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CawRANT Events #65

CawRANT Events #65

Good morning everybody!  It's grey, rainy Monday morning here on the Wet coast [we finally have some rain after the 'driest May' in recorded history].  I am almost fully recuperated from my exhausting stint of having house guests for three weeks straight during the month of May. However, it will be a while before I'm caught up on my regular activities, including wood carving and some other writing projects I've been trying to accomplish.  I also had a "crisis" where one of my three small dogs, Daisy, broke her left front arm just below the shoulder.  She had to have two operations, the second one was successful in screwing a metal clamp onto the bone.  I won't tell you how much it cost--but I could have had acrylic "hardwood" flooring installed throughout my house for the price.  Drat!  But Daisy's doing very well, thank you. She's now running faster than ever with her "bionic" front leg!

Before I get into my CawRANT Events I have a few minor housekeeping matters to take care of.  First, I've been receiving some e-mails from individuals from Russia sending me invitations to join "Linked-in".  The invitations are in Russian.  Just to remind readers that I do not belong to Face Book, Linked-in, Twitter, Snap-chat or any other of those types of social media.  There's not a day goes by on the Internet that I don't see some story or other that makes me relieved and grateful that I don't have my personal information stolen and sold by those spy-ware programs.

If anyone wants to communicate with me personally, my e-mail address is posted at the top of this blog.  If you don't spam and actually say something relevant and cogent, I may get back to you.  But don't ask me to get myself wrapped up in the tentacles of Linked-in or Facebook...I had a devil of a time extricating myself from that years ago...before I knew any better.

The other thing I want to do is give myself a little pat on the back for successfully identifying the Arkady Babchenko false flag within seconds or minutes of seeing the headlines on the BBC last week.  It's pretty significant...I knew and posted that it was phony but the BBC [aka "Voice of Satan"] did not.  Folks, that tells you a lot about where to go for truth on the Internet.  So, in that spirit...let me get on with my bi-weekly [Gawd willing] CawRANT Events.

Homelessness in Vancouver.

First on the agenda is the growing problem of homelessness all over Western society.  Here in the Vancouver lower mainland...the problem gets exponentially worse every year.  I see in my neighbourhood where official looking signs are going up saying "No Camping, No Squating, No Dumping.  Personal possessions will be confiscated and disposed of"...or words to that effect.  Well, it's about time!  Last summer was a nightmare walking my dogs through the forests and seeing sights similar to the photo below.

Homeless camp in Maple Ridge
just outside Vancouver

Nobody was doing anything about it for half the summer...and then finally the Parks people started to crack down...clearing out the piled-up garbage.   The other day I had a "run in" with a homeless man while walking my two dogs on the local trail that runs by the salmon creek in our neighbourhood.  This tall, scraggly guy appeared to be in his early 40's, very rough looking...was pushing a shopping cart along the trail.  The shopping cart was filled to overflowing with absolute garbage.  It was falling out as he was walking.  There was a mannequin on top of the pile that looked like a young child.  This is what caught my eye at first.  But when I realized it was just a stuffed home-made mannequin...I got mad.

I waited until I was a few feet, a safe distance, in front of him...pulled out my cell phone...turned around and said "If you dump that garbage into the forest, I'm going to call the cops!".  He was shocked but in a few seconds recovered and started shouting "This is not garbage...It is my stuff!  Who are YOU?!  He left his shopping cart and started to walk menacingly towards me.  I quickened my pace and repeated that I was "calling the cops". I rounded a bend in the path...he was out of sight but I could still hear him shouting.  Obviously he has mental health issues...but why is this guy allowed to roam the park pathways...strewing his garbage around?  On my walks I see parents and caregivers with their small children...playing along the river bank.  Sometimes the small children wander off a few feet into the forest...and these guys are squatting there?

IMO, homelessness is the biggest social problem of our century.  Nobody talks about it and nobody does anything about it.  What a waste of humanity!  With increasing automation and the emergence of AI [artificial intelligence] there will be more and more surplus humanity.  We've got to get a handle on it.  This problem is not local it is endemic throughout western society. Some might say that as a former social worker I should feel sorry for these homeless men [YES they are 95% men!] But my experience as a social worker taught me that almost all these men are addicts of one kind or another.  Yes, they might be dual-diagnosed drug addicts and mentally-ill.  But I can assure you...if you give them any money at WILL all go to drugsWhat they need are programs and services.

The Pipeline Bluez

Last week Canada was all in a flap about Prime Minister Trudeau announcing that the Canadian Federal Government had purchased the 1952-built Trans Mountain pipeline for 4.5 billion dollars.  All this taxpayer-funded payout is going to oil oligarchs in Texas.  

There has been a lot of ink spilled and ram taken up in analyzing whether this was a good or a bad deal.  As I said before, Trudeau had boxed himself in with a choice of a few very poor options.  Surprisingly, I believe he made the best choice because now those Texans are off our case.  We had to pay them 4.5 billion to go away.  Hopefully, there will be a lesson learned here somewhere.  The more I read about this project...the more I think the pipeline itself is doomed.

Sock-puppet politicians

Folks, there must be a "finishing school" somewhere to train today's brand of "TV-savvy" politicians.  The two politicians below must have graduated cum laude from the elite Sock Puppet Politicial University with masters in nonsense linquistics.  First we have this guy in the video below. This was the POS who told Russia to "Shut Up and Go Away" when it dared to question the Skripal park bench poisoning caper pulled off by MI6 in April, 2018.

