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UPDATED: RCMP Spy/Corruption Scandal: Phantom Secure Takedown - Follow the Money and the Drugs

UPDATED:  September 17, 2018 - The BBC is saying that Ortis met with mega international Fraudster Bill [Magnitsky Act] Browder in 2017. Strange bedfellows.

Phantom Secure Takedown - CEO is 
Vincent Ramos who is held in US custody

Whew! It's truly enough to make your head spin.  I've been trying to get a handle on the latest corruption/"Travesty of Justice" involving the RCMP but it's like a puff of smoke...impossible to grasp.  Yesterday I began discussion on this news story by saying that Ortis(z) and Ramos were probably Israeli moles/spies in the Canadian governmental power structure.  While I believe I jumped the gun in my post of yesterday, I'm not going to delete or change what I said.  So much has happened along these lines since 9/11 [finding out that Israeli "dual citizens" were involved in Deep State Corruption] I probably can be forgiven for proceeding "as the crow flies" to the most likely scenario.

Regular readers will by now know how deeply I've been affected by the uninvestigated Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice" RCMP/CSIS corruption.  The rotten sight and stench of that corruption colours and permeates all my analysis of so-called "security agency" events and issues.

Any agency that does not do a fundamental self-reflection after such an expensive and entirely corrupt framing of two innocent vulnerables is ipso facto full of criminals and corrupt to the nth degree.  It leaves itself wide open to such a catastrophic leaking of information as what seems to have occurred in the Ortis affair.  Here is the latest from the CBC following a bland press conference by the head of the RCMP.  I will of course have more comments to follow:

The Mounties revealed more details Tuesday about the investigation that led to charges against one of their senior intelligence officials Tuesday.

Commissioner Brenda Lucki said the RCMP was supporting an FBI investigation last year when they uncovered possible “internal corruption.”

“We took immediate action and launched an investigation into the alleged activities. Our focus has been to diligently pursue this investigation, which led to the arrest,” she said. Cameron Jay Ortis, 47, was charged under the rarely used Security of Information Act.

To understand the depth of the "internal corruption" referred to by Commissioner Luckie, one only has to read the information at the following two links.  The first is the actual indictment of the "global drug traffickers".

The second link is HERE.  I have copied a snippet from it below and will have final comments to follow:


"...Covert search of condo

The documents reveal that Ortis's condo was covertly searched last month and a number of handwritten notes were discovered providing instructions on how to wash metadata from PDF files. 

The documents, of which CBC News has only seen parts, say that about 25 documents had been "sanitized to remove identifying information." 

The documents also reveal that Ortis was just over $90,000 in debt. 

The papers reveal, as reported by Global News, that the security services first got wind of Ortis through a separate investigation of Phantom Secure Communications, a B.C.-based company under investigation for providing encrypted communication devices to international criminals. 

'I have information ... you will find very valuable'

In March of last year, the FBI revealed that it had taken down an international criminal communications service based in Canada that had a revenue of $80 million over the last decade. The operation resulted in the seizure of 1,000 phones that the FBI said were being used to facilitate murders and drug smuggling. 

The documents seen by CBC News say the FBI investigation discovered in 2018 that a person was sending emails to Vincent Ramos, the CEO of Phantom Secure Communications, offering to provide valuable information. 

The documents allege that person was Ortis.

"You don't know me. I have information that I am confident you will find very valuable," one email contained in the documents said. 

A subsequent email promised to provide "intel about your associates and individuals using their network internationally."

Charges under the Security of Information Act

Over the span of his career Ortis had some of the highest access to classified and allied information within the RCMP. Sources familiar with his work said he would have had knowledge of code words and operations.

Ortis was charged under a section of the Security of Information Act that applies to individuals "permanently bound to secrecy" as a condition of their work — which strongly suggests he had access to top secret material.

Under the Security of Information Act, Ortis has also been charged with:

  • Unauthorized communication of special operational information.
  • Preparing for the commission of an offence by obtaining or gaining access to information, or possessing any device, apparatus or software used for concealing, surreptitiously communicating or obtaining information.

One of the charges stems from 2015, while the others span a year, going back to September of 2018.

Ortis made a brief court appearance last Friday. He remains in custody with a bail hearing set for this Friday."


Greencrow says:
  Okay, the readings at the above links plus the other material supplied by the MainZtream Media Press points to this being one of the most serious corruption scandals in the history of Canada.  The SNC Lavalin Corruption Scandal pales by comparison.  Here we have the head of Canadian Intelligence trying to sell secrets to a CEO of a business that provides encrypted telephones to international criminals so they can evade law enforcement and conduct their criminal business ventures...including drug running, money laundering and murder.
As I said earlier, it's not good to jump to conclusions like I did in my post yesterday...but there are some elements of this news story that cannot be ignored.  Here is my summation of them in point form:
1.  It looks like Ortis is being set up as a patsy.  Sorry, folks, I know that scenario is hackneyed to the extreme but that's what it looks like to me.  As a former government bureaucrat I can suggest that he never would have taken the brazen step to contact the criminal that he did--unless he was ordered to by a superior.  There just wasn't enough in it for him.  I'm saying that Canada and "Canada's patsy" is taking the bullet for a much larger and more powerful foreign entity.
2.   It looks like the drug dealers in this phone encryption collusion were selling drugs in south East Asia.  But that does not mean that the drug ring was Asian.  We all know who/what the greatest Drug Ring cartel in the world is--the CIA.  I'm going to posit that the "civil war" that's going on in the US so-called "security agencies" erupted--with one side discovering the criminality and then trying to bring the "hammer of justice" down on the other...and Canada is being used in that effort.
3.  I ask my well-informed readers...Who is the biggest snoop in the world in terms of telecommunications?  What country owns the most telecommunications companies in the world?  Who would be the most interested in "encryption" and its use to make a buck in the bidness underworld?
In conclusion, while this latest evidence of endemic corruption in the RCMP/CSIS stinks to high heaven...the "tell" that it is the work of foreign powers will be that it will never be properly investigated.  Most importantly, there will be no connecting the dots between this particular "catastrophic" corruption scandal and ALL THE OTHER RCMP/CSIS CORRUPTION OVER THE PAST DECADE OR MORE.
Stay tuned for more on this in the weeks to come...


Penny said...

I've been reading some articles in print G & M it seems this is a five eyes concern and one that ties back to Australia as well as here

some links I'd saved


"Phones sold by Phantom Secure used servers in Panama and Hong Kong to stifle law enforcement from detecting users"

Ramos ran a company called Phantom Secure that offered gutted, uncrackable smartphones that, for a subscription, could send encrypted text messages through a secure network based in Panama and Hong Kong.

There is also a company in Israel called..

Phantom Technologies Ltd

Phantom Technologies LTD is a prominent Israeli developer and manufacturer of jamming products, producing special jammers for both cellular and RF communications since 1996.
The company s professional staff includes an R&D team that engineers high-end jammers, using the most state-of-the-art components available and designs custom jammer on special orders, with results that surpass customers´ expectations with regards to performance and reliability.
All company products are fully tested prior to shipping to customers so as to ensure that they meet the company's published specifications, and meet a high level of performance and reliability.

Would Phantom Secure and Phantom Technologies have any ties?

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the gumshoeing on this one [investigation]. Penny says:

"There is also a company in Israel called..

Yes, I do believe that my first instinct were probably right and it's another Israeli operation...which is now being covered up by the Canadian government[sic] and "security" agencies.

You da Man!