Saturday, August 4, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Attempted Assassination attempt on Venezuela President Maduro

Venezuelan President Maduro at moment of attack

There was an assassination attempt made on the life of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro today.  He was in some reviewing stands watching a military parade and then giving a speech to a large military gathering in Caracas.  He, his wife, and some of his government ministers were in a covered stand.  Maduro said that there was an explosion in the sky directly in front of him.

Reports right after the event indicated that the assassination attempt was made by way of drones that flew over the crowd and that contained explosives.  While seven Venezuelan soldiers were injured, no one was killed and Maduro escaped unharmed.  He addressed the Venezuelan nation on TV shortly thereafter and blamed the assassination attempt on President Juan Manuel Santo of neighbouring Columbia.  He said that the investigation had already captured some of the perpetrators who have contacts in Florida.

Early reports of the incident were definite about it being a drone attack.  Later reports from Western sources, including the BBC, reported that some "witnesses" said that rather than a drone attack it was an "accidental gas explosion in an apartment" of a nearby building.  Looking at photos of the incident, however, it would appear that this explanation is false as the stands where Maduro was viewing the military parade from were not located in close proximity to any buildings.

I wanted to blog about this incident as soon as possible because it already appears that the "fog of false flags" is starting to cloud the narrative.  That's why I always go to the BBC [biggest and best calumny] right after an event is reported because I am certain to read exactly what DID NOT happen.  The BBC is a pathological liar.  The first moments and hours after a false flag or other neocon, globalist terrorist attack are the moments when the public can find out the most truth...before the corrupt, Western Main$tream Media can orchestrate its patented "official story" routine.  That is why I've written down the bare essentials of the story as it was immediately reported.

So, in brief summary, these are early hours in this latest attack on Venezuelan President Maduro.  The perps are obviously desperate to get rid of him. There was another attempt just last year. Sorry about the pun but this latest attack has "blown up in their faces".  The grotesque plot and the complete failure of same, at first blush, could produce the following ramifications:

a) increased world-wide sympathy for Maduro and Venezuela;

b) likely more assistance, particularly in the form of security, from the allies of Maduro and Venezuela, including Russia and China;

c) the beginning of another torrent of lies and stupid, lame, half-baked explanations for the incident by the perps...the "kitchen gas explosion from a nearby apartment bldg." being just the first;

d) If Russia/China step in to assist Venezuela, watch for threats to invade coming from the West;

e)  Stepping up of sanctions and punishment of the people of Venezuela for exercising their democratic right and voting in a leader who would represent them and not the banksters and MIC.  Likely a veritable frenzy of Maduro vilification in the M$M will begin and escalate...just like the current vilification of Putin [and, oddly, US president Trump].

More details to follow in this breaking news story.


Penny said...

two additional and vital bits of information
Venezuela is processing and storing it's gold away from the all watching eyes of the US- Turkey is assisting them with this
Venezuela has also created a crypto currency to trade for oil- again moving away from the all seeing US dollar eye

As the US places ever increasing and harsher sanctions on Venezuela

"The sanctions imposed Monday, the third round that Mr. Trump’s administration has placed on Venezuela"

"Turkey is a first rate supplier of raw materials that Venezuela needs. The other fields are refining and processing gold. Venezuela has certified reserves. Currently Venezuela has certified what could become the first largest gold reserve in the world."

And there not keeping the gold in Switzerland where it will be confiscated!

Venezuela has gold and oil. Lots of gold and oil Turkey has the tools to refine and process gold.

"Likewise, the same goes for the supply of oil and anything related to energy as well as in air transportation and tourism. We are already working in many other areas that are moving forward and they are doing great. Turkey also can benefit from petro cryptocurrency launched by Venezuela. Petro cryptocurrency can be used in foreign trade and investments. This will benefit Turkey and improve our economic ties"

Just another reason for the usual crowd to pile more hate on both Turkey and Venezuela- non compliance with the US edict

greencrow said...

Thanks for these added details, Penny. I was unaware of the economic relationship between Turkey and Venezuela. Turkey is flying further and further away from the NATO nest.

The main thing is that the US believes the entire western hemisphere is theirs. That is a fundamental belief that they will pull out all the [military] stops to defend.


Anonymous said...

Presumed US ownership of South America goes all the way back to the Wall Street legal firm that traded with the Nazis, supplied the Bolsheviks,and coughed up the Dulles brothers. It is closely allied to that clique of blue-blooded Bonesmen, the Rockefellers and other Rothschildian puppets. Dulles of course brought us huge excesses in Latin America, overthrew Arbenz, and the sttoryis seen in Galeano's book "Open Veins...", and in the tale of a trip by motorocycle that celebrated two medical students exploring the continent. Ed[itor]

greencrow said...

The 1904 Roosevelt corollary to the Munroe Doctrine expanded Manifest Destiny to include all of the Western Hemisphere and even into the Philippines.

Then in the GWB era, the concept of Manifest Destiny was morphed into "American Exceptionalism" and "Unipolarity" so that the United States military lay claim to the entire planet.

That all change in September of 2014 when Russia, at the invitation of Syria, began to bomb the ISIS USrael proxy army that that been sent into Syria to conduct a "regime change" operation against the government of Bashar al Assad. The military involvement of Russia and the events thereafter, including the defeat of also the defeat of American global hegemony and a serious blow to Manifest Destiny. The Response to this blow has yet to be delivered, in spite of numerous threats, False Flags and minor skirmishes...including this latest assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro which can, in the bigger picture, be considered another minor skirmish in this ongoing struggle between the Unipolars and the Hegemaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Hi GC, have the Jew rats shut down Northern Truthseeker?

Blog has been removed
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Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the heads up re NTS. Yes, it appears he has been censored by Blogger. Last time this happened it was only for a day or so. Hopefully, that is the case this time as well. NTS only uses material in his post that he finds on the web. He doesn't go to porn or fascist websites...that are allowed to flourish on the Internet. If Google and the others allow THAT material to be out there...then why censor NTS for adapting readily available links into his posts. Once you start censoring...where do you stop?

This appears to be Fahrenheit 451 for the Internet!