Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dope Didn't Bother to Consult First Nations Re Dope Legislation


I have spoken up many times on this blog about my opposition to the Trudeau Jr's government upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada.  It appears I am a small, actually microscopic, minority that maintains that the negatives far outweigh any positives that will come out of this legislation.

As a former social worker, I saw up close and personal the ravages of marijuana addiction on young parents...all doped up....while the babies/children sat in front of the TV for hours being fed junk food.  I once had a set of young parents who were dope addicts.  I visited their high rise apartment and found the balcony piled high to the railings with dirty, soiled diapers.  They were too busy getting high to properly dispose of the diapers.  I will never forget the sight or the smell.  This is what comes to mind when I think of the legalization and mass availability of marijuana.

Well, finally it appears some other concerned Canadians are speaking out about the "dope" legalizing dope

Please read the following report from CBC about the Senators recommending delaying passage and activation of the marijuana sales legislation and I will have more comments to follow:


"Senators recommend delaying cannabis bill for a year to address Indigenous issues
First Nations say their governments will face new social challenges from legal cannabis
Members of the Senate's Aboriginal peoples committee are recommending the Liberal government hold back on legalizing cannabis for up to a year in order to address its potential for harmful effects in Indigenous communities.

The committee, chaired by Liberal Saskatchewan Sen. Lillian Dyck, said in its report on Bill C-45 that the government simply did not consult enough with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities before pushing ahead with its plan to legalize the drug.

"Many communities are really worried about the potential adverse effects on their members, and especially on their youth, and it may be even worse because of the trauma in their communities," Dyck said, adding existing social issues in Indigenous communities could be made worse by increased drug use.

If passed, the amendment would delay the bill's full implementation for up to a year.

As currently written, the bill stipulates the law does not come into force until a date is fixed by an order of the governor-in-council — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet. A final vote on the bill is scheduled to occur in the Senate on or before June 7, with legalization expected to follow eight to 12 weeks later.

The committee said the government should take that time to negotiate a revenue-sharing agreement with First Nations communities.

The committee has heeded a request from Manny Jules, the chief commissioner of the First Nations Tax Commission, who recommended the federal government and the provinces hand cannabis taxing authority over to First Nations governments so they can impose their own levy on marijuana grown and sold on reserves.

"The way the bill has been crafted shows there was very little consultation," Conservative Alberta Sen. Scott Tannas told reporters."


Greencrow says:  Well, IMO, Le Dauphin has truly opened a can of worms here.  First Nations have always been vulnerable to exploitation when it comes to noxious and harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs.  Now the social services on the reserves and in indigenous communities are going to have to deal with rampant marijuana use...which will only compound the social epidemic suicides...that already plague First Nations communities.  No, I'm not surprised Justin didn't consult...he doesn't think far enough ahead to factor time-consuming consultative processes into his impetuous political strategies.  In fact, I don't believe it was even Le Dauphin's idea to legalize marijuana.  He doesn't make those kind of decisions...they're made by his Soros-type handlers who live south of the border.  They want to mess with Canada...and use it yet again as a guinea pig in a mass social experiment. Well, it's already evident that this social experiment is going off the rails.

And just this morning, yet another group has spoken out about possible harmful effects of the legalization of Marijuana.  The farmers of British Columbia are saying that it could negatively affect British Columbia's ability to feed its own population with healthy fruits and vegetables.  Please read the following report from local News 1130...and I will have final comments to follow:


"DELTA (NEWS 1130) – The mayor of Delta is worried the impending legalization of recreational marijuana could have many local farmers switching up their crops from fruits and vegetables to a much more lucrative product.

Lois Jackson says pot — not produce — could dominate BC’s valuable agricultural land, once it becomes legal.

As an example, Village Farms — one of North America’s largest growers of greenhouse produce — announced just a few weeks ago that it will convert 25 acres of its greenhouse facility in Ladner, into a state-of-the-art glasshouse for the annual production of 75,000 kilograms of medical marijuana, with an eye towards expanding to “non-therapeutic cannabis for the adult-use market.”

