Friday, June 1, 2018

Canadian Sovereignty Down the Swirly, or Up In Smoke? -- Trump Tightens NAU Straightjacket

Proposed North American Union Flag

I almost felt sorry for him.  Watching Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, looking dashingly wounded, eyebrows crinkled in pain as he spoke before the TV cameras yesterday about how Trump had surprised and shocked him by slapping tariffs on steel.  How mean was that? he asked, after Canada had fought shoulder-to shoulder beside the US in two world wars, had joined them in NORAD and NATO and, saddest of all, had "helped" out the United States after it was savagely "attacked on 9/11". 

Did I say "almost"?  Well, in actual fact I did not feel sorry for him at the position he's in, with the information he has...particularly the background information he has been immersed in since the cradle.  Le Dauphin should know by now that the United States can no more be expected to "remember" all the favours and collegiality that other nations have bestowed on it than a hungry cougar can be emotionally moved to resist attacking a little puppy it sees being walked along a forest trail.

In actual fact, wildlife officials here in my own neighbourhood had to put down two cougars yesterday who were posing a threat to people in the community.  Cougars are predators and it's just the "nature of the beast".  The United States of America is an economic and hegemonic predator and it is just the nature of that beast to prey on all resource rich but militarily vulnerable's just the nature of that beast!  If you don't believe me, Justin, just ask Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., etc., etc.

I have been talking about the threat to Canada coming from south of the border for decades now...actually almost all my life.  I have seen them aggressively attack our economy routinely over the decades...the Avro Arrow sabotage of our emerging military jet industry was the first that I can recall.  Lumber wars?  They've been going on for decades.  The steel and auto industries?  Same thing.  Everybody with half a brain cell can recall those episodes that are like threads weaving and criss-crossing throughout our joint history.

But what most Canadians [and it would appear that Justin is amongst this sad majority] don't hear or can't fathom or factor into the equation is the constant drum-beat that goes along with all these "transitory" trade wars.  The drumbeat has been relentless and it is a two word drum beat "Manifest Destiny...Manifest Destiny...Manifest Destiny!

The United States believes it is inherently entitled to all of the North American Continent...including Canada and Mexico.  As I often quote on this blog...I once had a discussion on the NYT forums back in the early 2000's [when the NYT actually HAD genuine discussion forums] with an American who I was quite collegial with most of the time.  One time we were on the subject of US/Canada relations and he told me quite frankly that "Canada was just the United State's back yard that hasn't been landscaped yet".  I already knew that this was the way most Americans felt but had never heard it stated quite so succinctly.  I never forgot that statement...and it has guided my relationships with Americans ever since.

Because, if I have a Achilles' is the sad fact that I love this country...passionately.  When I was 21 years old it was l967.  This year was Canada's Centennial.  100 years as a nation.  There was the big Expo '67 in Montreal.  I was living in Montreal, attending art school at the time.  Full of youthful enthusiasm...I bought holus bolus into the nationalist fervor sweeping the country.  Pierre Trudeau, Justin's father, was Prime Minister.  Everyone was caught up in "Trudeaumania".  There was a new spirit that Canadians felt because we surprisingly were gifted with a leader who imbued confidence and who had the respect of other leaders in the world.  He was able to convey to Canadians a sense of great potential in our future.  So, in the fall of 1967 I quit art school, left Montreal and travelled by train all across Canada to British Columbia.  I was alone, I didn't know a soul in British Columbia...but I wanted to see this huge country that I called home.  It was while travelling across this land, sitting up 24/7 [I couldn't afford to buy a berth on the train] that I fell deeply and irrevocably in love with this country.  The enormity, the lush, solemn endless forests, the equally endless golden prairies, the stunning Rockies...I was young and all this was mine!

Well, if something appears too good to be true....

In all the years since, I have had my face rubbed in the fact that this country is not "all mine"...Another, huge and menacing force believes it to be theirs.  Sadly, that has not diminished the love that I feel for this land...and the efforts that I have made and will continue to make to defend it from those who would take it from me....and from all Canadians.

Ultimately, and fundamentally, that is the reason that I write this blog.  This is my way of "Standing on Guard for Thee [Canada]".  That is why I will continue to write about the biggest threat to the Nation of Canada that I fell in love with in 1967....The United States of America...or, as I now call it, "Usrael".

Canada is a "security threat"--so the US tells Trudeau in levying the tariffs.  Well, I suppose in one way, some Canadians [like myself, as an example] ARE security threats to the globalist hegemonic wet dream of the United States to absorb Canada and Mexico into a "North American Union".

