or the other control every aspect of peoples lives. Stay away for the vaccines. They certainly are not to stop so called Covid 19. They can't even prove the virus exists.
Even if it did, over 99 percent of the people they say got with their fake testing, get over it no problem.

There is a lot of information on this post about Bill Gates