Sunday, January 12, 2020

Nuckin' Futz Newz: Trump acts like Mafia Don/"Enforcer" in phone conversations with Iraqi PM - and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors

*(Top image: The DC protest gathered in Lafayette Park across from the White House for a rally with speeches and then marched to the infamous Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, January 4, 2020. Credit: Stephen Melkisethian/ Flickr)

This was the week that was, as they say.  The globalist warmongers had humanity spinning and reeling from their efforts to drag the world into WWIII by assassinating Iranian General Quassem Soleimani contrary to International Law.  International Law has gone by the by in USrael now that it doesn't work for them anymore.  As a prime example, [of many] last week Iraq has passed legislation demanding that the US military leave Iraq.  USrael has responded by giving Iraq the finger.  It's not going to leave.  Israel won't allow it.  

We're supposed to believe it's sheer coincidence that the US assassinated the Iranian general days after the Iraqis passed the legislation.  The Iraqi Prime Minister, who should be given a medal of heroism by his countrymen, shone a spotlight into the dark recesses of USraeli machinations when he reported in the parliament on his various phone conversations with Trump.  Here is a link to the details of those exchanges--which should be required reading by all Americans.

The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani. Washington Threats to Engage in False flag Sniper Shootings. Iraq Prime Minister

At the link above, you will read the Iraqi PM's account of how Trump subjected him to a Mafia shake down, an extortion attempt to steal 50% of Iraqi oil, in return for repairing the destruction caused by the Americans in their illegal war on Iraq in the early 2000's.  This shake down came complete with threats to have US Marines pick off demonstrating Iraqis with high powered rifles from rooftops [which did occur later] and even threats against the lives of the PM and his Minister of Defense.

I've lived a long time but I've never before heard of the American President issuing extortion and death threats against foreign states.  No doubt it has happened but here is prima facie evidence of endemic, state criminality!  

Stephen Lendman has done his countrymen a service.  He has written a post listing REAL articles of impeachment that should be brought against Donald Trump in the Senate later this month.  Here's part of that post.  I have highlighted in red the material that could form Articles of Impeachment:


Under the Constitution’s Article II, Section 4, impeachment and conviction require proving “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”
No legitimacy exists to impeach Trump for abuse of power on grounds of seeking interference from Ukraine to aid his 2020 presidential re-election and obstruction of Congress for defying House subpoenas.

Clear just cause exists to impeach and remove [Donald Trump] from office for crimes of war, against humanity, and betraying the public trust by serving monied interests exclusively at the expense of ordinary people he greatly harmed at home and abroad.

Breaching virtually every positive promise made to the American people proved he can never be trusted and no longer has justification to serve.

Abroad, he escalated crimes of war and against humanity against Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Somalia.
He supports aggression in Libya, Donbass, Ukraine, and Occupied Palestine.
He’s waging economic terrorism on Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia and other countries.
He supports international terrorism while pretending to combat it.

As US president and commander-in-chief, he’s responsible for high crimes at home and abroad, legitimate impeachable offenses.
He committed acts of war against Iraq and Iran by terror-bombing Iraqi territory, killing deputy PMU leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and others, along with assassinating IRGC Quds Force commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

All of the above are high crimes, just cause to impeach and remove him from office, what Dems and Republicans should support.

Clearly they won’t because they share guilt. The vast majority of Washington’s political class is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors — by supporting aggression, state terrorism, and other hostile actions

In response to Trump’s threat to target dozens of Iranian sites, including cultural ones, President Rouhani warned him “never (to) threaten the Iranian nation.”..."


Greencrow concludes.  Ever since I started this meme "Nuckin' Futz Newz" I've used it to record and comment on evidence of Trump's mental decline, probably dementia combined with several personality disorders.  Sometimes it's been funny, sometimes it's been downright scary.  In the above snippet from Stephen Lendman's column, we have a record of criminality--"High Crimes and Misdemeanours" that surpasses anything that has occurred previously in my lifetime. 

The US bought and paid for Congress and Senate have long been scheming to bring Trump to trial on false Articles of Impeachment.  Now they have real cause and a real list of Articles.  Will they do their duty? Or, as I have said all along [and why I no longer comment on American domestic politics] will they just do more "made for TV  24/7 blathering"[TM] that operates as distraction/cover for more USraeli misdeeds and ultimately results in nothing?


wallflower said...

They can't get him on the true crimes he has committed because it has been 'bipartisan' all along. One big inflated extortion racket of the one war party. Kill 'em all I say, because they are all guilty.

greencrow said...

"...Kill 'em all I say, because they are all guilty..."

Yes, kill 'em all, going back to Bush II, Cheney and ALL the 9/11 monsters.