Saturday, February 16, 2019

Karma's a Bitch, ain't it?

Former BC Premier, Gordon Campbell

Colleagues react after former B.C. premier Campbell accused of sexual assault in England

Campbell is accused of groping a female London embassy worker in 2013
lol.  Couldn't have happened to a "nicer man".  I harken back to the night that Gordon Campbell spent in a Hawaiian jail after being caught drinking and driving.  His mug shot was all over the Vancouver morning papers.  I was working for the BC government at the time, and our office erupted in cheers, laughter and guffaws as we watched the Internet news.  We were literally dancing in the hallways, giving one another high fives.

But I've shared another memory about Gordon Campbell on this blog.  I'm not going to bother searching back for the post I did a few years ago about my one "run in" with the future BC Premier.  This was back in 1980, and I was a legal secretary.  My boss was heavily involved in Liberal politics and was the campaign manager for Art Phillips who was then a Member of Parliament from Vancouver.  Art Phillips' chief of staff was Gordon Campbell who was then a 30 something up and coming politician himself, being mentored by Phillips.  During a federal election campaign, my boss asked me to go to the Burrard Street Bridge early in the morning and attract voter attention by holding up an "Elect Art Phillips" sign.  I was an enthusiastic political volunteer at the time so was happy to go.

Burrard Street Bridge, Vancouver, 

There I was, in the early morning rush hour, on the huge Burrard Street Bridge, holding up a political sign.  The only other person on the bridge, as I was surprised to discover, was Gordon Campbell, also holding up a sign.  As I have always told listeners of this story, Campbell never said a word to me other than "Good morning" after we met on the bridge.  Oh, yes, he did say something else to me...over and over and over.  He must have said it at least a half-dozen times.  He shouted out over the din of the traffic: "[my first name ] Show some leg!"  Yes, the only thing the future Premier of British Columbia ever said to me was "Show some leg!"

Gordon Campbell and I stood about 4 feet apart
to the bottom right of this photo

Obviously, the experience had some impact on me.  And, as years went by and as Gordon Campbell's political career soared, I became even more disturbed by it.  Here I was for about an hour all alone on a bridge with one of the most famous political leaders in the province and he never said anything to me--other than hurling the same sexist insult over and over again?  Although I was married at the time, I was so obsessed with politics it would have been a real treat to have been invited for coffee afterwards by Gordon Campbell and to be able to talk politics with him.  But he obviously thought I was beneath him.

So, in 2003, when he was arrested for drunk driving and put in the Hawaiian drunk tank, I finally got a bit of insight into the man.  And now, the circle is finally complete--with his "outing" for sexual assault by a woman in the "#MeToo" movement.  I can certainly understand her anger at Gordon Campbell, even after these years. Not only did he grab her ass...but then he lied and tried to make it look like she made the whole thing up...i.e., she's "crazy".  A real gentleman!

One of the advantages of a long life is that sometimes you finally get to see someone hit by Karma...and it's a bitch, ain't it. lol.


Anonymous said...

Here is your song for the story
Instant karma
Cmon let us all sing along and chant to the sissy
Cmon bend over and show some more butt
You will love it
My grandmother had stories of working with those clowns

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Yes, that's a very good song for the story...except the intrusive presence of Yoko Ono. If not for that I would certainly post it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I believe she was into art also
I think she is making a statement?????
Knitting blindfolded
What could that mean???
Same thing as blind justice
You know the little statue of the lady is blindfolded
That is why our justice system is so corrupt
It is called blind justice
The me too movement is dangerous
Cuz back in the day everyone was acting liberated and broads did act like pigs
Just like these days
Woman became liberated sexually and independtly
So it is not hard to confuse an aggressive movement by a woman who now claims he started it
I always say
You sure about that
This movement just fills the courts with more injustices
I could go on and on but
His tune was the only one I knew for karma without thinkin 2 hard
Do you mind me askin
Was the greencrow hot back in the day
Or was everything desirable to the political drunk????
In your videos you sound like sweet grandma
I am a sucker for the soft spoken
I am also that demeaner
But when mad
I am very loud and vocal

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous:

"...So it is not hard to confuse an aggressive movement by a woman who now claims he started it..."

Did you read the fact situation? She was climbing the stairs to a meeting and she didn't even know Gordon Campbell was close behind, until he grabbed her ass. She went into shock and only came out during the meeting a few moments later when she realized he was acting as if "nothing had happened".

Perhaps climbing the stairs was an "aggressive movement". Hmmmmmmm.