The company’s CEO Mike DeGiglio says “conversion of our Canadian greenhouse facilities to cannabis production could generate revenue of 10 to 15 times that of our current Canadian vegetable production.”

That’s the worry....." 


So, readers...two huge issues have been identified regarding the legalization of this so-called "recreational drug".  Negative social/health impact on First Nations...and degradation of ability of Canada to feed its citizens with healthy and reasonably priced agricultural products.  This is not to mention the impact I have to deal with every day during the warm summer months--air quality.  Just across the back fence from my house live a houseful of marijuana smokers.  The absolute foul stench of their cannabis smoking wafts across the yard and pollutes the air for a full block.  Depending on the direction of the wind, you can smell it down the street.  Can you imagine what the air quality will be like once the "dope" gets his dope legislation passed and activated?

When Maggie Trudeau was smoking dope in the attic of the official residence of the Canadian Prime Minister back in the 70's...we never thought it would end up like this.  The apple absolutely does not fall very far from the tree.


Anonymous said...

Surprised that somebody who calls out Big Pharma would fall for such obvious lies about cannabis from them. You even trot out stereotypes right from US government funded propaganda Reefer Madness. Have you ever smoked it yourself? Are you really not aware of the various legitimate medical applications of it? You come off as very ignorant on this issue.

greencrow said...

Reefer is you who are stuck in the past. Do you really think the drug that passes for cannabis today is the same stuff people smoked back in the 50's and 60's?'s laced with all sorts of other drugs...including fentanyl. And it doesn't even smell the same. Back then it was a slight scent in the air. Now, it's like living next door to a waste disposal operation. Sure, they'll sell it in pharmacies...but not in liquor stores according to latest info. The duped dope could have focused Canada's energies on all sorts of other more pressing bringing industries to the north by participation in Russia/China's Silk Road project. But, NOOOOOOooooooooooooo

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

hi gc, interesting angle to your report. going slightly off topic re native canadians, over here in the UKulag it has always been a conceit that "we" treated the Canadian indians so well compared to the uncouth ex colonials/rebels in USofA corp who always spoke with forked tongues.

this from a nation that literally bought into freedom for slaves because it was costing London City too much in insurance claims when the north american slaves ran off to freedom in US territories.

Anyway gc at the same time UKulag fronted abolishing slavery because it cost too much it bought into indian nations for Canada.

Any ideas on the multi century business plan for canada?

Anonymous said...

Legalized drugs or maybe you can call it dope??
Most dopes use them,so why not
I think legalized drugs kill people and cause drug dependency
Sometimes I think all these cars that crash into stores are people on meds and there morning cup of java.
I do not know about your area
But in Massachusetts it is common for cars crashing into store fronts
Sometimes I think maybe intentional other times I say maybe its the legalized drugs
I do not care for either
For my headaches as a teen
I actually had a doctor who said I was addicted to tylenal
Yep I had headache,kept on popping them and the headache never went away
I never took a pill again
I lost my headaches,although I had a few hear and there
They come and go for a day
As far as dope
My friends as young adults like early I know always smoked dope
I participated and hated the feeling
It was the feeling of being a dope
A vegetable
A daaaaaaaaaaaa
I think I am high
So I do not care for either
I am not gonna march for either
To each and his own
You wanna feel like a daaaaaa or risk the new danger of pot as greencrow mentioned
rrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr
crow sound
rrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr
They put crazy stuff in it
Then go for it
You wanna be a victim of the legalized drug pushers
Then go for it
I say
Please stay off the legalized drugs
It will cost you your life or addictions to others
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I noticed you ducked my question about using it yourself. Tyical. You also ducked the part about legit medicinal usage(you seem truly ignorant on the subject so I'm not surprised you know nothing about this aspect of pot). Also typical. And "it smells different"? Really? lol. FYI-if you grow it yourself it doesn't have "fentanyl". Ridiculous reefer madness that benefits Big Pharma from the green crow, sad.

