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UPDATED: Danforth Shooter Plot Thickens....with many unanswered questions

Faisal Hussain high school yearbook photo

UPDATED:  July 26, 2018 7:59 I received some interesting comments on this post.  My blogging colleague Penny for your thoughts also provided some links to what she calls "perception management" going on in the mainstream media.  Here is a photo she provided:

Perception Management

Then I found this pic on the cover page of the MSN newsfeed

Perception Management #2

The website printed on the signs in the first photo is

Both Penny and I are interested in this organization.  Who runs it and who funds it?  They appear to have the deep-pocketed capacity to come up with big professional signs at a moment's notice.  Whenever I see something like this I suspect a "slant drill" into the "oil well" of public tax dollars.


Please refer to the CBC Link here to see the latest update on the "Danforth" shooting incident. Apparently, according to the CBC report, the shooter, 29 year old Faisal Hussain took his own life 200 meters from the scene of the shooting.

Did anyone witness the shooter taking his own life?  As we know from watching TV crime shows, it is pretty easy to "plant" a gun near a body.  But, by far the most suspicious element to the CBC report is the information that:

"...A second police source told CBC News that investigators located a high-capacity magazine and a large quantity of ammunition for an assault-style rifle while searching Hussain's apartment in the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood. Both sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation.

The first source said Hussain was not known to be a gang member, but alleged that his 31-year-old brother, who has been in hospital in a coma for upwards of a year, has ties to a Thorncliffe Park gang, which might explain how Hussain obtained a firearm...

Reports have been saying that Faisal had no previous contact with the police. Read the linked report from the Toronto Star here. It would appear that Faisal's family, unfortunately, has had plenty of contact with law enforcement. Last year, his older brother, Fahad, out on bail on drug charges, even lived with a 33 year old 'surety" in Pickering last year. This older brother has been in a coma since January, 2018, resulting from a drug overdose...which theoretically occurred while he was living in the Pickering house of his "surety". The "surety" was later charged with having stockpiled a huge stash of high powered guns and ammunition in the home, as well as a significant amount of the deadly drug, carfentenil. This begs the question...Who owned the weaponry found during the police search of the Hussain household? Did it belong to Faisal, his father, mother or brother(s)?

The above information is highly suspicious in terms of what this family was all about. There are some other significant questions to be answered in addition to the obvious questions I've already asked in a previous post.

New questions are:

1. Where did this family immigrate from? When? and what were the circumstances of their immigration...were they, for instance, refugees from a war-torn terrorist-infested country such as Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan?

2. Why are there no recent photos of Faisal? Surely his employers, Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart, both places where he worked part time, took employee photos of him as part of his employment.

3. What do his father and mother do for a living? Have either of them had any previous interaction with law enforcement or security agencies?

4. What does his other older brother, mentioned in the Star report, do for a living and has he had any interaction with law enforcement or security agencies? Did this other brother also live in the Hussain household?

5. Who wrote the e-mail sent by "the family" to the media and subsequently published?  This family "apology" appeared to be written by a professional of some sort.

These are just a few obvious questions, the answers to which should already be in the public domain. Now that Canada is "legally" (whatever that entails) responsible for allowing White Helmet "volunteers" who for the past five years have been located throughout Syria in ISIS-held territories, supporting the so-called "rebels"...into Canada as refugees we are entering a period of uncertainty. Canadians will have to be more demanding of police forces, security agencies and the Trudeau government to get answers to obvious questions such as those posed above...for the safety of all.


Greg Bacon said...

Yeah, but the important part is that it got the GOYIM's minds off all the Hollywood pedos being outed.

kerdasi amaq said...

Muzzies are not allowed to commit suicide in a stituation like that.

Penny said...

Hey GC!
glad your asking some questions as well
I notice the always perception managing media is asking nothing! Nothing of substance that is!

And are pathetically framing their narratives around an alt right vs non alt right media.

Example: Alt right media is suggesting the alleged shooter was ISIS but non alt right media is asking questions about mental health issues- cause they really want to know. Cause they care. No they don't

It's a total distraction. And a limited hangout choice being offered by the always perception managing media!

Oh and another interesting tidbit regarding this incident
I spotted imagery from the Danforth which includes the placement of pre printed signage, pushing the refugees in a positive light, concept.

Image link below- this was in my local mind control paper- and everywhere else!/format/jpg/quality/85/

Which would of course include the White Helmet terrorists.

I checked the place out here
It comes off like some globalist gobbldeygook reformation of a religion..
The inclusion of that signage in imagery sent all over takes away from the tragedy of what occurred and reeks of promoting something

Not one real question is being asked about this incident. It's spin, spin and more spin. Very frustrating

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Sheeple mind control and distraction is key in this latest incident. We're all being "gaslighted".

greencrow said...

Hi Kerdasi Amaq

Welcome to the blog. You are correct in stating that there is a concerted effort to reinforce the image of Muslims...which began with the 9/11 the official scapegoats of Western society. The crimes blamed on muslims have in actual fact been committed by their opposite the case of 9/11, as an example, it was the MosCIAd who did the crime which was then systematically and to this day blamed on Muslims.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your comments and links. I will post that photo onto the post as an update.

You mention the site behind the "signs"

I went on that site and all I can say is "follow the money"...who paid for the site? It looks like an expensive website, not like yours and my blogs ; )

Shall I make a guess? Probably you and me paid for the site through our taxes.