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Today is the most perilous time in world history. What’s going on should terrify everyone everywhere. Stephen Lendman

Former NSA director Bill Binney on the 
"Russiagate" CIA-concocted Ploy - [Spoiler Alert:
  It was Seth Rich's computer NOT a Russian
 Computer that was used to leak the DNC material]

This is an important Guest Post from Stephen Lendman.  This first appeared in InformationClearingHouse….then published in PaulCraigRoberts  Please read and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Russiagate: A CIA Concocted Hoax
By Stephen Lendman

"July 18, 2018 "Information Clearing House" - No Russian interference in America’s political process occurred in 2016, earlier, or is being cooked up for the nation’s November midterm elections.

Trump knows it and said so in Helsinki. When asked if he holds Russia accountable for anything, he said:

“I hold both countries responsible (for dismal bilateral relations). I think that the United States has been foolish. I think we’ve all been foolish…And I think we’re all to blame.”

Regarding election meddling, he said: “There was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it. And people are being brought out to the fore. So far that I know, virtually none of it related to the campaign. And they’re going to have to try really hard to find somebody that did relate to the campaign.”

“My people came to me and some others…(T)hey think it’s Russia…President Putin…said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I dont see any reason why it would be.”

“…President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.” Trump is wrong about most things, not this. No evidence, nothing, proves Russian meddling in the US political process.

If it existed, it would have been revealed long ago. It never was and never will be because there’s nothing credible to reveal, Big Lies alone.

Trump’s above remarks were in Helsinki. In response to a raging Russophobic firestorm of criticism back home, he backtracked from his above comments, saying he misspoke in Helsinki.

He accepts the intelligence community’s claim about Russian US election meddling – knowing it didn’t occur.

Russiagate was cooked up by Obama’s thuggish Russophobic CIA director John Brennan, media scoundrels keeping the Big Lie alive.

DNC/John Podesta emails were leaked, not hacked – an indisputable fact media scoundrels suppress to their disgrace.

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray earlier explained that “(t)he source of these emails and leaks has nothing to do with Russia at all,” adding:

“I discovered what the source was when I attended the Sam Adam’s whistleblower award in Washington.”

“The source of these emails (came) from within official circles in Washington DC. You should look to Washington, not to Moscow.”

“WikiLeaks has never published any material received from the Russian government or from any proxy of the Russian government. It’s simply a completely untrue claim designed to divert attention from the content of the material” and its true source.

The Big Lie alone matters when it’s the official narrative. The Russian meddling hoax and mythical Kremlin threat to US security are central to maintaining adversarial relations with America’s key invented enemy.

Its fake enemy is vital to unjustifiably justifying the nation’s global empire of bases, its outrageous amount of military spending, its belligerence toward all sovereign independent states, its endless wars of aggression, its scorn for world peace and stability, its neoliberal harshness to pay for it all, along with transferring the nation’s wealth from ordinary people to its privileged class.

America’s deeply corrupted political process is far too debauched to fix, rigged to serve wealth, power and privilege exclusively, at war on humanity at home and abroad.

It’s a tyrannical plutocracy and oligarchy, a police state, not a democracy, a cesspool of criminality, inequity and injustice, run by sinister dark forces – monied interests and bipartisan self-serving political scoundrels, wicked beyond redemption, threatening humanity’s survival.

Today is the most perilous time in world history. What’s going on should terrify everyone everywhere.

Washington’s rage for global dominance, its military madness, its unparalleled recklessness threatens world peace, stability, and survival."

Stephen Lendman: Contact at My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Greencrow says: Yesterday I finally started reading Michael Collins Piper's seminal works on the JFK Assassination. I was able to access this long supressed material in Ron Unz's two posts on the topic Here and Here. In the next couple of days I will be travelling as deep down the black rabbit hole of MosCIAd skullduggery as one was able to go....until today's "Russiagate". This final [hopefully] chapter in the CIA's seven-decades long rampage of assassinations, mass murder and global mayhem is in a direct line from that day in Dallas...when the MosCIAd shot down the democratically-elected President of the United States like a dog in the road. All for the state of Israel.

They got away with it. It emboldened them to escalate and escalate--leading to decades of perpetual middle east wars for the Ziofascist regime--the 9/11 mass murder atrocity, and now trying to drag the world into WWIII with Russia. They're just common criminals, folks. Thugs and mafioso. They need to go to jail. But they've seen to it that the entire criminal justice system in the US has been castrated. As I've said over and over on this blog--there IS no justice system anymore in the United States.

In fact, it [the offensive against the perps] was launched only because Trump, in desperation, went meet with Putin. Trump could not have done what he did within the United States. That has been proved conclusively by the activities of the past 48 hours. Russian President Vladimir Putin is the only leader strong and articulate [even in a foreign language he's more articulate than Trump] enough to take on the Deep State occupiers. Putin, in a few choice words about arch criminal Bill Browder, was able to, in a matter of seconds, burst the festering, pus-filled boil. And you all saw what happened after that. The pus flew all over your TV screens--as the thugs screamed their rage at Trump's temerity of going to help him neutralize the terminal flesh-eating disease in the American body politic. Now, major surgery is needed to scrape and clean out the gaping wound.

But the "pus" will be pulling out all the stops in the next few days...Lendman is right:

"Today is the most perilous time in world history. What’s going on should terrify everyone everywhere."

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