Monday, July 23, 2018

CawRANT Events #68

CawRANT Events #68

Good Morning Everybody!  It's a gloriously sunny and warm morning in the Pacific North West.  I just went out and "spot" watered my garden as it promises to get really hot this afternoon.  Forcasters are saying we're in for a dry end of summer with a lot of forest fires.  My partner and I are going sailing in the next week or so for our annual hegira around Georgia Strait and the Islands.  Last year, some readers may recall...because I took them along as a "virtual crew", that it got very smoky out in the Strait from forest fires.  At one point on the way back to Vancouver our visibility was cut to zero and we didn't know whether we were coming or going.  Luckily, we had a compass.

This year, I haven't decided whether I will do "real time" posts while on vaca.  But I'm thinking of giving my readers a real treat in September.  We've planned a vacation to China...the Great Wall and all.  I'm seriously thinking of doing a "real time" series of posts.  The last time we went on a holiday to VietNam and Thailand, I promised readers I would do a series when I returned (like my "Spirit of Russia series...see link above) but then couldn't seem to manage my photos properly and gave up.  If I plan to do it in "real time" perhaps it will actually get done : ).  As the time gets closer I will let readers know and of course it all depends on what kind of tour we're on....whether we're too busy and no time to relax and post...what kind of Internet availability, and so on.

Back to this CawRANT...I wanted to talk a little bit more about weather, particularly the extreme weather that many parts of our planet have been experiencing over the past several decades:

Weird Weather

There was an item in the newz that Iran had accused Israel of stealing its clouds and rain.  Even though the article appeared in "Oddity Central"...I believe that Israel would do a thing like that if it could.  That's my premise.  If Israel can do something deceptive...then it MUST do something deceptive.  Here is a similar report about the Iran/Israel weather controversy from RT.  According to an Iranian general:

Pinning the blame on Tel Aviv, he said that "joint teams from Israel and one of the neighboring countries make the clouds entering into Iran barren. Moreover, we are faced with the cases of cloud theft and snow theft." In a bid to cement his statement, Jalali cited the results of a survey showing that above 2,200 meters all mountainous areas between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean are covered in snow, except Iran.

reading the above made me run to Google to get the definition of "gaslighting".  A side benefit of Israel stealing Iran's rain clouds would be to try and drive the Iranians insane with the unprovable notion that someone can "control" the weather.  But of course, we all know that the weather is to one extent or another being controlled.  For instance, I have long suspected that Justin Trudeau's constant harping on Canadians paying a  "Carbon Tax" has to do with the secret chemtrail program to control weather.  As we found out a few years ago, the chemtrails are largely composed of coal dust...yes folks, just another ingenious way of making use of waste products...laced with other chemicals like lithium.  Coal dust is a "carbon".  So IMO, when Justin wants Canadians to pay a "carbon tax" he's really wanting to raise money to pay the extortion that the MIC is likely demanding to provide their military planes, etc. for this chemtrail "service".  I believe that nations are being blackmailed into paying huge sums to avoid droughts, like the one Iran is now suffering.  Whenever I read a headline like this one:

Japan hit by scorching heat wave

like I read in the BBC recently about Japan...I think:  "Oh, Japan must be behind in it's weather extortion payments...or it must be doing something asking the occupying military of the US to leave...that the PTB doesn't like."  My blogging colleague Ed(itor) formerly webmaster of "Occurrences" was telling me that some activists in the US want to initiate a Truth and "Reconciliation" program to bring all the career criminals in American politics [Bush, Cheney, Clinton, et al] to justice.  Well, I hope they also delve into all the criminal weather manipulation crimes of mass murder and destruction [Hurricane Katrina, etc.] as part of that program.  Humanity needs to get a handle on and make public the truth about weather manipulation in all its forms...before the planet is irrevocably destroyed.  Weather manipulation is the new "radioactivity" of the earlier "nuclear threat".

San Fran Sanitation

The ongoing homeless crisis in the West has made the headlines during the past couple of weeks.  Specifically, how the homeless have made the streets of San Francisco into their toilet.  The core reason for homelessness is surplus humanity.  Society simply does not have a role for these "mostly men" who lie about in our parks and back streets.  In earlier centuries they either died young from disease or they were used as cannon fodder in wars.  Now they're just destination points for the drugs brought into the country by the CIA and its foreign subsidiaries.  I have a simple and practical cure for the trash and excrement left around by the homeless.  The cities should hire them [the homeless] to clean it up.  That's what the Parisians have done.  When I went to Paris back in the 70's the streets were filthy.  Everybody had a dog and nobody picked up the dog waste.  That was only one element.  Then, when I returned in the 2000's, there were city workers in green jacket uniforms everywhere...fighting over who was going to pick up the poop.  The streets were spotless.  This would give the homeless a raison d'etre, so to speak.

