Monday, July 2, 2018

CawRANT Events #67

CawRANT Events #67

Good Morning Everybody!  It is an unusually cool, cloudy with sunny periods Monday on the West Coast.  Today is a statutory holiday in Canada, being the day after July 1st which is "Canada Day".  Yesterday there were the usual festivities in local parks and, of course, firework over Burrard Inlet.

Before I get into my CawRANT Events, there are a few loose ends I'd like to tie up...first, I left my last post up for the better part of a week for a few reasons.  I'm tired...and blogging takes a lot of energy as only those who faithfully maintain a blog will truly know.  It is particularly draining when you have Google and its sub contractor "Blogger" snapping at your heals vis a vis spurious statistics and algorithmic shenanigans...the purpose of which is to frustrate and deter bloggers.  Meanwhile, I'm being harassed by Google's spamming software "Pinterest".  I inadvertently rose to a "click bait" and now get daily spam from Pinterest...which wants to trace my clicks and use me as a "data cow".  I have tried in vain to de-subscribe. Doesn't work.  Pinterest has infected my computer forever, it seems.

But back to "Rumours of Truth".  It is exactly the kind of post that they want to discourage.  Posts that contain hard evidence in the form of the lead video about the Kennedy assassination evidence.  These are facets of history that they want to sink into their stinky swamp of "pop culture" lies and innuendos.

So I left it up...loving the juxtaposition of the photos of the most evil man in American history that most Americans don't even know existed [James Jesus Angleton] side by side with the photo of the quintessential patsy...Lee Harvey Oswald.  Now there was a hard working man.  Toiling at his job as CIA asset. Not unlike this generation's Edward Snowden. Oswald even travelled, on the CIA payroll, to China and Russia, two very dangerous locations, undercover on assignments "in the service of his country". These were top secret assignments that required an extremely high level of technological expertise.  This evidence is to this day unsuspected by the average American...who has been brainwashed to view Oswald as a lowly stacker of books at the "Texas Book Depository" in Dallas, Texas.

The two of them, Angleton and Oswald...represent the nexus of the entire house of cards--official lies that make up the official history of the United States.  The history that today is being shoved down the throats of Western children...with the Ziofascist perps laughing all the way to the deposit their 21 trillion dollars of loot stolen from the American taxpayer.

So, I left up the post and watched as it was ignored for the most part all week...with the possible exception of this cartoon and comment I received in my e-mail from "Jim":

You're the Best....Hang in There - Jim in New Mexico

Thanks, Jim.  That cartoon is how I frequently feel at this stage in my blogging career.

Another reason I haven't posted as much is that I've been carving like a mad carver these days...working on three projects simultaneously.  I hope to post them up on my "Arts and Crafts" page in due course.  Wait for it... : )  Now, without further ado, onto my bi-weekly RANT:

Vancouver Newz

The provincial government of British Columbia is trying to change the voting system in the province under the table.  With very little public discussion, they're going to have a referendum on Proportional Representation vs. First past the post.  With all the ethnic "cities within a city" that we have here in Vancouver...and throughout the province...this is most likely an effort for some of the minorities [like the large Sikh minority] to capitalize on the demographics.  It also looks like yet another one of those guinea pig social engineering projects.  Using British Columbia as a bell jar for some national project down the road.  All I can say is that former BC Prime Minister Ujjal Dosange is against it and you can read why in the link above.  If the status quo is good enough for Ujjal, it's good enough for me.  So I will be voting against "proportional representation" in the referendum...although the backlash is becoming so intense they might find an excuse not to hold it at all.

Still on Canadian the Mainstream NewZ outlets over the past week or two there have been repetitive headlines about

Trudeau groping allegation

Trudeau is being accused of "groping" a female reporter at a music festival 18 years ago.  Helloooow?  Who didn't do a little groping at a music festival when they were young?  This is getting so stupid!  I'm not a fan of le dauphin but I'm also not a fan of this phony hyper-feminist bs...using women as mere "honey pots" to trap unpopular [therefore unelectable] politicians.  One would assume the woman was capable of defending herself "in the moment" while a male, who was likely high on pot ; ) groped her.  Trudeau was not a public figure at the time...he was just another young, randy male.  When we start outlawing those...get me off the planet.

