Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rumours of Truth

Lisa Pease on James Jesus Angleton
and his connection to Lee Harvey Oswald
and the JFK Assassination

I've had this post rolling around in my mind for a couple of weeks now.  Every once in a while I see a link while surfing the Internet that draws me back to the concept.  The above video certainly is one of them.  In the video, one of the thousands of researchers who have devoted their lives to the minutia of the JFK assassination evidence, gives a seminar on her particular focus--James Jesus Angleton and his connection to Lee Harvey Oswald.  Just as an aside, a sidebar, do you think that James Jesus Angleton was the real coming of the anti-Christ?

What is so striking about the above video is that here we have Lisa Pease going through US government documents and gleaning hard evidence from them--revealing the truth about the MosCIAd conspiracy to murder a President of the United States.  She has a powerpoint slide show that shows copies of old documents connecting the CIA to Oswald.  Of course, truthers have known about this connection literally for decades!

The first I ever heard about the CIA connection to the JFK assassination was years after the Watergate Crisis in the US.  This was during the 1990's I believe.  I read somewhere that the "secret Whitehouse tapes" were such an issue because they captured Nixon talking with his administrative staff about the Watergate burglars, including G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt.  The "big secret" was that these individuals were also involved in the Kennedy assassination [E. Howard Hunt later made a "deathbed" confession to his son to that effect].

As I recall, the Nixon White House was worried that the Democrats had some clues to the JFK assassination that they might disclose to the public and that was why the Nixon White House HAD to break into the Democratic Party Headquarters in the see if such evidence existed.

Like I say, it was a "rumour of truth".  Rumours of truth are all we ever get in Western society today.  Truth is the big boogyman.  Heaven forbid it get out....because if it ever did, it would be like McDonalds and Coca Cola both going broke instantaneously.  Or, nobody could ever go to baseball or football games again.  Everybody would stop watching TV and run out into the streets to...egads…."demonstrate".  I mean, not "Soros demonstrate" like in wearing pink pussycat hats and carrying rainbow flags demonstrate.  I mean REALLY DEMONSTRATE!  like in Gaza Strip demonstrate where you have to set up snipers on rooftops and pick them off with high powered rifles [incidentally, like the CIA picked off Kennedy].  You need to spray them with skunk smell water cannons kind of demonstrating.  THAT is the biggest fear of the PTB in America.

So, all we get in Western news media are official lies and "rumours of truth".  What got me thinking about this is the never-ending saga of "Russiagate".  I haven't been following it lately.  Is it over yet?  It seems to go on and a Hollywood "action" movie, car chase after car chase, exploding building after exploding building.  The main characters continue to emerge from the wreakage of the cars and buildings unscathed...only to be caught up in more of the same...over and over and over.

No matter how many murders in broad daylight take place in the Hollywood action movies, the murderers are never brought to justice.  If anything, they just get picked off [killed] at the end.  This is regarded as justice.

The alternative media including my colleague, Northerntruthseeker, recently wrote about the rumour of truth involving the Obama White House arming the jihadists that have been creating chaos, murder and mayhem in Syria over the past seven years.  Again, this rumour of truth was strangled in its cradle by the MSM.  More Russiagate or similar slop spewing all over the television channels and Internet.  I finally connected the two...Watergate and Russiagate...not due to their "catchy" [sarc] nicknames...but through the Jewish-controlled medias' desperate efforts to squelch truth and evidence.

There needs to be a Deep Truth Conference.  I mean a real one where all the truth cards and evidence are laid on the table.  I mean if Putin can have a successful World Cup without Ziofascist False Flag sabotage....  The jury is still out on that one but there IS hope.  Putin came up with the brilliant idea of inviting Netanyahu to the final cup game. That should put the lid on any false flags, don't you think?  I can imagine a big Truth Conference being held in a soccer stadium.  With folks like Lisa Pease showing her power point slide show up there...right on the big sports "Jumbotron" screen.  Or, I imagine it to be like Woodstock...a seminal sociological event to take place in a farmer's field over the course of a long summer weekend....complete with truther bands like Muse.