"Moon" Goes Missing

You have to laugh at the limits the US government will go to to protect it's Lunar Hoax dating back to the 1960's now.  It's getting harder and harder to maintain the fable.  It looks, from this story, in the BBC, naturally, that NASA [Never A Straight Answer] has "stolen" a fake moon created as an art project.  I would submit that the huge art project suddenly disappeared "in transit" prior to that people won't go examining it closely to see how it matches with the NASA "graphics". Or, perhaps it's just a publicity stunt to bring more people to the exhibition.  Who knows?  WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM's webmaster, Michael Rivero is probably the only "truther" out there who still supports the increasingly foolish tale about the Apollo Program.  That US astronauts travelled back and forth through the deadly Van Allen Radiation belts without any protection...and without any negative health effects.  But then Michael also worked for NASA doing graphics...or some such association.  I saw on his web page today that the Daily Mail of the UK has published "Moon landing shots that NASA doesn't want us to see."  If the United States does avoid another civil war by instituting a "Truth and Reconciliation Program", another BIG LIE that will have to be dealt with is the Apollo "Voyages to the Mooooooooooon lies"....That were instituted as: 1) a huge theft of taxpayer money by the MIC [NASA]; 2)  a distraction from the serial assassinations of leaders; and 3) a distraction from the US waging perpetual [losing] Imperial wars throughout the world.

Israel is arming Ukraine neo-nazis

I am still in the midst of reading "Final Judgment" the excellent book about the Kennedy assassination(s) written by Michael Collins Piper.  It is a heavy, compelling and depressing read.  I need to take breaks from it every couple of chapters so that I can absorb the material and gather the courage to learn more about the borderless little entity.  According to Piper, the Kennedy assassination(s) were a MosCIAd operation.  It would appear from recent headlines that Israel is still up to its usual tricks.  Here it is arming the Ukraine neo-nazis so they can take on Israel's current "enemy du jour", Russia.  And here it is evacuating some of its agents from Syria.

Israel Evacuates its Agents from Syria to be re-settled in UK, Germany and Canada

Penny for your thoughts has a great post this morning about the recent shooting in Toronto being, in part, a distraction from the White Helmets refugees being shipped to the UK, Germany and Canada for resettlement because, wait for it....Canada has a "legal" responsibility to accept them. responsibility?  Now how did that happen?  Did Canada recruit the White Helmet terrorists?  Did Canada train them?  Did Canada pay for their insertion into Syria to foment the terror and to conduct false flag chemical attacks on the Syrians?  Hmmmmmmmm.

can help the White Helmets...but we can't lift a finger to help Monika Shaefer and her brother.  These are two Canadians who have been incarcerated for several months in German prisons and subjected to Kangaroo Court Justice...merely for speaking their minds about the hollowco$t.

Guilty until Proven Innocent...the big picture on the destruction of legal principles

The United States of USrael should be humiliated and embarrassed beyond belief by this Russiagate fiasco.  The entire system of justice has been rendered into a joke by the never-ending saga of one legal maneuver after another by one government official/agency after another...out of which nothing ever results.  Nobody is ever arrested...heaven forbid that a trial ensue...because NO evidence is ever submitted in support of the "trial by media".  I long ago arrived at the conclusion that it's all an elaborate scheme to destroy the rule of law and the administration of justice preparation for the tyranny of the Satanic forces of the neocon, globalist, Ziofascist cabal.

US politicizing the justice system

Putin told that Fox News idiot interviewer Chris Wallace the other day that the US should not be proud of the fact that its law enforcement agencies have been completely politicized.  This was  proved just days later--with the arrest of Russian citizen Maria Butina on yet another batch of trumped-up charges.

And we all saw the disgraceful conduct of "former" heads of agencies shrieking and banging their chests when Trump "dared" to meet in private with Putin.  In the olden days, presidents like Kennedy as an example, routinely wrote privately to foreign leaders, including Russia's Khrushchev.  It was their private correspondence that saved the world from nuclear war during the "Cuban Missile Crisis".  But now a president is not allowed to talk privately with other leaders.