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous

Whether I used it myself is irrelevant. I have taken morphine (after a C-section) does that mean anything? No. Medicinal usage is already legal. We're talking about "recreational" usage here. Yes...the stronger dope they smoke today does STINK! It is a legitimate air quality issue. That is why high rise condos are banning smoking altogether...even within one's own unit. There are common air ducts, you know.'s the kicker...they don't want you growing it yourself...they want you to buy the commercialized stuff.

You must be a shill for the product that's coming soon to a neighbourhood near you.

greencrow said...

Anonymous says:

"...I actually had a doctor who said I was addicted to Tylenol
Yep I had headache, kept on popping them and the headache never went away..."

You would not believe how devastating Tylenol addiction is to young people these days (and old people too, I presume, but I worked with young parents). Young men, particularly are totally incapacitated by excessive Tylenol use. All they do is play video games all day. They are unable to hold a job. Now THAT's sad.

greencrow said...


"...Any ideas on the multi century business plan for canada?"

LOL. Do you think Le Dophin can thing long range enough to come up with a multi-century business plan? He can't think past his next bejangled dance costume!

Currently, as most Canadians will admit, Canada is entirely rudderless. There hasn't been pro-active leadership for decades. Canada has been totally sucked into the vortex of evil south of the border. SAD!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Marijuana is already widely available in Canada, and legalisation will have little effect upon supply. Many people already use Marijuana recreationally on a daily basis with no ill effects on their mental or physical health. Quite the opposite!

One of the greatest Canadian authors, Pierre Berton “readily admitted” to reporters that he had smoked marijuana since his forties. He was no slouch, with many awards for his writings over the years, becoming a beloved Canadian icon. Here he is on RMR teaching how to roll a joint just before he died.

Many users are also now 'Vaping' rather than 'Smoking' Marijuana which greatly reduces any unpleasant odour and is healthier on the lungs as no combustion occurs. Edibles (Brownies, Cookies, Gummies, Soda's etc.) are also now more available than ever for similar reasons, and are especially popular at dinner parties! I expect to see these methods of delivery to become even more popular after legalisation.

Finally the Marijuana market in Canada was worth $6.2 Billion in 2015 according to StatsCan. The upcoming Federal legalisation is about Market Control and Taxation, nothing more. The Goverment is simply trying to muscle in on organised crime and take over their turf.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I have a friend who smoked (and still smokes) marijuana for decades. A year or so ago...after a joint...he fell down the back porch steps and hit his head. He's never been the same since....Pierre Burton? I used to think he was many of his books. I also read his mother's book about raising him in the Yukon. Her book was better than his. I watched his interview show for years. Unfortunately, like many CBC icons, Burton's work has not stood the test of time...he's now seen as having been a blatant shill for the establishment.

You say:

"...The Goverment is simply trying to muscle in on organised crime and take over their turf...."

Truer words were never spoken. This is what it's all about. Remember Barry Sherman?

He was part of a pharmaceutical cabal trying to muscle in on the Canadian marijuana social experiment. These guys play rough. Can you just imagine how all these folks will impact the remote First Nations' communities? It makes me sick. Getting high (and I did get high maybe three or four times back in the 70's) is definitely NOT worth all the hassle. Marijuana use is 90% garbage.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Government revenues from energy were $12.9 billion in 2015 (

compared to “Net income and other government revenue derived from the control and sale of alcoholic beverages, including excise taxes, retail sales taxes, specific taxes on alcohol, and licence and permit revenues, was $11.5-billion in 2015-2016.”

The Federal Government is hoping for a similar windfall Tax by making pot legal.

“Of the over 22 million alcohol consumers in the country, the average annual spending per head was $985, or $82 per month, in 2016, while the average cannabis consumer – of which there were an estimated 4.87 million in 2017 – spent $1,180 per year, or just over $98 per month,” AltaCorp said, referring to Statistics Canada data.
The cannabis market “remains a significant threat to alcoholic beverage producers,” AltaCorp added.

Penny said...

GC: I believe this is all about tax dollars desperately needed by a nation indebted to banksters-

I also am of the mind that prescription drugs are a vastly bigger problem in the general population then marijuana has ever been.