Still on national politics...I had to smile at a couple of newz stories that have supported what I've been saying on this blog:

1.  The New Democratic party under its new leader Sikh Independence activist Jagmeet Singh bombed during some recent by-elections in Quebec.  Now the NDB brass have to huddle to figure out why they ended a distant third in a province where they were once strong.  Don't bother huddling guyz.  I can tell you right here and now.  The turbaned Sikh is a political bird that won't fly.  Canadians can smell another Soros colour revolution-type plant.  It's like some subversive moles decided to destroy the NDP as a third party...a haven for disenchanted voters to "park" their votes in the next election.  Now this huge group of disenchanted voters will either hold their noses and vote for either Tweedledum or Tweedledee...or, as I will likely do...not vote at all.  This is the plan.

2.  Kinder Morgan’s Bailout Blunder

One of my favourite blogs, honeybadgerpress recently had a good analysis of the Kinder Morgan Bailout by the federal liberal government.  Good to read that my views are being echoed by an alternative blog that I do respect.

3.  Marijuana Legalization Controversy

Now that the dust is beginning to settle after the impetuous and impulsive legalization of Marijuana by the Canadian Liberal government in Ottawa...some "oopsies" have started to surface. As I have written about at length on this blog, the social ramifications of commercialization of marijuana for "recreational" [as in lying on a couch all day laughing at cartoons and listening to 60's music] use were not sufficiently studied or prepared for.

Canada: A Nation Crashing with NO SURVIVORS

It was no surprise to read that in the past and continuing into the present...Social Manipulator extraordinaire and Regime/colour change artiste George Soros has pushed for marijuana legalization".  Here's a snippet from

On Wednesday this week, Kelly Riddell at The Washington Times pulled back the curtain to reveal details about some of the roles that Soros has played in the pro-weed debate, and helped explain how the billionaire’s many foundations are fighting the war against pot prohibition.
“Through a network of nonprofit groups, Mr. Soros has spent at least $80 million on the legalization effort since 1994, when he diverted a portion of his foundation’s funds to organizations exploring alternative drug policies, according to tax filings,” Riddell wrote.
The Soros-affiliated Foundation to Promote an Open Society donates roughly $4 million annually to the Drug Policy Alliance, Riddell added, a nonprofit group that describes itself as the nation's leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.
Soros is among the group of board members who help steer policy reform efforts undertaken by that organization, which has contributed to the successful attempts in both Colorado and Washington state to legalize recreational marijuana, as well as in Uruguay where last year the South American country became the first in the world to allow for the regulation, distribution and sale of weed to legal adults..."

Not such a fuddy duddy after all, eh?

It does make logical sense that with a bona fide Soros mole [Chrystia Freeland] operating out of the Minister of Foreign Affairs office in Ottawa, a Soros project [marijuana legalization to dumb down the masses, making them easier to control] would become Project Number One in Le Dauphin's administration.

Then, just a few days ago a belated public opinion poll taken on the topic indicated that most Canadians are "deeply concerned" that marijuana legalization is moving too fast. Finally, on this topic, we still have heard nary a word in response to the RT report of last week that the Russian Federation has lodged some formally worded concerns about Canada 'arbitrarily' breaking long-standing international treaties regarding drug proliferation.  For Canada not to even respond to such a grave allegation/concern is yet another slap to Russia/Putin by the Sorosian Canadian puppets.  When will they learn?  They are Sooooooo toast, come the next federal election!

Just as a last tidbit on Canadian newz. What's with this Canadian military mission in Mali?  Canadians as usual were kept in the dark about it until it was a fait accompli.  The troops had already left for Africa.  Only two legitimate questions need be asked...three actually...first what indigenous people will we be oppressing?  second, what precious resource will we be stealing and last...what other news story will we be distracting from?  Such a cynic is the greencrow!

Lunar Hoax Dept.

Gee.  I hope I live long enough to see the pricking of  the huge Zeppelin full of lunar lies. I want to witness the blinding, bright explosion of reality when humanity finally realizes what dupes we were made of by a small handful of NASA/White House/Pentagon/CIA/Hollywood charlatans!  Here we have a very limited hang out by former "astronaut" Hadfield...who finally admits that American rockets do not have the capacity for extra-orbital space travel. Duh!

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up.

Frankly, Folks, I'm already sick and tired of Donald Trump.  The worst thing about the man is his political and policy inconsistency.  Nobody knows what in hell he stands for, if anything.  My suspicion is that he doesn't stand for anything...except his emblematic ethnocentric stupidity and social crudity.  In the link above, geopolitical analyst Philip Giraldi tries to get a handle on Trump:

9/11 Done by Iran??!!