Then, when the perps saw [in a Gallup poll] that the public did not support their tirades against Trump and that wasn't going to dislodge him from the Presidency, they returned to their stock-in-trade M$M attacks--"bimbo eruption" charges against him.  The Zios have a thing about charges of sexual misconduct...they always use it to destroy leaders.  Witness the decades long relentless posthumous attacks in the Jewish-controlled media and in Hollywood against the Kennedy brothers for being "sex addicts".  Funny, most of their "affairs" were with Jewish women...and were chronicled in Jewish-owned publishing corporations or Jewish produced movies.  Now, Michael Collins Piper writes a well-researched book with the thesis that the Jewish Mossad took the lead in killing JFK.  Should we give ANY credence to stories, never substantiated by friends or family, that the Kennedy brothers were philanderers?  I think not.  I always smile cynically to myself when I think what they will do posthumously to Putin if they ever assassinate him.  What lurid stories will they concoct about his sexual life?  Lemeseeee.  He's a divorced man who lives alone with multiple pet dogs....hmmmmm can we work a little bit of bestiality in there?  Wait for it!

Now Trump, terrified of the good vibes he was getting from the public after his summit with Putin...jumped right back into the Twitter sewer again with a "bully in the schoolyard" threat against Iran.  You see, a President can never risk being a "populist" in the United States.  He must be reviled by the people.  That way the Deep State feels he's more controllable and will let up on him.  It's weird and it's stupid.

10 Easy Questions for the British Police re Skripal

The Skripal hoax was briefly back in the newz last week.  I saw this excellent list of 10 easy questions for the Police I'd like to share.  And one of my favourite writers, Finian Cunningham, talks about why the British Government is targeting Russian exiles.  A pattern is forming here and it loosely has something to do with the truth behind

The Magnitsky Act.

I haven't figured out the entire connection--but getting rid of inconvenient witnesses might have something to do with it.  The Magnitsky Act, variations of which were passed in the governments of the European Union, the United States, and of course, the poodle Canadian government of le Dauphin have resulted in economic sanctions against Russia.

Yesterday I spent over an hour watching this docudrama which can be uploaded and watched by readers via  See the link below.  I strongly advise watching this compelling case for the fact that Bill Browder is one of the most evil arch criminals of modern times:

"The Magnitsky Act" - a Docudrama.

The docudrama answers the question:
Who was Magnitsky and why are we supposed to believe he was a hero?

The official story:
- Bill Browder was an American businessman who ran a hedge fund in Russia.
- Corrupt Russian cops with the help of the Russian mafia stole his business thro...
Here is an excellent "review" of the docudrama by Philip Giraldi as posted in Aletho News.

Standing back and looking at the big picture about why states would support organized crime and criminals like Bill Browder I offer this writing:  The "Schizophrenic Deep State is symptom, not disease".

Finally, a few items about one of my favourite topics - Birds:

Crow Welcomes Visitors to
Castle in Yorkshire, England

And a young Vancouverite won a photography award recently based on his beautiful collection of bird photos.  Here is one example:

This is a photo of cobalt-winged parakeets, taken by B.C. photographer Liron Gertsman, 17. This photo was selected as the winning photograph in the youth category for the 2018 Audubon Photography Awards. LIRON GERTSMAN / AUDUBON

You can visit Mr. Gertsman's website here.

Well, that's about it for this CawRANT events.  Got to get out in that marvelous sunshine.  Bye for now.


Reading between the lines said...

I watched the Browder video yesterday.Truly well done.UT banned it but available on bitchute . Looks like they shut down Philip . Giraldi's web site also as a link from the Aletho news site you refereed
to does not work.They are indeed snakes in the grass and they will do anything to try and prevent the truth from coming out.
Should anyone want to research more on this subject ,may I recommend the book
"The Killing of William Browder: by Alex Krainer
available for free at the following
Be good and send Alex a few dollars for his work , he does not ask for any ,just me.

greencrow said...


Thanks for the comment and for recommending Alex Krainer's book. I listened to a podcast interview with him some months ago which opened my eyes to the "Magnitsky Act" and Browder. How long before the US, EU and Canada admit they were duped by this career criminal?


Reading between the lines said...

I see today they blocked bitchute also .

greencrow said...

Yes, just checking bitchute they did block the Magnitsky docudrama. So much for humanity being able to get the truth we're seeking from "alternatives" to YouTube. I'm so glad I was able to view it prior to the draconian censorship. That Browder is even more evil in my eyes now that he was able to wield such power to block truth.