Justin's Pipeline Dream "Up In Smoke"

Justin is way tooooooooo late in his very recent decision to levy tariffs on the US as a "countermeasure".  Helloooooo.  Does he not see what that will do?  It will just justify future "sanctions" that the US will impose on Canada...that is what the US does all over the world when a prey tries to fight back.  Why doesn't he simply review what has gone on vis a vis Iran over the past five decades or more?  It's like a cat playing with a mouse...or a cougar playing with a puppy.  Canada has no chance against the behemoth predator.

Trade War and the Nationalist Exchange: Trudeau Trails Trump

And don't imagine or try to rationalize that it is Trump's fault.  This agenda has been in the works for decades...nay, centuries.  No matter what individual is US President...the song remains the same....the drumbeat remains the same...."Manifest Destiny."

In my humble opinion there is and always has been only one way to save Canada from being absorbed into a North American Union handbasket to hell.  That is by Canada forging an alliance with an equal force to the US.  THAT is why I've always spoken out in disgust when Le Dauphin short-sightedly disses Russia.  Don't Trudeau and his administration read history?  Why was Canada allowed to exist in the first place????  It was because we were protected by the then independent empire of Great Britain.  That is the ONLY reason.  We were a colony of Great Britain and part of its empire.  Then, in the months following the end of WWII, the leaders of Great Britain, the USSR, The USA , met for a couple of big meetings and divvied up the world.  Yes, that's what those meetings were all about.  Unbenownst to Canada's leaders at the time...Canada was "given" to the United States.

Great Britain promised the US that it would take a "hands off" approach to Canada in return for unknown [by me] favours.  Of would be a veeerrrryy gradual as not to wake up the Canadian sheeple.  And so it has slowly evolved ever since.

It is probably too late for Trudeau to grow a spine AND a brain--and start to initiate positive foreign relationships with powerful nations that could possibly act as protectors of Canada...but is it worth a try?  Other countries have done it.  Why in the world have Iran, Syria, North Korea and other countries cozied up to Russia????  Hellooooo....Use your head, Trudeau! Is forging some sort of Détente with Russia--say over northern development of both our countries--worth the very belated effort to preserve the nation that I know and love?  Canada????

Of course...the danger with this is that such an initiative would trigger the automatic, predatory "security risk"  fight/attack reflex in USrael.


Penny said...

Greencrow- Sadly, I see the only way out of this being the 'official' recognition of the North American's been the plan and this trade war maybe the straw that breaks the camel's back or finally destroys the borders once and for all between the three nations

Reading between the lines said...

So very,very well said and my dido thoughts .

greencrow said...


You're right. Nobody is talking about "the elephant in the room" - the North American Union. There's a reason for's called "keeping the sheeple asleep and in the dark. Do you agree that the only possible escape is forging a protective relationship with Russia/China and all the risks that entails?

greencrow said...


Thanks for the comment...I write for readers like YOU!

Penny said...

"Do you agree that the only possible escape is forging a protective relationship with Russia/China and all the risks that entails?"

Years ago, I'd done a post to that effect that if we were looking for a more legitimate trade partner it should have been Russia. We actually as a nation have more in common with them.. climate- hockey- energy- large land mass/smaller populace. technology is making the Arctic circle passable it's not AGW-

Trade with Russia would have given us access to Europe as well-

Instead we have that which we have now- :(

Not sure about the protective part because really we could do our own protection if we weren't supporting NATO

Reading between the lines said...

If I may leave a comment for Penny .I personally do not believe that we need to fear a a trade / economic and for that matter a social relationship with Russia .Russia is under new management since Vladimir Putin took the responsibility of governance of his country and he has done extremely well while making friends with anyone that wanted same and has few enemies outside of the terrorists that fought on Russian soil and in Syria .
Both Canada and Russia being Northern nations ,I have always wondered why a rapprochement was never initiated before given recent developments in trade relationships with the US,which are very sour to be sure ,it is timely.
On another note , this just in:

james@wpc said...

Also, from your sidebar (Uprooted Palestinians), Greencrow, is an article that originally comes from Middle East Eye and includes the same thinking from Saudi Arabia directed at Qatar about those same S400's -

"Saudi Arabia "would be ready to take all necessary measures to eliminate this defence system, including military action," the newspaper (Le Monde) wrote.

Ah, the stupidity of psychopaths!

greencrow said...

Hi James:

What I didn't say...because I can't support it with a that I firmly suspect that many, many countries are negotiating with Russia under the radar [pun intended] to buy the S-400 and other new Russian the S-57 jets.

This is the way the world turns. And another thing...why on earth do you think Netanyahoo made a couple of trips to visit Putin lately? He's most likely trying to get some of the weaponry too...dontchaknow.