Monday, June 10, 2019

Belt and Road? - or - G20 Trump Tariff Lashes with a wet noodle...with a side order of judicial interference

Chinese President Xi Jinping © Reuters / Lintao Zhang

Now it's just getting boring.  The latest attention-grabbing, narcissistic Tweet from Trump is threatening China's president if he DOESN'T come to the G20 meeting.  Never mind that Russia and China were pointedly dis-invited from the D-Day celebrations in Normandy this year.  Here's the headline in this morning's RT:

You're coming! Trump threatens China with immediate tariffs if Xi Jinping does not attend G20 
From Channel News Asia

BEIJING: President Xi Jinping on Saturday (Apr 27) hailed deals worth more than US$64 billion signed during China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) this week as he sought to reassure sceptics the project will deliver sustainable growth for all involved.

Xi said market principles will apply in all Belt and Road cooperation projects and that his signature initiative to recreate the old Silk Road joining China with Asia and Europe will deliver green and high-quality development.

"More and more friends and partners will join in Belt and Road cooperation," he said in his closing remarks. "The cooperation will enjoy higher quality and brighter prospects."

Greencrow:  The United States and its vassals didn't attend the big meeting in Beijing last April, 2019 when Xi unveiled some of the features of the visionary Belt and Road project--that has the promise of joining most of the globe in peace and prosperity.  The United States dismissed it as just a "vanity project".  But now Trump is demanding that Xi appear at the G20--so the usual suspects can snub him and Putin--and make a show of trying to reach a trade deal that they have absolutely NO intention/capability of honouring.  As I've said many times since Trump came to office...the US is non compos mentis or, as the Russians say, "Not Agreement Capable".

There are two reasons the G20 meeting prospects for a US/China trade deal are dead in the water:

1.  The United States of Israel does not want "peace and prosperity" around the's not a money-maker for the MIC; and

2.  To negotiate a trade deal with another nation ipso facto means that there are two equal partners.  USrael premises its existence and behavior on the uni-polar "global tyrant" approach.

The other interesting thing about Trump's latest blathering is his deliberate interference in the (((Canadian Justice System))).  Here's that quote:

“I do see it as a threat,” he said about Huawei. “At the same time, it could be very well that we do something with respect to Huawei as part of our trade negotiations with China.”

"Do[ing] something about Huawei" implies possible interference in the ongoing legal mess created in Canada by the US by pressuring vassal Canada into arresting the Huawei CEO last year.  This case is before the courts, and Trump never misses an opportunity to politicize the judicial process.

Everything is just very bad vaudeville theatre.  Bring the cane, puleease.

Until next time, this is greencrow, signing off for Nuckin' Futz Newz.


Reading between the lines said...

I do believe that the phrase "We live in interesting times " is a Chinese saying.

greencrow said...


Between China with its Belt and Road and its G5 and Russia with its S-400 and vast improvements to nuclear energy [see my latest post on that] they have surpassed USrael to the extent that all Trump can do is Tweet empty threats.