Sunday, May 27, 2018

White Trash in the White House

Trump's letter to Kim [proof-read/edited version]

Trump recently telling press that meeting may still be "on" because "Everyone plays games."

Trump:  "Everybody Plays Games"
When Asked Why He Wrote Formal
Letter Cancelling Meeting with NK

Back in the 1800's nobody would have guessed that a member of the "white trash" lower social class of America would one day become president and take up residence in "The White House".  Here is a snippet from the description/definition of "white trash" that appears in Wikipedia:

"...The label signifies lower social class inside the white population and especially a degraded standard of living. The term has been adopted for people living on the fringes of the social order, who are seen as dangerous because they may be criminal, unpredictable, and without respect for political, legal, or moral authority.[1] The term is usually a racial slur,[2] but may also be used self-referentially by working class whites to jokingly describe their origins or lifestyle....."white trash" – and the modern term "trailer trash" – emphasizes the person's moral failings...."[8]"

Wikipedia calls this photo "The 10,000 hookworm family"
This poor white family from Alabama was presented in 1913 as "celebrities" because they had escaped the debilitating effects of hookworm disease, which, along with pellagra was endemic among Southern "white trash" due to poor sanitation and the phenomenon of "clay eating" (geophagia).

Even though former "reality TV star" and real estate developer Donald J. Trump is ostensibly a multibillionaire...he still qualifies as "white trash" according to the above Wikipedia definition...particularly vis a vis his "moral failings".

I say "ostensibly a multibillionaire" because in actual fact, Trump has declared bankruptcy several times It is only due to his prostrate abeyance to his Jewish bankster overlords that he has any money at all.  When Trump was running for president I supported his candidacy over Hilary Clinton.  I wrote numerous posts pleading his case before the American voters.  Why?  Because for them it was a choice between being swiftly shot by a military firing squad...or being drawn and quartered by a medieval torture team.  In other was not a choice at all...but merely a variation in methodologies.

Additionally, I reasoned that Trump had never [to my knowledge at least] killed anyone.  Even though he had been involved in numerous crooked real estate deals and was associated with known pedophiles and had even travelled on convicted felon Jeffery Epstein's infamous "Lolita Express" jet to Epstein's Caribbean island where the likes of Bill Clinton and others had indulged their pedophilic proclivities...Trump had no blood on his hands...yet.  That was soon rectified when, shortly after his installation in the White House... he ordered the bombing of a Syrian military base as after-dinner entertainment for his house guest...the President of China.  The moment I heard about this murder [at least eight Syrian soldiers were killed] I dropped any and all support of Trump.  From then on I dismissed anything he said to the point of never watching him speak "live" on TV again.  I also quietly hoped he would be pressured out of office by his enemies...something that seemed likely at one point...but less likely now that he has gone entirely "over to the dark side".

Ever since Trump came to office he has dragged down the historic reputation of The White House and his predecessors with his crass and undiplomatic "Tweets" and by "virtue" of past women-groping skeletons that have come tumbling out of his closet.  He has rendered his immediate predecessors, Bush Jr and Obama, by comparison into virtual intellectual giants--due to his inability to string a literate paragraph together.

In this latest episode...where Trump set up and then abruptly cancelled [without notifying vassal state South Korea] a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un...Trump has made a mockery of the office of the Presidency and the American seat of government administration known as "The White House".  Using White House stationery, he wrote a bellicose, semi-literate diatribe to the leader of North Korea...threatening Kim with his "massive" nuclear arsenal and cancelling the meeting for....what?  For using "hostile" language in response to the US's own hostile threat to turn North Korea into another "Libya".

It is not rocket science to figure out the likely back story to this latest Trump diplomatic fiascoTrump is being jerked around by his Jewish handlers, who don't want to lose the Korean peninsula as a potential WWIII battlefield.  They particularly don't want South Korea to dig itself out from under its perpetual state of US military occupation and political vassalage.  They don't want North and South Korea to unify [as the populations of both those countries desperately want] and thus be in a position to join in the massive pipeline and trade initiatives offered to them by neighbouring emerging empires of Russia and China.

So, newly appointed National Security Advisor John Bolton and his ilk pressured, bullied and threatened Trump into writing the impetuous, stupid and infantile letter.  With two camps of the US deep state whipsawing him back and forth....particularly in the middle of the night when he's in his "Twitter" Zombie-like state...Trump doesn't know whether to sh!t or go blind from one moment to the other.  The primitive part of his brain just reflexively knows that if he keeps both camps off guard and not knowing his next move...he just might survive for ONE MORE DAY.  That has been the crisis mode he's been operating in ever since January, 2017.

