Sunday, June 10, 2018

Family Intervention - Donald, You Need Help!

Family Intervention - Donald, You Need Help!

After I published my post of yesterday assessing what was going on at the G7 meeting...and while I was outside doing a bit of gardening...the SH!T hit the fan vis a vis the gathering.  Trump left the meeting early, got into his "Airforce One" jet to fly to Singapore for the summit with Kim Jong-un.  I guess the altitude must have messed with his brain, because he sent some weird and inflammatory Tweets back to earth...calling Trudeau "weak and dishonourable" for standing up to Trump on trade and tariff issues.  A personal attack because someone doesn't agree with you?  How "presidential" is that?

Trudeau gave a summing up press conference after Trump left and repeated some of the things he told Trump.  Trump had left early.  Was everyone else supposed to fold their tents and leave...because Trump left early?  That's what it sounds like from Trump's Tweets.  He seems to have been ticked off that Trudeau spoke to the press after he (Trump ) left.  So, Trump childishly rescinded the US's signature to the "consensus" press release/joint communique that the G7 had given out after the conference.  Yet another indication that the US does not stand by any of its commitments.  

Then his State Department flunkies followed up this morning with more of the same.  Is this the same guy that the US is sending to a summit meeting with the leader of North Korea?!  Oh, and yes, while in the stratosphere, Donald sent a few more tweets back to earth threatening Kim.  Saying that "Kim has ONE chance for peace!"  You can't make this stuff up.

The photo above should win the "photo of the year" award.  The look on Angela Merkel's face says it all.  And the presence of the "hammer looking for a nail" John Bolton, just over Trump's shoulder is highly significant.  Donald is demented and Bolton is capitalizing on his dementia to push the Deep State hegemonic war-mongering agenda. Because a war is all the United States can afford anymore.  They can't afford to maintain their current standard of living in peace time conditions.  They HAVE to have a war to maintain their economy.  After all...they have all those munitions wasting away in hangers on very expensive military bases set up all over the world.  They have all those soldiers and sailors [particularly in South Korea] just sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

So the G7 turned from being an international economic conference into a Family Intervention. Unfortunately, the intervention failed and....instead of going to rehab...or to an extended care facility...the demented "Twitter addict"...headed off in the family car on another bender.   Does anyone have any serious expectations for a successful outcome to the Kim/Trump summit?


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Hi gc,

looks more like a street gang defection. No familial dimension present in those spiritually vacated DNAsacs!

BTW looking back to your previous I would remark that no matter what one can dig up, the removal of RFK had to be executed to complete the ceremony started with JFK because the USofA corps, despite it's faults, was still not a spiritually bereft space as demanded by the terraformers pre 1968.

Indonesia is next. Just watch.

Penny said...

Greencrow: I think this comment is relevant here as well as a response to your observations at my place- Trump is acting with intention.

PennyJune 11, 2018 at 9:53 AM

hey GC:

I think Trump is a fox

" The individual refered to is not crazy at all, rather cunning (like a fox). Used when one appears to be 'crazy', but is acting with a hidden motive, in a cunning way"

Trumps gunning for a global trade war and he's going to get it- Interest rates up- Inflation up
Profits for bankers as US denominated debt costs more to service- win/win (if you can't extort the people you extort the people via the government)

greencrow said...

It's an interesting conundrum (Is Trump Crazy or R E A L Y smart] historians could be debating it into the next millennium. If he is smart then why is he making such a fool of himself and alienating even his own citizens? Why is he alienating allies when he wants to take on Russia and China. Does he think that the US can take on THE WORLD all by itself? THAT is the question. If he does [think the US can take on and beat the entire world] then ipso facto, he's crazy.

Penny said...

Hey GC: Trump is an actor and he has directors.- Think about it that way.
Is he making a fool of himself? Or does the media want the masses to perceive him in that manner- so when the shit hits the fan we are all caught unaware. Traumatized.
And will believe Trump was so incompetent and it's no one's fault- bull biscuits!

Seriously- A global trade war is being created.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I will agree with you that with Trump there's a certain amount of "Watch Out! He's so crazy you don't know WHAT he'll do--bull in the china shop--aura about him. Everybody has to "walk on eggshells" around him. And, yes, there is a global trade war in the works. The US is floundering's economy has always "capitalized" on preying on the economies of resource rice and militarily vulnerable countries. THAT is exactly why I have always warned on this blog about Canada's extreme the quintessential resource-rich/militarily vulnerable country in the entire world! Did Trudeau/Canada really think that Canada was going to escape this predation?

But, aside from the above and how the Trump dynamic is currently working for the Deep State--his handlers are presumably not standing over him when he's Tweeting in bed in the middle of the night...IMO, this impulsive Tweeting is a symptom of early-stage dementia. It's definitely NOT a reflection of statesmanship or even rational competence.

You're right his nuttiness is currently working for the Deep State but it will likely not always be so.

Anonymous said...

Penny is right
The guy brags about how smart he is
Business worms are shrewd
He is for sure
They know the press analyzes body language
They give you a show so you can gossip
It keeps the sheeple happy
If Russia is so powerful and has North Korea the way we have South
Why is he meeting???
I think mini man looks like he is on an Amerikan diet and maybe he does not like being under Russia's thumb
The way Germany was when Russia controlled one side and Amerika the other
So mini man is giving in because of the???
I can not think of the word they use for banning trade???
Maybe because of all the blockades he is giving in or
the mini man wants to modernize and be normal
He understands what is going on and if he is hanging with Dennis Rodman and looks like he lives on fast food Amerikan style
He wants in
They are gonna take out Trump
I think he is joining the party and maybe tired of Russia??????
Why else would he cave in to our threats????

greencrow said...

Hi Anon:

"... think mini man looks like he is on an Amerikan diet and maybe he does not like being under Russia's thumb."

Who is "mini man"?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry
I was giving the Korean leader a nickname like the Trumpster
He called him rocketman
So I called him mini man
I thought he was shorter????
The Korean leader looks like he has fast food as a diet
Like maybe a Mcdonald's burger and fries
The talking heads say his people are starving
I look at him and see the do as I say not as I do thing going on like most leaders have.
Do as I say
Not as I do
The Korean leader is either under heavy pressure from the battleships and blockades that he is being forced to do this????
Since Russia is his ally???
There would be no reason to meet the Trumpster and bow to our demands??
Unless of course if maybe he does hang with Dennis Rodman and they go to Kentucky fried chicken for a bucket of wings and a good time
I see a leader who wants in
Either because of Amerikan pressure??
He sees what progress is and wants the change??
That is my take
I will call him mohawk dude??
We are all trying to find nicknames for the leaders
You call Trudeau la?????
There you go
Northern uses Drumph
I am sure you get that??
I call it the game of writing or in this case blogging or making opinions
Or call it the art of a soundbite
But since this is not TV and a blog
We shall call it the art of a wordbite