Muse Singing "Uprising"

The problem with a "Rumours of Truth Conference" is that the morning after would be an enormous let down.  What to do with all the shared evidence?  Sadly, tragically in fact, nothing would come of it because the perps have seen to it that the "justice" system in the US and throughout the "West" has been totally gutted...totally destroyed...from top [Supreme Court] to bottom....tasering cops on the inner city beats.

Barrie Ontario cops use excessive force -
man dies shortly after "arrest"

So virtually all my life...70+ years...all we've had and all we ever will have are "Rumours of Truth". But the main point of this post is, just as Watergate was really about a continuation of the Kennedy Assassination(s) cover-up...I suspect the Mueller "Russiagate" Bullshit is really about the continuation of the cover-up of 9/11. My suspicions rest on the durability and intensity of's target...the current presidential administration...the media collusion and the gonnections between the perpetrators thereof.


Anonymous said...

"Here are three top references on False Flags.

Analysis of False Flags and Fake News
False Flags on Five Fronts (Seattle)
How to Spot a ‘False Flag’: A Sampler of Orchestrated Events

And here are the seven false flag events that the public, with a sufficiency of  funding and publicity and legal demands for documentation, could dismantle in time to alter the race for the presidency in 2020. Either Trump gets with the program or he loses to someone who does.
(1) Boston bombing
(2) Charlottesville
(3) Las Vegas
(4) Parkland
(5) Sandy Hook
(6) Orlando
(7) 9/11

Given a modest amount of money, it would be a simply matter to create a conference with a compelling panel for each of these, and to then field a legal team making use of the court system to demand documentation that has been withheld on the basis of national security exemptions and plain obstruction of justice by DHS, FEMA, state and local governments, complicit non-profits and commercial firms, and more.
False flags that can be proven to be false flags in the next eighteen months, by-passing the mainstream media and getting educational short videos in front of both the Alt-Right and Alt-Left as well as the Independents, will conclusively show the illegitimacy of all our institutions including the FBI, law enforcement, the media, and more. “This will not stand.” ...."


greencrow said...

Hi BoyDownTheLane:

Thanks for this comment. I am leaving this post up for several more days--over the Canada Day Weekend, at least. BECAUSE I BELIEVE IT IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT POSTS I HAVE EVER PUT UP ON THIS BLOG. It is significant and telling that there is such lack of interest in it in terms of hits and comments.

"Nation closed for lack of interest." That will be the epilogue carved on the Tombstone of Amerika.

Anonymous said...

My opinion
I think most people do not care because it is not in mainstream newz.They only believe what they are told.
Of course bits and pieces get out there in movies and other ways but still nothing is done.
Why could that be???
It is because people in power always believe the saying do as your told not what we do.
I actually forgot the saying
But these people make the rules to contain the sheeple,why should they be held accountable??
It is there gameboard and you are just a pawn on it
A perfect example is happening now
The poor migrants and there kids being separated,if you watch the newz you see lots of whites marching along side

The mainstream newz has forced that theme at all and they all start marching
How about if some of these propaganda talking heads started DWELLING on the FACT that everyday kids get taken from parents cuz they think the parents are not fit to parent
Or how about custody issues with parents where one parent does not want the other to see the kid and if the parent is lucky they get supervised day with kid
You see the mainstream is not pushing the agenda so you see all the educated people that watch the newz out there marching and helping the cause.
It goes back to the line
You only know what you are told
These people are not looking on truth blogs
They are being educated by radio talking heads and the newz talking heads and you see the results if you watch the nightly newz
I see all brainwashed sheeple following the program
That is why when you put your truths out there and keep dwelling on the past,people are already over the past and have moved on
All governments play the same game
Even your Putin in Russia
There are lots of people that protest against your Putin
They consider themselves truthers just like you
So if those truthers are fake??
Then so are you???
It is what the talking heads put out there is all that matters
also 2 many people are just hustling there way through life paying bils and taking the kids to all the events they have
There is no time to dwell on things you have no power to control
There aganda will go on no matter what
You are just sheeple
They are the calculating scum that play all the games
Sit down and watch the newz on the migrant problem
Inject these facts into there protests
If you can not do that
Case closed
The agenda goes forward and truthers really do not have a say
That is my take
Here is a tune to give you hope in your fight
I use it as motivation everyday
Great lyrics
You better take a look inside your
hahahahah love it