It wouldn't be a good RANT if I didn't take a run at the Israeli Jewish Ziofascist death-grip on the occupied West.  Here we have the Iranians being blamed by Israel for 9/11.  Most aware alternative news readers know that the MosCIAd was responsible for the 9/11 atrocity...but it is kindergarten level politics to blame the other this case Iran...that kid you want to suffer anyway.  So simplistic and totally unsupported by the facts. Yet, as Goebbels said:  If you repeat the big lie often enough....

Mexican election

As a result of yesterday's Mexican election, three time leadership candidate Manuel Obrador finally became President of Mexico.  I remember hearing his name come up during the last election which he also won, but due to massive US-supported voting fraud, had the election stolen from him.  Mexicans by the millions gathered for weeks in the main square of Mexico City to protest the vote fraud, to no avail.  Finally, the perps have "allowed" Obrador to assume the presidency.  Why? You may well ask.  Do they intend to destroy him with some "groping a woman at a music festival 18 years ago"-style allegation?  Or, do they intend to assassinate him?  In the interim, I congratulate the Mexicans on the election of a nationalist leader who will defend Mexican sovereignty from the relentless encroachment of the North American Union "manifest destiny" dogma.  He's also promised to clean up the massive corruption.  Good luck with that one. [sarc]

Seymour Hersch on Sergei Skripal

I see where perennial and world famous "limited hang-out artist" Seymour Hersch spoke out recently on the Skripal poisoning.  He said it was a "mess" on the part of England and said that "his sources" told him that the truth had little to do with Russia per se.  It was really a score-settling having to do with the Russian gangster oligarch mafia infesting London.  But with Hersch...the truth has more with what his agenda is and what factoids he leaves out than what he discloses...dontchaknow.

Petras - Western Societies blame immigrants when it was they who brought the problems onto themselves

Professor James Petras has written a report for Global where he rightly blames the latest immigration crises on  "Imperial wars and exploitation".  So often when you allow yourself to be exposed to sheeple mindset and argumentation...[I try to keep this at a strict minimum for my personal mental health] you hear racist invective hurled at the poor Middle Eastern and African immigrants that work at our 7-Elevens and gas if they "chose" to come to our countries and take our menial "shit jobs".  Petras rips the scab off this infected wound to reveal the oozing pus of the perpetual "regime-change" wars and resourse theft, and infrastructure destruction that propelled these humans towards mass migration.  Humans are so has ALWAYS been thus.  The potato famine and the expulsion of convicts from England and Ireland propelled the Irish towards North America and Australia. World Wars and uprisings in Ukraine and Eastern Europe have been a steady source of good hardworking, cheap labour forces throughout the centuries.  This is how its done, guys!  It is nothing new or different!  This is the essence of capitalism.

Finally, before I close off this CawRant for another two weeks, just a reminder of alternative journalist Julian Assange moldering in the Equadorean Embassy.  Some pundits are trying to spread the canard that Julian is a willing partner in his own imprisonment.  I find that seriously hard to believe...but there are some dupes who will believe anything.  Thankfully, my readers are not amongst that sorry lot.

Bye for now, until my next CawRANT!


BuelahMan said...

As I have written about at length on this blog, the social ramifications of commercialization of marijuana for "recreational" [as in lying on a couch all day laughing at cartoons and listening to 60's music] use were not sufficiently studied or prepared for.

Written like a person who knows absolutely nothing BUT the government propaganda taught them by their overlings.

Anyone who thinks that "laughing at cartoons" on the couch all day is the "social ramification" of legalization, is clueless.

Those that realize that the entire war on drugs is THE social experiment (not the usage of the drug) that has ravaged the US (maybe you think Canada weed is different) are the ones in tune to reality.

You have it 180 degrees backwards. This is what government propaganda does.

It seems impossible to break their brainwashing after having worked for them.

greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan:

Interesting you should choose that quote about "lying on the couch laughing at cartoons". That is a direct quote from my millennial-aged son as he was explaining to me why he tried marijuana once or twice but quit. Because he said that's what he did when he smoked. It's not really what you'd call "recreation".

As for me "working for the government". Working as a child protection social worker gave me a unique opportunity to go into homes and see the ravages caused by addictive drug use on families and children. In a way, you're right. It was a form of "brainwashing".