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Russia's S-400 presents Hilariously Ludicrous Conundrum for West and its Allies. But nobody's laughing...except the greencrow

Russia's Lethal S-400 Air Defense System
on Their Way ... S-400 Triumph
- SA-21 Growler

Over the past couple of months I've been watching with amusement as the West [Usrael and its allies] have been thrashing around, trying to come up with an appropriate and effective response to Putin's March 1st 2018 speech.  This is the speech where he made the stunning announcement that, due to several new and unprecedented weapons, invented and built by Russians...the "arms race" which had been going on for decades since WWII...was effectively over.  Putin declared Russia the winner and said that the West would not be able to produce comparable weapons for some years and, by the time they did, Russia would already have new weapons.  Yes, folks this was a truly historic moment...but since the West owns the media...90% of sheeple in the West don't even know about it.  One could argue that this "Knowledge Defense System" (TM) operated by the western M$M is the perps' most effective weapon.  It's just too bad it's aimed at their own population...not the "enemy" population.

But that's not the funny part.  Here's the funny part.  It's all about ONE of the Russian weapons that far supercedes anything the West has.  This weapon is the S-400 long range missile defense system.  Please view the video above and read the descriptions of this system below taken from "Business Insider" and I will have further comments to follow:


"The S-400 Triumf, which NATO calls the SA-21 Growler, is a fourth-generation long-range missile-defense system that Russia began developing in 1993.
It's capable of taking out aircraft, drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles in the terminal phase.
However, it does not have hit-to-kill ballistic-missile-defense technology, which means it can't physically collide with incoming warheads. The S-400 has a range of about 150 miles to 249 miles.
On the low end of that range are the 48N6 missiles, which have 315-pound fragmentation warheads and can also hit ballistic missiles across a 37-mile radius. On the high end of that range are the 40N6 missiles, but their deployment and true capabilities are unknown. The S-400's radar can detect targets up to about 373 miles away. S-400s are currently deployed in Kaliningrad, Syria, and Crimea.

The CSIS map above shows where Russia's and
NATO's air-defense systems are deployed. Russian
systems are the orange circles.

and here is more information about the S-400 from RT:

"The S-400 would allow us to defend both individual objects and large territories around them from ballistic missiles, and also increase the height of the interception," ....
The S-400 Triumph is the latest generation of the long-range Russian air defense system developed by NPO Almaz-Antey. It is meant to defend crucial military and civilian areas from aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles.
It is capable of shooting down targets at a range of up to 400 kilometers, and altitudes of up to 60 kilometers, depending on the type of interceptor missile fired. A full division of S-400s can simultaneously track 36 targets and guide 72 missiles.
The Russian Defense Ministry cleared the S-400 for service in 2007. There are currently seven S-400 divisions in operation in Russia, with a total of 56 missile launchers deployed...."
Now here's where it starts to get funny...mainly due to the ludicrous reaction of the West to the overwhelming power of the S-400 in terms of their own weaponry.

Definition of ludicrous

1 : amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity
2 : meriting derisive laughter or scorn as absurdly inept, false, or foolish 





What happens when you build a better mouse trap?

So, the United States of America and it's 'allies' [aka vassal states] do not having anything remotely close to the S-400 at this point in time.  They only have  "Patriot" missiles which have been notoriously unreliable in tests.  What to do?  What to doooooooooo?

Their response has been to try and prevent any of their allies...well, actually any other country...from purchasing the S-400.  So far this has included Turkey ["S-400 is incompatible with NATO weaponry" which is comical in and of itself] China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.  The last three nations mentioned are apparently in negotiations with Russia to purchase the S-400.  Syria has some S-400's on their territory but only to protect Russian military bases.  Israel recently warned Syria not to purchase the S-400 OR accept S-300's from Russia or "we will attack you".  This last threat is the ludicrous part.  

This "forbidding" is hilarious because it is the equivalent of saying "If you try to defend yourself from us attacking you...we will consider that defense a 'threat' and attack you anyway".  Get it?

This is the genius of Putin.  He has not attacked any of the many western allies arrayed against him.  He has only developed a defense mechanism that will neutralize their potential attacks.  Then he offered it to other independent, sovereign nations.  The list of other nations with smart leadership who will line up to get the S-400 will certainly grow exponentially.  Who doesn't want a "better mousetrap" when your life and property depend on it?

