Monday, April 29, 2019

Vancouver Neighbourhood Plagued with Gang Crime...Say, was there ever an investigation into the Police Hours spent on the Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice"?

Quiet Cul de Sac Street erupts in Daytime Street Brawl
- Life as Usual in RCMP-policed Surrey, BC

It's getting worse by the day.  Let's be frank.  The Vancouver suburb of Surrey has always had a bit of a bad reputation.  Bumper stickers used to say "Surrey by Choice" or make fun of "Surrey Girls".  But it was never this bad.  Read the story in today's MainZtream Media and I will have more thoughts to follow:

From Global News

"Video captures chaotic car chase, brawl in Surrey neighbourhood

A quiet Surrey street was the site of a bizarre crime scene Saturday night involving a high-speed car chase, a struck pedestrian and a daytime brawl.
Security video from a home in the 13500-block of 88A Avenue captured the chaotic chain of events, which happened in broad daylight just before 8 p.m.
It shows multiple dark-coloured sedans racing past the home before turning around in the cul-de-sac off-screen and flying the other way. One of the vehicles then collides with another head-on.
A man is then seen running from the scene of the collision before yet another vehicle strikes him, sending him flying while the vehicle careens into the ditch.
RCMP say three males who were involved in the incident were transported to hospital, two with minor injuries and one with serious injuries.
Two vehicles located at the scene, a Nissan Maxima and Ford Taurus, were seized as part of the investigation.
Police believe the incident may be linked to the Lower Mainland gang conflict.
Cellphone video of the security system’s monitors was widely shared over the weekend, with community leaders and neighbours calling it another example of Surrey’s escalating crime problem."


Greencrow says:  Refresh my this the same RCMP detachment that spent over $2,000,000 in overtime police hours mentoring and then squiring around town a mentally vulnerable, formerly drug-addicted couple?   John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were on welfare and without private means of the Surrey RCMP drove them to the Home Depot to pick up ingredients to make a kettle bomb so they could bomb the BC Legislature in Victoria on July 1, 2013.

The RCMP put them up in a motel on Vancouver Island at taxpayer expense and secretly videotaped them wandering around their motel room in their underwear....terrorized about the "Mr Big" who the RCMP threatened would punish them if they backed out...and fretting over setting off the bomb.

OMG...then this same RCMP detachment along with the Federal Government appealed the decision of the Vancouver Supreme Court Justice who threw out the conviction of the couple.  More taxpayer dollars spent on an expensive and ultimately futile Appeal.   One of the three Appeal Court Judges termed the entire project a "Travesty of Justice" his written Reasons.

Was the "Travesty of Justice" ever investigated to see who in the Surrey Detachment, CSIS and the Canadian Federal Government initiated and supported the Travesty? One of the lawyers for the couple said the crime they were accused of was an "American-style" police entrapment.  Was there any effort to see if foreign actors were involved???? Were any individuals properly identified and  routed from the bureaucracy so that this kind of travesty would never suck up taxpayer dollars and police hours again?  NO!  The entire matter was swept under the carpet by the Trudeau Liberal Government.  The cover-up continues.  The same perps are still in place...doing the same nefarious deeds.  Were they behind the street brawl in Surrey over the weekend?  We'll never know...but we do know they're still in their jobs.

We know that the Mayor of Surrey is fighting an uphill battle to get rid of the RCMP from Surrey and hire their own local police force.  Is this futile battle his effort to staunch the flow of endemic police and CSIS corruption?  Don't expect the presstitute media to ask him and  then tell us.


Reading between the lines said...

Very sad indeed.Not much else to be said about our political situation .
What a mess !

greencrow said...


The Nuttall/Korody matter DOES say it all about the state of Canada these days.

It's like an open gangrenous sore on the body politic...but le Dauphin just looks in the mirror and straightens his tie. And the complicit, treasonous press says NOTHING.