Monday, September 23, 2019

Truth To Power: Town Hall Protesters Ask Chrystia Freeland Why She's a Warmonger

Chrystia Freeland at Townhall
h/t to Xymphora for link 

Like other alternative/truth bloggers, I've been wondering where Canadian Liberal Cabinet Minister/SorosCIAn mole Chrystia Freeland is during all the brouhaha about Trudeau's blackface.  She's kept an unusually low profile.  But she suddenly emerged yesterday at a town hall--that had to be cut short due to unruly protesters.  Please read the following story that appeared in CityNews and I will have more comments to follow:

"Town hall with Chrystia Freeland cut short by protesters

by The Canadian Press and News Staff ,
Posted Sep 22, 2019 5:32 pm EDT
Last Updated Sep 23, 2019 at 9:32 am EDT

A town hall with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland held by the National Council of Canadian Muslims was cut short Sunday after protesters calling her a “war monger” repeatedly interrupted the event in Toronto.

Protesters held up signs raising issues such as Venezuelan independence while another at one point held up a sign that read: “Save Yemeni Children.”

“If you’re for democracy, why do you condone the sale of weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia,” said one unidentified man. “Why are you waging economic war against the people of Venezuela who have done no harm to Canada? Why are you a war monger?”

After several interruptions, organizers stopped the event titled “What’s at stake this federal election” held at the University of Toronto.
The town hall came days after the prime minister’s re-election bid was hit by controversy, after images emerged of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s past dressing in brown- or blackface as part of costume events.

No direct questions were posed about the images, but in her opening remarks Freeland reiterated her comments from Friday that “racism and intolerance are unacceptable, always and in all forms” and she was “disappointed” when she saw the images.

Freeland said that she accepts Trudeau’s apology, which she believes is “sincere,” but on Sunday told the town hall that its not for her to choose whether or not to accept it or forgive the prime minister.

“He needed to apologize, and he has, to the people who have been really hurt by seeing those images,” the foreign affairs minister told the several dozen people who attended the event.

“And it’s up to those people to make their own judgements about that.”


Greencrow says: LOL.  Wish I could have been there--to see the meagre crowd that showed up,  apparently made up mostly of Truth to Power protesters who were asking Freeland inconvenient questions. These intrepid individuals represent the vast majority of Canadians.  We don't like war and we hate warmongers.  Why can we not have a leader who speaks this reality?  Because we're occupied, that's why. 

In summing up this incident, I can suggest that Freeland was given just an itsy bitsy tiny taste of the kind of demonstrations she'll face, coast to coast--should she ever take over from Justin [le Dauphin] Trudeau.


Reading between the lines said...

Freeland is a stain upon Canadians and their values .She is just like Pompeo , a neocon of the worst kind.Our country is going down the tubes because we have kowtowed to the US and we are backing the wrong horse ,if I can put it that way.Canadian leadership is rudderless.

greencrow said...


I am cynic enough to believe that the destruction of Canada is a goal of having these treasonous, subversive parasitic moles in government. Not only do they destroy the foreign targets of the perps--but they destroy the reputation and moral foundations of the host countries.

Karmellis said...

It is a good start, but it is not enough. We are collectively suffering under a criminal cartel disguised as a privileged oligarchy who continue to raid and loot the public trough with no consideration for anyone or anything other than themselves while daring to enforce this double-standard virtue signaling against us (I say 'against' us specifically). I like that some stuff has spectacularly backfired against them though ("#scheerispoor" hashtag, anyone?), but Scheer has been so passive regarding his responses and handling of stuff (Libel lawsuit, anyone?), it comes across to me as giving his political opposition a free pass to do whatever they want.

This excuse for politics that is too busy running us into the ground is at a disgusting all-time low, I am not even sure it can be fixed.

To be honest, I was surprised that the elections were being allowed in the first place, given the liberal's obsessive need to remain in power, or is the fix already in and this is little more than kabuki theatre... And don't give me this 'paper ballot' nonsense, given that they are now using machines to track this stuff, who is to say our votes will be counted, let alone changed?

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Thanks for your comments. I, too, am quite cynical about this election. The "black face" scandal, in particular, seems somewhat contrived as we've discussed particularly in the comments on this blog. I spoke with someone yesterday who said she saw the blackface photo of Trudeau in the turban "years ago". She said is been all over the Internet for years. She just wondered about the timing of its MZM release.

Karmellis said...

(I thought I had posted this a while ago, but I think there was an issue on my end and it did not submit.)

Thank you for your response. I could not help but notice the slogan on the far side of the image, "If you don't vote don't complain!". While I could complain about the sloppiness of the slogan (such as the poor example of speech by using "don't" and the lack of comma between the "don't"s which makes the "If" an incomplete declaration), it seems to be more useful as part of an agenda to promote non-thinking. As I see things, not voting is a way of voting since it simply means there is no representative for you in this fixed system. At a citizen, voting should be about casting a ballot for someone who represents your views, etc. By simply voting:
- As part of the herd mentality / same with the family
- Because they are 'not the one you hate'
- 'Holding your nose' while voting for someone because they are the lesser evil

They are kinda undermining the meaning of the system, proving that it is little better than a farce. So, based on that, you should have every right to complain if you do not vote because the parties/elitists did not push out a candidate to represent you as a voter.

...But, that would be thinking and that is why have these kind of slogans, to help discourage that. Thank goodness we have political parties to do our thinking for us, right?