Brit Politician shows how much scorn
the public are held in by the elite
puppets and their masters/handlers.

But don't think for a moment that this guy is unique in his disgraceful blowing off of the electorate...Here in Canada we have 'le dauphin' - Trudeau who behaves exactly the same way in Parliament much of the time when he's called to account.   Here is just one example:

Trudeau keeps repeating the same BS
in the face of significant questions posed
by opposition in Cdn Parliament

Right now, Trudeau is feigning anger at the United States for levying tariffs on Canadian products and for dragging its feet on NAFTA.  Don't let those dark, furrowed brows fool you folks...he's just waiting for his instructions...because he HAS NO PLAN OF HIS OWN!

Mexico, on the other hand seems to be coming up with a plan to defend itself from the NAU predator: 

Outcome of July 1st Election in Mexico Could Result in Turning Mexico into Another Venezuela. / Build The Wall NOW
Well, until this morning, I didn't even know that Mexico was going to have a Federal election on July 1st.  Did YOU?!  That's how well our M$M "protects" us from "harmful" information.  As I said in my last post...the most effective weapon system that the West has in its arsenal is its "anti-Information Defense System" operated by the M$M.  This is the journalistic equivalent of Russia's S-400 anti-Missile Defense System.  It totally prevents truthful and useful information from reaching the Western population. Please read the following report from about the upcoming Mexican election and I will have more comments to follow:


Andrés Manuel López Obrador is America’s worst nightmare

If the candidate better known as AMLO wins Mexico’s July 1 presidential election, we are in big trouble. Obrador’s populist agenda worries economic experts at home and abroad. They paint him as a Hugo Chávez-style authoritarian “tropical messiah” who could turn Mexico into another Venezuela.

He wants to:

Make Mexico self-sufficient on staples like corn, beans and beef, which would hurt American farmers and cattle ranchers. In 2017, U.S. agricultural exports to Mexico reached $18.6 billion, including other products such as soybeans, dairy, pork and beef, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Propose a referendum on energy reform and has hinted at possibly canceling oil contracts with foreign companies. Financial markets tumbled, for instance, after he threatened to halt a landmark energy reform and end a $13.3 billion airport project, noted Marco Lopez, a Phoenix-based expert on the Mexican political and business sector.

Cut wages for high-ranking officials while increasing those of low-income workers.

Offer amnesty for criminals whose drug war has left more than 100,000 dead since 2006.

Eliminate college admission exams and provide scholarships to all low-income students, as well as double senior citizens and retiree pensions.

And if a President Obrador fails, as experts predict, that could mean only one thing: A wave of Mexicans heading north to cross to the United States – with or without Trump’s border wall."


Just a quick heads up about Mexican Presidential candidate Manuel Obrador.  This is the same Obrador that ran in the Mexican presidential election held in 2006.  It was after this (s)election that there was a near revolution in Mexico because Mexicans thought ...well, actually they KNEW that there had been massive vote fraud and vote rigging and that Obrador, who should have won by a landslide, lost the election narrowly.

This is the same Obrador that millions of Mexicans rallied in support of in the main square of Mexico City for weeks...and weeks...trying to get the election results overturned and/or no avail.  If Obrador had been allowed to take office as he was entitled to do...would the drug nightmare that has enveloped Mexico be still going on?  I wonder.  And I wonder if the same perps ("the usual suspects") will rig the election again this July?  Is this why Trump's dragging his feet on NAFTA?  Stay tuned for more information ...but don't expect to read anything about Obrador or his platform in the M$ are being "protected" from such harmful information.

Speaking of "dangerously effective leadership"...I saw in the BBC news yesterday that:
"Syria's President Assad 'to visit North Korea'

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad plans to make a state visit to North Korea, the North's state news agency says.

It would be the first time North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has hosted a head of state since assuming power in 2011.

He has undertaken a flurry of diplomatic activity recently, meeting China's president in May, and is expected to attend a summit with Donald Trump this month.

Syria, an ally of the North, has made no comment on the reported plan."


Greencrow says: If this meeting does take place you certainly won't hear about it until Assad is safely back in his own country.  I read in the US media yesterday that an American woman met personally with President Donald Trump.  Apparently, she was one of a group of family members of some victims of some sort...can't remember the details.  Anyway, she described the group's conversation with Trump as like "talking to a toddler".  She said he used the same informal, colloquial expressions over and over.  Lol...wonder how Kim Jung UN will get along with Trump at their June 12th meeting in Singapore.

If you look at the dynamics between North and South Korea...Trump and the USrael Deep State have very few options to prevent a North and South Korean Unification.  Again, the West has been checkmated by Russia/Putin, this time in conjunction with China.  Like I've said before...those thousands and thousands of US troops located in numerous longstanding military bases in South Korea are going to be gradually isolated and cut off from any legitimate military and/or political purpose....Particularly if North Korea gets some S-400's - [just thought I'd throw that in there ; )]

Meanwhile, Donald Trump sits in the White house and picks the lint out of his bellybutton, holds it up to the light and examines it with fascination.

Before I sign off on this CawRANT Event...I'd just like to mention that Julian Assange seems to have been somewhat abandoned by the alternative media that relished all his Wikileak exposes.  Don't really know what is going on with Equador and their London embassy...but hope Assange does not come to harm.  I will be watching developments and reporting on them as they happen.

Until then, and until my next CawRANT events...Bye for now.

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