Sunday, May 6, 2018

Putin Gobsmacks the World by Inviting Netanyahu to Victory Day Parade Celebrations in Moscow

Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu

You have to hand it to the Grand Chess Master! Just when you think you know what he's gonna do next...Russian President Vladimir Putin gobsmacks you with a totally unexpected stereotype-busting decision.  Such is the case today when the Kremlin announced that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be the guest of honour at the annual Russian Victory Day celebratory parade in Moscow.

Please read the following snippet from The Duran's report by Alexander Mercouris and I will have more comments to follow:

Israel's Netanyahu to be guest of honour at Russia’s Victory Day Celebration

Major summit meeting between Russian and Israeli leaders against background of Russia’s 9th May Victory Day Celebration is planned

The Russian government has confirmed that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has been invited to attend Russia’s forthcoming 9th May Victory Day Celebration as the guest of honour. He will also hold high level talks with the Russian government and with President Putin.

The Kremlin’s website has published a statement to that effect

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu will make a working visit to Moscow on May 9. He has been invited to attend a military parade marking the 73rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Mr Netanyahu will also hold talks with President Vladimir Putin.

Suffice to say that guests who have previously been invited to attend the Celebration include President Xi Jinping of China (who attended the crucially important 70th anniversary celebration in 2015), Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and Prime Minister Tsipras of Greece (the latter caused serious offence by failing to turn up)...."


I can just imagine, the Western so-called "leaders" peeing in their pants at this virtual diplomatic "knee-capping" of their co-ordinated effort to relentlessly bait, hound and isolate Russia.  Russia, being the designated "enemy du Jour" of the Military Industrial Complex...the "bete noire", the scapegoat.  NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO EVER GO THERE! Dontchaknow.  In fact, the last minute details of the next False Flag, aimed at derailing the Russian World Cup, are probably being finalized in some bunker deep in the hills of West Virginia as I type.

What a laugh!!!  Can you imagine Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau scratching his head and thinking..."But, I specifically selected as a foreign minister someone who Can't even go to Russia...and now The Deep State frontman, the object of my abject supplication, the Prime Minister of Israel is going there as a special guest.  I [Trudeau] have never been there... and I was instrumental in getting Russia kicked out of the G8--so he couldn't attend any of those useless schmooze fests."  Frankly, Trudeau and his ilk in the "Five Eyes" probably don't know whether to "Sh!t or go blind" at this newz.

After all the efforts of the West Anglo-Zionists to foment never-ending war in the Middle East...  Wouldn't it be amazing if Putin could make Netanyahu an "offer he couldn't refuse" perhaps focussing on the box Israel has got itself into re Palestine... resulting in "peace in our time"?  Well, those in the know are aware that it was actually Putin who masterminded the North/South Korea Olympian Unification Initiative. So it would not surprise me in the least if Putin has a similar genius peace plot for the Middle East!!!

Don't want to get ahead of myself here.  There's a lot of water that needs to flow under this bridge...but the possibilities are endless.... and earthshaking.  Hey, it might even win Putin a Nobel Prize. Naw....that would be waaaaaaay too much to ask!


Anonymous said...

Discussion on Sic Semper Tyrannis 15 comments
Israel doesn't like the the S-300
Valissa Rauhallinen
Valissa Rauhallinen 7 hours ago
Good overview of Israeli-Russian relations in this piece by Alexander Mercouris.
Israel’s Netanyahu to be guest of honour at Russia’s Victory Day Celebration
Russia’s invitation to the Israeli leader will come as a surprise to many people given the recent tensions between Russia and Israel over Syria and Iran. In reality an invitation to Israel’s leader is an obvious gesture in a celebration of Russia’s Victory over Nazism, with Russia and the Jewish State having not only a shared history of suffering and struggle against Nazism, but also a commonality of interest in opposing Nazism’s recurring manifestations today. Relations between Russia and Israel continue to be the subject of much misunderstanding. …
I have previously discussed all this at length, and have explained that so long as Israel does not cross Russia’s red lines by launching strikes against Syria which call into question the existence of the Syrian government or which interfere in the conduct of the Syrian army’s operations against the Jihadi terrorists the Syrian government is fighting, then Russia – which is not a party to the Arab-Israeli conflict or to the state of war between Israel and Syria which has existed since 1948 – will not involve itself in them. All this was hammered out and agreed between Russia and Israel over the course of a summit meeting between President Putin and Prime Minister Netanyahu and their respective military chiefs in Moscow on 21st September 2015, shortly after Russian military operations in Syria began. …
Precisely because the supply of S-300 anti aircraft systems to Syria has the potential to disrupt Russia’s otherwise excellent relations with Israel – and given that the US strike on Syria was completely ineffective – I personally doubt the supply of S-300 anti aircraft systems to Syria will take place. However if it does take place then I expect the Russians to be at pains to assure the Israelis that Russia will maintain operation control over the S-300 in order to ensure that they are not used to threaten Israel’s air force or to affect its operations. …
Perhaps the trade-off will be Israel’s agreement to the supply by Russia of S-300 anti aircraft systems to Syria in return for assurances by Russia that Russia will take steps (1) to ensure that these systems are not used against Israeli aircraft; and (2) that it will rein in the deployment of Iranian air defence systems in Syria which Netanyahu says are posing a threat to Israel’s aircraft.
It will be interesting to see how Putin balances his relationship with Netanyahu versus his alliance with Iran. I did not realize until reading this article that Israel has not piled on to the Western sanctions against Russia. A delicate dance indeed, but I expect Putin & co. are clever enough to make it work. Will Netanyahu be able to convince Russia not to deploy the S-300, or to limit it's deployment?
Putin understands diplomacy, so I expect he will at least make some sort of minimal agreement to help Netanyahu save face.
Are there any betting websites with odds on this?

greencrow said...

Interesting how Putin can balance between Iran and's been a VERY long time since we've seen a world leader with that degree of diplomatic acumen.

MachtNichts said...

"In reality an invitation to Israel's leader is an obvious gesture in a celebration of Russia's victory over nazism, with Russia and the Jewish state having not only a shared history of suffering and struggling against nazism, but also a commonality of interest in opposing nazism's recurring manifestations today."

Hmm, to my knowledge, the Jewish state did not exist during the time of National Socialism in Germany. It was established in 1948 after all the big, bad nazis were gone. Either killed after the Nuremberg trials or accepted with open arms in the US of A.

The only contemporary manifestation of the so-called nazis, I can see, happens to be in Israel, if you follow this kind of reasoning.

The criminal, apartheid state of Israel is sucking up to whoever it can to fight their wars for them, unless they can blackmail everyone like the American congress. I doubt they have any dirt on Putin, so they need to negotiate. We'll see how that turns out.

tsisageya said...

Well, naw. It doesn't gobsmack me. It actually seems par for the course, whatever that means.