Monday, July 16, 2018

UPDATED: "Options Abound!" Putin suggests US/Russia reciprocal investigations on election hacking AND BROWDER lol

Putin blows apart Mueller Probe - Says $400,000,000
was transferred to Clinton from Browder/Oligarch theft

Sent $400,000,000 to HILLARY CLINTON

Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped a bombshell on Monday, accusing US intelligence operatives of funneling $400 million from Russia to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Here it is from Jim Stone:

"Putin: "...For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder, in this particular case. Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia and never paid any taxes neither in Russia or the United States and yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. They sent [a] huge amount of money, $400,000,000, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Well that’s their personal case. It might have been legal, the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal. So we have solid reason to believe that some [US] intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions. So we have an interest in questioning them..." 

You have to hand it to Vlad....I'm going to nickname him "Vlad the Impaler" from now on, lol.  He did manage to utilize this morning's presser with Trump to sink a deadly political/legal skewer deep into the Clintonistas and the MIC Necons.  Please watch and listen very carefully to his words in the above video.  He is offering to acquiesce to the Mueller probe into "Russian Hacking the US 2016 Election"...but only if it is reciprocal and the US allows Russia to question US officials who allowed Bill [Magnitsky Act] Browder to steal billions of dollars from Russia, not pay US taxes on it....and make a $400,000.000 contribution to Hillary's campaign!  Did I just hear that correctly?! over Hillary!

UPDATE:  2:36 P.M. -  Went to the BBC "Voice of Satan" to see how the perps were taking the bombshell by Putin.  True to form...the BBC was prevaricating...saying that "Trump was siding with Russia against the FBI".  Didn't I see a "satirical" Post a few days ago on PCR, written by Finian Cunningham where he said that Trump was going to "ask for asylum" in Russia?  Well, that may not have been satire after all.  Stay tuned.  This is going to be explosive.

UPDATE:  3:44 P.M. - One side effect of this bombshell information from Putin is that it will neatly separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of alternative media...i.e., which ones are genuine and which ones are dysinfo.  Many of the blogs I have links to on my favourites I suspect of being dysinfo.  They will either come down against Trump or remain silent.  This is not a development that allows real bloggers to remain silent.  Here is one genuine blogger, Robin Westenra from "See More Rocks" who has spoken up and given some more info on the development.

UPDATE: 5:36 P.M. - TV Channel surfing, I happened upon CNN a few moments ago.  It has gone completely psycho.  Accusing Russia of "attacking it" [the US] in 2016.  Even though Trump is right when he asks that pivotal question "Where is the Server?"  None of the Western Mainstream Media ever asks "Where is the Server?"  This is the computer server that the Democratic Party base their accusations on...but which they refuse to give to the FBI...and which the FBI refuses to demand.  It's like we've entered a parallel universe.  No.  It's more like we have been in a parallel universe since at least September 11, 2001, and briefly were ejected into the real world for a few moments during the Trump/Putin press conference and now we're slammed back into the parallel universe again.

I'm starting to think that Trump and his administrative supporters are engaged in a titanic battle.  Putin is trying to help Trump clean the festering boil infecting the American Political system.  This is why Trump has been bobbing and weaving ever since he took office...trying to avoid the knock-out punch from the Deep State.

Former CIA Agent calls Hillary an
International Criminal on July 14, 2018
Says she is going to be indicted for foreign espionage

UPDATE:  6:38 P.M.  Another real alternative blogger heard from.  Eric Zuesse.  Who says the following about Putin's arch nemeses, US-born Russian bidnessman Bill Browder:

"...The Russian government has been legally pursuing Mr. Browder, for years, on charges that he evaded paying $232 million taxes that were due to the Russian government. These private investigations into this matter — regarding whether or not the Magnitsky Act was based on fraudulent grounds — have all found that Mr. Browder has clearly falsified and misrepresented the actual documents, which are linked to in those two articles I wrote. These might be the very same documents that she was presenting on June 9th.
So: this is a matter of importance not only to the validity (or not) of the Magnitsky Act economic sanctions against Russia, but to the Russiagate accusations regarding U.S. President Donald Trump. In my [Zuesse's] two articles, the general public can click right through to the evidence on the Magnitsky case."

UPDATE:  9:09 P.M. -  Immediately after his presser with Trump, Putin gave an interview to Chris Wallace of Fox News.  Here's the link and here is my favourite quote from Putin to Wallace:

"...Why would Mueller issue the indictment just three days before the summit, asked Wallace.

“I’m not in the least bit interested,” answered Putin. “Those are internal political games of the US. Don’t hold the relationship between Russia and the US hostage to this internal political struggle. It’s quite clear to me that this is used in the internal political struggle. And it’s nothing to be proud of for American democracy, because using law enforcement agencies in a political rivalry is inadmissible...."

When a foreign leader has to urge Americans to value the integrity of their own agencies more....well, that's pretty sad.  

Watch the entire interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Fox News Interviewer Chris Wallace:

Vladimir Putin Interviewed by Fox News Chris Wallace
Video picked up from The Saker

Greencrow comments after viewing Interview.  When ARE Americans going to finally get off the pot of these outlandish lies about the Russians hacking the 2016 election?  Wallace went after Putin again about it.  Putin AGAIN made mince meat out of the allegations...but reason and logic has no impact on Americans.  Wallace also embarrassed himself by bringing up the Skripal Alice In Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole and onto a Park Bench story. Putin was again forced to remind Wallace that the UK has never provided A SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE to Russia in the Skripal allegation.  NOT A SINGLE SHRED!  

I don't watch US TV so I don't know much about Chris Wallace...but after the questions he asked...I suspect that he is yet another CIA mole burrowed into the mainstream media.  That's what he sounded like anyway.


Greg Bacon said...

Oops. Does 'Lucky' Larry own anymore asbestos-laden skyscrapers? Gonna need some kind of distraction to get the sheeple's minds away from toxic truth.

I imagine Madcow will be foaming at the mouth this week.

greencrow said...

Ironic, isn't if Greg? It finally needed the President of Russia to squeeze and pop the gigantic, puss-filled boil on the US's a$$.


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Ahhhhh More gossip news
10 years later
Still talking about something that meant nothing
Good luck spinning this
Between truthers and mainstream
Still dividing the country
Trump supporters will start to like Putin
Hillary folks will despise
This will be empty chatter for??????
Taking wagers
I say 8 years
Anyone wanna take the lock her up lock of the day???

You can not go wrong
Lock her up
Sounds like the lock of the day
I will stick with the longshot
Empty rhetoric for the sheeple

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

You say:

"Empty rhetoric for the sheeple

Didn't you mean to say Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?

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Per our earlier conversations:


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Hi Editor:

Re Wayne's Video. Proves that he's also a traitor to his surprise here.


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You said
Didn't you mean to say Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?
I say
You r soooooo funny