Monday, June 11, 2018

Recent OAS vote on Venezuela - video foretells how Canada will be treated if US "goes full OAS" on it

Embarrassing Defeat for US at recent OAS meeting
where it failed to get sufficient votes
to expel Venezuela

While world attention has been focused on events in North America, especially with the recent G7 fiasco of a conference...with all the fallout therefrom....and today on the equally doomed meeting between US President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-UN, those of us who would try to find out what the Deep State is really up to and what tactics they use to get what they want...would be wise to watch the above video.

The above video is about the recent meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS), where the US tried to raise enough votes amongst OAS members, the states of North and South America, to oust the renegade oil rich nation, Venezuela, out of its association.  The US wants Venezuela out of the "club" because Venezuela keep on insisting on democratically electing "populist" leaders who put Venezuelan interests before US Deep State interests.  I gathered from the video that Venezuela is planning on leaving the OAS anyway...but the US just wants to make an example/cautionary tale of it and give it a public, humiliating boot out of the organization.

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglee as Robbie Burns said...and that's what happened.  The US went around the table with its henchmen and threatened all the OAS nations with dire consequences if they didn't vote against Venezuela.  Cutting to the chase, the US did NOT get enough votes to proceed with its agenda to expel Venezuela...they only got enough to "sanction" it.  Well, Venezuela has been sanctioned almost to death--but has not budged from its nationalist stance.

The interviewer and the person she interviewed talk about the strong-arm tactics the US uses to get what it wants within the vassalage OAS.  Little nations like Haiti are pressured enormously but even little Haiti "abstained" from the high is the degree of resentment against the tyrannical US.

It is this system of global hegemonic vassalage that the US is trying desperately to protect in its recent in the G7 this past weekend and in the upcoming meeting between Trump and Kim.  This system is in danger of collapse, particularly due to Russia and China dropping the petrodollar, forming their own organizations like the SCO and, here is the clincher....winning the arms race.

The analyst being interviewed in the video above mentions that, in addition to Venezuela, there could be two more "populist" [left-wing] government in the OAS soon.  He mentions Mexico, which has a federal election upcoming the first week of July, and Brazil.  Now Brazil has had a lot of chaos lately with some impeachments of leaders on corruption charges [standard methodology for getting rid of populist leaders] but when they have new elections...the people always vote for populists.  And if Brazil votes for another populist...then it will likely revive its dormant membership in the BRICS club run by Russia and China.

Mexico is one country I am watching very closely.  Manuel Obrador is running for president again.  The last time he ran he won by a landslide... which the US overturned by rampant fraud.  More than a million Mexicans demonstrated in the main square of Mexico city for weeks trying to get his election restored...without success.  So this election in Mexico is probably the most important event to take place in the Americas this year...but you won't be hearing about it on the M$M.

So, in summary.  It looks like the West's vassalage tools, their "clubs" like the OAS and the G7 are losing their mojo as individual nations' with their leftist "populist" leaders tire of their vassalage status and attempt to challenge their masters.  Germany's Angela Merkle found the G7 behaviour of Donald Trump "depressing"...but she's lucky....she hasn't burned her bridges with Russia and Trudeau with his Soros sock puppet Freeland has.  You would think that any wise politician would make sure that he has several viable options...should his "Plan A" go sideways.

At the very least, it would appear that Trudeau's "Plan A" [US'S benevolent hegemony] HAS gone sideways.  It would appear that Trump and his Deep State Handlers have decided to "go full OAS" on Canada...threatening, sanctioning and isolating/demonizing it.  According to the video above, the US has even cut Venezuela off of crucial medicines for its people.  Hopefully Canada won't suffer to that extent.  But, in closing, let me say to Justin "Le Dauphin" Trudeau:  It has turned out exactly as I feared and as I have been warning about in my posts.  The US has decided to treat Canada like it has other vassals, like Venezuela and Haiti.  And...YOU DON'T HAVE A PLAN "B".  You should not have dissed Russia and thus denied Canada the option of forming other networks.  Have you LEARNED YOUR LESSON YET?!


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They are all coming un-glued GC...
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