But don't expect Canada to line up for the S-400.  We can't even talk about such a purchase. We can only spend 4.5 billion dollars on a 1952 pipeline.  Reminds me of the song sung by the Canadian band "Barenaked Ladies"..."If I had a million dollars".  If I [greencrow] had a couple of billion dollars...I would buy my country, Canada, an S-400 system!

"If I Had A Million Dollars"
Barenaked Ladies


Anonymous said...

Another great article Greencrow, I said before and i’ll say it again, I love your writing style. If I had a billion dollars i’d buy my country one, that line cracked me up. Usually people say if I won the lottery i’d Do this or that with the money, but you’d buy your country a S-400, got a love it. Thanks for your writing!
Cheers, Rachel

Northerntruthseeker said...

Lets see... I already stated that the Canucklehead government under Trust in Jewdough err... Le Dauphin... Should have cancelled the travesty of the F35 "Lightning II" POS fighter and bought the Russian Su37 (what a sleek and powerful machine) fighter in its place... But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... We are as usual subjects and minions of US power..... That is travesty #1...

And of course I am the one that says that missile defence is useless as shown through the fraud Patriot and "Iron Dome" systems that cannot hit the broadside of a barn.... Those are only money making shitstorms for the US military industrial complex....

But look out, for the Russians have their new S400 system that has been very capable of long range intercept of aggressive planes (not really sold on it being good for missile defence yet..) and the US is now screaming at its minions around the planet to "not purchase" that system that actually does work... That is travesty #2....

I for one would love to see nations have the balls to stand up to American hypocrisy and tell them to take their empire and shove it up their asses..... Canada included....

I am like you... Laughing at the idiocy of our governments that continue to bow down to American government evil and idiocy..

greencrow said...

Hi Rachel:

Thanks for your readership! I was thinking today about how great my readers are...because they CAN handle the truth. Even my own family CANNOT handle the truth. I know how painful the truth is. The deaths of the 2000+ in the 9/11 atrocity still haunt me--and the cover-up makes me furious. And that's only one fraction of the truth. So I have a lot of respect for those who can shoulder some of the burden of the "hideous truth"

greencrow said...

NTS says:

"...I am like you... Laughing at the idiocy of our governments that continue to bow down to American government evil and idiocy..."

So long as we can bring some of out trademark Canadian humoUr to the never-ending task of turning over "truth" rocks and looking at what's squirming underneath, NTS, we'll be doing our job...and we'll be doing OK.

Reading between the lines said...

""If you try to defend yourself from us attacking you...we will consider that defense a 'threat' and attack you anyway""
This statement .or something to that effect coming from Israel is the height of ludicrousness.When I first heard this ,I had to chuckle .Why they did not realize what they were saying ,kind of says a lot about who is saying it.
Good post GC and a good chuckle for this Sunday morning.

greencrow said...

If you apply simple, old-fashioned logic to the batsh!t crazy will always end up being astounded at their insanity...and often chuckle at the black humour of it all.

Glad to give you a laff, RBTL...

greencrow said...

Just going to add these two comments. One by frequent commenter James and then my reply. I believe James wanted to put his comment on this thread but actually put it on the previous one.

james@wpc said...
Also, from your sidebar (Uprooted Palestinians), Greencrow, is an article that originally comes from Middle East Eye and includes the same thinking from Saudi Arabia directed at Qatar about those same S400's -

"Saudi Arabia "would be ready to take all necessary measures to eliminate this defence system, including military action," the newspaper (Le Monde) wrote.

Ah, the stupidity of psychopaths!
June 3, 2018 at 5:38 PM

greencrow said...
Hi James:

What I didn't say...because I can't support it with a that I firmly suspect that many, many countries are negotiating with Russia under the radar [pun intended] to buy the S-400 and other new Russian the S-57 jets.

This is the way the world turns. And another thing...why on earth do you think Netanyahoo made a couple of trips to visit Putin lately? He's most likely trying to get some of the weaponry too...dontchaknow.

Anonymous said...

На титульной странице русская красавица (без иронии).

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I get lots of Russian comments but until now I've deleted all of them because they were spam. I am publishing yours because in Google translation it says

"The title page - Beauty without irony"

Don't know what that means...but it sounds cooooooooool