Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Environmental Blackmail

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in Vancouver
on Monday, April 30, 2018.

Anyone who has followed geopolitics over the last couple of decades will tell you that overall it has been a sad story of the rule of law--local, national and international--being replaced by the "law of the fittest' i.e., the "Law of the Jungle".  The systems of law devised over millennia...have gradually been replaced by brute force...mostly exemplified in that age old tactic--Blackmail.  Observers can reduce just about any conflict, anywhere in the world...from over-your-back-fence to Netanyahu's power point diatribe presented from his bunker in Tel Aviv...to blackmail.  Blackmail is always based on lies...or "selective truth/fact omission".

In the case at hand, I'm thinking of the blackmail being used against the citizens of the Canadian province of British Columbia.  This happens to be my home province, so I'm familiar with the details of this ongoing blackmail by the big oil companies [who operate hand-in-glove with the international banksters] and their craven puppets--the federal politicians--like the one in the photo above.  Please read the following report about Justin Trudeau's recent blackmail-laced speech in Vancouver yesterday and I will have more comments to follow:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pointed to the Vancouver region’s record-high gasoline prices Monday as he defended the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.
Mr. Trudeau was in Vancouver for an announcement related to a new Amazon office at a time when gas prices exceeded $1.60 per litre in the region – the highest prices of any major city in North America.
“I know that part of the challenge that folks across the Lower Mainland and B.C. are facing right now is related to the fact that we are connected so closely to the U.S. market and to what happens in the United States,” Mr. Trudeau said.
He suggested the expanded pipeline could ease those pressures by opening up Canada’s oil to new markets while reducing dependency on the United States.
“Canada currently ships oil only to the United States and loses about $15-billion annually by not exporting it to other markets through an expanded pipeline.”
The federal government, which approved Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion in 2016, has argued the project is in the national interest to open up Canadian oil to overseas markets. Mr. Trudeau’s visit to Vancouver comes amid an increasingly tense fight between B.C., Alberta and Ottawa over the fate of the project.

Yes, gas prices are the highest ever in BC, and even in North America.  Just south of the border in Washington state, they're much lower. In neighbouring province of Alberta they're much lower.  Even if you drive down the highway to the Fraser Valley, they're at least ten cents lower in Chilliwack.  Vancouver is being punished.  Why?  Because our provincial government is supporting those Vancouverites who live in the Burnaby area of the city.  These folks do not want the Transmountain pipeline being tripled...thus putting an entire mountainside of homes at risk of a gas/oil pipeline rupture.  The City of Vancouver does not want all the heavy oil tanker traffic clogging up the waterways--with a risk of oil spills.

Alberta wants to triple the pipeline to increase its profits...or, rather the big oil corporations/banksters hiding behind the Province of Alberta...and using an inter-provincial conflict to impose their will...want to increase profits of an energy source (oil) that will soon be replaced by alternative energy sources anyway [see also, e.g., Tesla].

The trouble with all of this is that British Columbians and Vancouverites have been through this blackmail game before.  Just before the invasion of Iraq by USrael...back in the early 2000's, there was a huge anti-war movement in Vancouver.  I know because I was part of it...and marched with tens of thousands of fellow Vancouverites through the streets of Vancouver, demonstrating against the war.  Coinkydinkally, gas prices were at an all time high at the very same time as the demonstrations against going into Iraq and stealing their oil.

Many of the signs carried by protesters in those demonstrations read "NO WAR FOR OIL!" So, we've been through this before.  In fact, ever since those days...when I first noted the synchronicity between gas prices and conflict between environmentalists/BIG OIL...I have watched the newz during gas price hikes.  Invariably, there has been a gonnection between raising gas prices and the PTB trying to impose some pro-oil/corporatist/bankster-related policy.

Funny, even with all the sheepilism in the Vancouver Lower mainland...I do believe others have cottoned on to the blackmail.  Now, when the topic of rising, exhorbitant gas prices comes up...in the pub or coffee shops where people gather...people just smile knowingly and shake their heads.  Nobody wants to talk about it... for fear of being accused of "tinfoilhatism" but there's a suspicion hanging in the air that we're being blackmailed....that powerful forces are attempting to do an end run around the legal system in place to settle such matters.  This suspicion is heightened when someone of the ilk of "Le Dauphin" comes to town and basically spells out the blackmail... as he did in the quote above.  It's not rocket science.

Still, the local corporatist newzpapers try to explain the gouging oil prices in pseudo-economic terms...like locally imposed taxes and "market malfunction".  lol.  As if THAT would explain the timeline and synchronicity of the blackmail and gouging.  We DO get the message guys.  We know you're blackmailing and bullying us.  But, for the most part, we don't care.  We all have million dollar homes...and we're doing well in an exploding economy...as evidenced in the recent Amazon decision to open a huge "office" here and hire 3,000 workers. We want to control our own environment and make decisions that will protect it into the future.  So, we can afford to pay a few more dollarz at the pump.  Bring it on, @$$holez!


gracie said...

I watched that little prick Trudeau's statements on the news last night too. There is absolutely no other reason for the high gas prices, its obvious they're blackmailing us. The oil companies act in unison when they raise and lower prices at the pump, jacking up the prices as "incentive" is child's play to them especially when abetted by the Canadian government.

greencrow said...

Hi Gracie:

Thanks for your very eloquent comment. The price gouge only hurts the "little man". All their rich buddies [oligarchs] have expense accounts.

Penny said...

Trudeau.... could we here in Canada do any worse?
Shakes head.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Unfortunately, yes we can. We could have "Banned in Russia" Scheer or ..."friends with radicals" Singh.

They have wiped the slate clean of genuine democratic candidates...i.e.,No one to vote for.

gracie said...

I'm not happy with Singh either for a couple reasons, I don't think a Canadian politician should be so entwined with another country's controversies, nor do I agree with the mix of politics and religion. I guess both those reasons apply to Scheer too not that I'd ever vote for the Cons since they gave the last honest one, Joe Who the boot.

I've been a staunch NDP supporter for years but I would vote Rhino in the next election if they were still around. All that is left is Elizabeth May, at least she walked her talk with the pipeline. Or maybe for the first time ever I won't bother to vote. Because honestly, I don't think it matters who gets in.