Last year, we lost a very dear friend to prescriptions pills
There are young people we know of who have lost their lives to big pharma
Fentanyl and oxy have been devastating- Marijuana has been around for decades and to my knowledge which is very limited, albeit, it's not killed the numbers killed by big pharma or the medical industry. Ontario is now paying for pharmaceuticals for 24 and under.

Isn't that generous? Of course, it's not.
It's just to hook them young, like any good dealer would do.
That bothers me so much more...

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your comment. Yes, prescription drugs (including Tylenol) are more acutely dangerous than marijuana. I realize I am a tiny minority that believes that marijuana, particularly for young parents...or young people trying to hold a the life and energy out of them. They become lethargic...just like the hippies were in the 60's. They just don't care. These, of course, are the addicts. A certain percentage of users can limit their use to weekend "recreational" use. Lying around listening to that "recreation"?

I have written several times about fentanyl deaths on this blog. This past year in friends and acquaintances there were four deaths of young people. That is an epidemic. If it were lawyers or bankers...something would be done about the dealers.

Marijuana has been around for decades but the marijuana of today is nothing similar to the marijuana of yesteryear. Users can be fooled. And I need to smoking marijuana "good" for the lungs? Or, like cigarettes, is it harmful? Nobody wants to answer this pressing question. I thought inhaling ANY kind of smoke into the lungs was harmful. Is the government not telling us something? Wouldn't surprise me in the least!

greencrow said...

just glancing at today's headline:

207 overdose calls in one week.

Penny said...

Hey GC:

I understand your point about 'recreation'
Personally, I prefer.. and I do know this sounds flaky
but I'm going to say it anyway
*give me the woods
*give me the waves hitting the shoreline
*a beautiful sky
*my wondrous bald eagle (which I saw today after a hiatus)
(actually any bird will lift my spirit)
*deer in the woods
*small children laughing and playing
*people walking holding hands
I'm intoxicated-
Now you know my secret
All the beauty that surrounds me.
That which most people never bother to look at is my recreation-
It's my high, though it grounds me and it all keeps me happy- :))

greencrow said...


You and I are Sympatico re what constitutes "recreation".

Just one reason we get along so well : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks Penny for repeating my thoughts in an educated way
My mom always had migrains,i do not think she paid attention
She was the one that pushed the pills because of what she thought she knew
Also on the television,you have these laywers looking for people who took this or done that,so it is not like a secret and people still do them
I think the advertising is too powerfull for them to have a chance
I am also with Penny thoughts
I am high on everything except lawyers ,politicians,men in uniform,talking heads and basically get high on squawking to the crows,gobbling to the turkey's,yes I do,they go wild back at me,calling a coyote over and he bows his head and starts to come and I panic,this is broad daylite,so I howl and he runs away
That gets me highchasing a fox in broad daylite,grabbing a goose while feeding them,then stealing there baby and let the parent chase me,then I turn around and chase him or her???
Yes a true story
That gets me high,being in touch with that and driving in my car with the radio cranked and singing away
I am with you penny
The legalized drug company turns my stomach and I wish or maybe you folks have typed about it in an educated way
I hope soo
I do not even drink beer
No drugs
Legal or illegal
Water is my poison
An occasional coke so I can belch and mess up my system in my body
Dope is just a mellow harmless drug or was until the new ingrediants and I think they have slower reaction time so it might be a risk for driving????
Or maybe like drinking beer,it is still possible????
It makes me sad seeing people have to take drugs and talk about them like it is the latest fad or like a new kind of candy bar
I see and hear all the victims of it
But the sheeple will be sheeple
You can not stop it unless you change the system

Anonymous said...

I think this show sums up weed or dope.
I do not know if you have this cable show in Canada but we do on vice a cable network
I have seen it before
Today it happened to be on I watched this episode and one called Colombian gold,google it and watch if you like
So people around here are being educated by this cable show
This show sums up opiod addiction and weed as alternative
Please watch
Thank you
The thing I do not like is when watching it is a screen within a screen,i am thinking it is intentional for the dope addicts
Hey man,look at the funny screen
So your video is a small screen and in the background of the big screen is moving objects??
I did not pay attention maybe leaves????
The video