Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trump Wimps Out of Meeting With North Korean Leader

Trump and Kim

According to the BBC

Trump cancels Kim summit amid North Korea 'hostility'

Basically, what happened here is Trump has abdicated from the Presidency of USrael.  The job description of the position of President includes as a priority: "Meeting with Foreign Leaders and developing policy and agreements with same".

Keep in mind, Trump [this time] did not back out of an agreement...he backed out of a meeting for the purpose of exploring whether or not any agreement could be reached.  How pathetic is that?  He can't even MEET with a foreign leader????  Moon of Alabama in his post of this morning, goes into detail on why Trump cancelled the meeting.

So, Trump insulted Kim "Rocket Man, etc." then Kim insulted Trump...then a meeting was arranged.  Then Trump insulted Kim "Libya model" and Kim insulted Trump [Pence is "stupid"] then Trump cancelled the meeting...using the latest insult as a pretext.

The real reason, as I explored in a recent post is that Trump is totally incapable of reaching an agreement with anyone.  He's not even mandated to reach an agreement with, say "The Marshall Islands", "Palau" or, say "Canada" [all countries with the same amount of international clout].

But the good news is that now North Korea is free to pursue its ongoing détente with South Korea...minus having to take into consideration the "elephant in the living room" i.e., the several huge US military bases located in South Korea.  Both North and South Korea can continue to real leaders do....and formulate a unification agreement.  This agreement will be mentored and fostered by their neighbours in the region...China and Russia. This mentorship has been going on for some months now...ever since a delegation of North Korean leaders met with Putin in Moscow last September.

So, without any further ado, North and South Korea will become the populations of both countries desperately want...and North Korea will be involved in the trade and pipeline routes that are planned for the area.  North Korea's trove of "rare earth metals" will then be at the disposal of China and Russia....not USrael.

The USrael military bases will become cut off from the blood flow of purpose or legitimacy and the gangrenous appendages on the body of South Korea that they already are--these decaying relics of the Korean War will become so putrefied that eventually they will just fall off.  That's the future of the area.

That is....unless...wait for it.....USrael can start a war in the region.  Due to the abdication of any legitimate mentioned in the first paragraph of this post...the inmates now running the asylum--like John Bolton--are more likely than ever to do just that.  False Flags R US!

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Reading between the lines said...

I am not surprised at all .Bolton visits NK and basically threatens Kim that he will be Qaddafied if he does not sign a deal that is good for Usreal . China and Russia will be much better neighbors and who needs Usreal anyway .