So that is why the ["rich"?] white trash, after a day or so of bullying by Bolton, probably wrote the pathetic, semi-literate letter.  He snuck down to the presidential office from his personal quarters in the middle of the night...downloaded "The White House" stationery from his administrative assistant's computer and banged out his Twitteresque scribbles onto it...and sent it out in impulsive heat...without re-reading it even once.

Then, the next day when the President of South Korea telephoned him to ask why he had not even been copied....and then South Korean President Moon proceeded to reduce the US to irrelevancy by meeting with Kim himself...Trump had a palm to forehead moment.  He went into "baffle 'em with bullsh!t mode". He appeared before the press corp on the White House lawn, helicopter revving in the background...and clumsily moonwalked back from the idiotic letter..."Everybody plays games."

The sad truth is that "the games" continue.  In fact, there is nothing BUT games coming out of The Trump White House now.  Nothing can be counted on.  It is All fakery, mockery, trickery, white trashery. Lies compounding lies.

And now it appears that the meeting between Trump and Kim is back on...only because it is now irrelevant.  Trump's nonsense has given South Korea's Moon a precious gift...a unique window of opportunity to fill the diplomatic and foreign policy vacuum left by the United States' reliance on "one-trick-pony thugishness and threats".  In this day of major "New Silk Road" and BRI [Belt and Road Initiative] low level, white trash, thugishness, illegally imposed sanctions and military threats no longer cut it.

Dreams of a prosperous, peaceful future along with political maturity, reliability, honest "win win" negotiation and political class...are the bait that China and Russia are using to lure American vassals, one by one, away from their chains of military occupation, threats, political/economic instability and isolation.  As my mother used to tell me:  "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar".  This is the homespun truism that even "white trash" should be able to understand.


james@wpc said...

Hi GC,
That is one poorly written letter. My first thought was that maybe Bolton had written it but then quickly realised that Bolton is illiterate.

I was puzzled why South Korea's Moon would meet with Kim and then participate in military exercises off the coast of North Korea. The answer is that the military forces of South Korea are controlled by the US. A US general is in ultimate control of the show. South Korea has been trying to change this situation for decades - lots of promises but no action from the US. No surprises there!

Here is an establishment view of the situation and its history. Quite a bit of gobbledygook but the important points are that the top-dog in this military hierarchy is a US general and that South and North Korea are technically still at war.

And now for some real history concerning the Korean War
James Corbett interviews James Perloff on Korea

After hearing this, you could be forgiven for thinking that the US will never leave Korea (of their own accord) nor ever seriously sue for peace.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

As per usual, you contribute a crucial perspective to the discussion. The US as it is currently constituted can NEVER leave South Korea. Only when Americans rise up and defeat/toss out their Ziofascist overlords...will the US be able to shuck off the hegemonic albatross weighing on its shoulders.

Penny said...

I find Trump to be somewhat of a replay on GW Bush.
Without the 'aw shucks'
Rather with a sort of appeal to those that are more starstruck with celebrity and gaudy wealth and it's trappings. Which explains his win on a broader scale.

Anonymous said...

I guess this mean I can be the prez
Anyone want to elect me????
He is right
Everyone does play games
Political people are always playing games when it is time for voting
The higher ups like to play games with there psychotic pawns by putting them in a theater of operation while they strategize behind closed doors
Relationship games are the sickest
That could be an essay on why people are separated or alone or in court
Woman are taught in magazines on how to play relationship games
I have some deep thoughts on that
I would be flying higher than Greencrow if I decided to type away
But not now
A priest once said to me
Life is a game and people play it
I was a young 20 or thirty year old
I laughed and said
I am out then
He was a friend of the family
I think Trump's game
This is conspiracy now
He thought they would take him out so he got cold feet
I read they said that about the Korean leader and I flipped it and said maybe Trump is getting scared
Conspiracy number two
He was checking to see if the Korean leader was serious so he played his little
I am not coming
How bad you want me
That is a classic female/male relationship game
I guess that is it
Anyone want to grade my thoughts and elect me the prez???
I am flying higher than Greencrow today and I did not even inhale
rrrrrrr rrrrrrrr crow sound out to the greenster
rrrr rrrrrr
And on Penny's thoughts
She is right
The Bushwacker made gas prices soar
The Trumptoid has also made them soar
The Bushwacker was declaring war
The Trumptoid is waving his dagger bragging about a bigger better military
I say
Great he has more pawns and another generation of disabled heroes
Under the Bushwacker
Lots of crazy destructive weather
Under the Trumptoid
There has been crazy and destructive weather
If there is any such thing as weather warfare???
Just like under the Bushwacker
This country is under attack again