Tuesday, May 15, 2018

CawRANT Events #64

CawRANT Events #64

Good morning Everybody!  It is a blazingly hot and sunny day on the West Coast.  We've had unprecedentedly warm weather for a week now and it seems like mid-summer.  Even the forest fire situation is getting serious!  I have not been able to blog for about the same amount of time...due to a confluence of several unsettling factors more or less out of my control.  Firstly, one of my three small dogs, Daisy, broke her right foreleg just below the shoulder.  It has been back and forth to the vet.  She had a small operation where a pin was inserted.  All went well for a week and then, to everyone's surprise, the pin broke inside her arm and now the arm is now broken again and a major operation with the insertion of a "clamp" with "screws" is the next option.  I will find out today when it will happen and how much it will cost...I've already spent $3,000!  It is very depressing.  Also, we have had two house guests for 10 days.  Relatives from Sweden.  So I have been hosting and showing people around the city.  Last Saturday night we had 16 guests for dinner!

The two guests are leaving today at noon and I will have one day of "rest" and then we get another houseguest--my older sister coming from Ontario.  She will be staying seven days.  I will be glad when I get my house back and can settle into my regular routine again.

I started this CawRANT yesterday but the vet situation with my dog pulled me away.  So now I'm going to try and finish it.  There are a lot of topics to cover so better get started.

First of all, here in Vancouver, the local crisis over the proposed doubling/extension of the Transmountain pipeline route through Burnaby is still going on with continued extortion/exorbitant gas prices of $1.54 per litre.  The latest news is that the current mayor of Vancouver...who is not running for re-election in the mayoralty election that is now going on--presumably he has already set his sights on a higher office--has said that the "Kinder Morgan" pipeline will not get built, based on the resistance on the ground.  There is a lot of environmentalist opposition on the ground...but when did that ever stop the PTB?  As I've said before....the pipeline WILL be built...but, at least, Vancouver should get a better deal from Kinder Morgan...like the company burying all the transmission lines that go along the pipeline route...that will create a huge nature park walkway within the city.

Also in Canadian newz...yesterday we had a.....

Peter Dalglish Update

This is the NGO creep who diddled little third world boys he was supposedly mentoring and giving a "leg up" in the world...taking them into his home and/or sending them on trips around the world [trafficking?] .  According to the latest report, this Canadian friend/acquaintance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (as shown in an undated photograph of the two of them together) Dalglish has been formally charged with raping two boys who were found by police in his home in Nepal.  If convicted, he could spend 20 years in jail.  Of course the Canadian newz media has soft-peddled this story, including not asking le Dauphin about the photo...where it was taken and what the relationship between the two of them was/is.  The concern, of course, is that the creep was using his position in the NGO's he worked for...and his status with his "Order of Canada" medal to traffic children around the world for pedophiles.  The question needs to be asked--and answered.  In the good old days there would be a "Royal Commission" investigation...not any more.  It's all hush hush nowadaze.

The Skripal Scandal - Yulia and Sergei were "D-Memo-ed" by M16

Speaking of Hush, Hush.  It is absolutely breathtaking what has gone on with the so-called "Skripal poisoning" matter over in the UK.  Now that the incident has been successfully used to further demonize Russia...there has been a "cone of silence"  or, as they say in Jolly Olde, a "D memo" put on the matter.  Nobody in the newz media is supposed to say "boo" about it anymore...but the official version is still defended by the PTB and Russia is still "to blame". It is a lollapalooza of hypocrisy.  This, even though Yulia Skripal has not responded to a Face Book message from her cousin Victoria asking Yulia what she (Victoria) should do about Yulia's dog, which was placed in a kennel by Yulia prior to Yulia leaving for the UK and where the dog is still languishing today...at some cost, one would suppose.

This latter fact supports my suspicion that Yulia and her father have gone to the same place as Robin Cook, MP, Dr. David Kelly, UN WMD inspector and Diana, Princess of Wales...and by the same M16 perps.  I suspect that Yulia's dad, Sergei, was a triple agent who had again switched allegiances and was going to [or had] supplied some information to Russia [perhaps in the hopes of being re-patriated to Russia].  Perhaps Yulia was helping her father in some way.  They were both considered expendable and were used to defame Russia before being eliminated and made an example of/cautionary tale for any other agents/or assets who might be thinking of switching sides.

Just as a pause in the RANT...here is a very good Wood Relief Carving I recently found on Bruce Gagnon's anti-war blog called "Organizing Notes".  This was the information that accompanied the wood carving:
Though we don't usually see it, Navy sonar needlessly continues to do great harm to life in our oceans. I say needlessly, because there are many measures the U.S. Navy could take to reduce that harm if it wished to, but with the arrogance of its upper level decision-makers, it simply refuses, and the harm continues on.... My just-finished relief sculpture on that subject.

"Collateral Damage" poplar wood, casein paint 14" h. x 26" w. x 2 1/8" d.

By Russell Wray from Hancock, Maine

"Collateral Damage"

Which reminds me.  I have updated my Arts and Crafts Page called "Greencrow Creative Resources" and have a few more of my recent smaller wood carvings up on the page now.  That's another occupation that has gone begging since the guests arrived and my dog became injured.  I have not been able to work on my crafts...DRAT!

Trump's Double Cross on the Iran Deal

As some have suspected, I believe that this double-cross was always in the cards.  It was just a way of delay and buying time--prior to the inevitable attack on Iran.  The United States can't make any agreements with any other countries.  Why?  Because, to do so would be to acknowledge that there was such a concept as "International Law" and that, most importantly, other countries possess rights...including the right to exist.  As USrael sees itself as the "exceptional" nation that means that it is the final arbiter of all laws and all rights.  Nobody can make an agreement except USrael...no other laws exist except those that support the agenda [as it stands on any given day] of USrael.  This flagrant dismissal of all law and all power other than their own must be exercised on a regular basis--so that the world can be reminded of who calls the shots.  Dismissing laws and negotiated agreements is like a "drill" that must take place regularly--and serves the same purpose as a "legal precedent" which provides a template for future international activities.  As in..."Oh yes, we forgot...the United States doesn't have to follow the dictates of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization or any other body of law." Or, as in "How else would the world know that USrael was entitled to break the law...unless they regularly broke the law?"

Obstruction of Justice of the Mainstream Media

Speaking of breaking the law...some lawyers in New York City are trying to organize a grand jury to investigate the atrocity of 9/11.  Well, I say, good luck with that one.  It would appear they're trying to come at the investigation from a different angle...they want to look into "obstruction of justice of the Mainstream Media".  This was a crucial element for how the perps got away with the mass murder...they controlled the media and saw that the media relentlessly and invariably pushed the "official story".

I have long ago given up that the United States has the power, the motivation or the ethics to find out the truth and punish the perpetrators of 9/11.  Even the so called "good" people don't want to know the truth...they can't handle the truth.  Hey, the official story solves so many problems for so many people...it keeps the sheeple happily watching their TV "reality" shows...and keeps "(s)elected officials" tinkering and playing with the deck chairs on the USSN "Titanic".  Most of all...it keeps the economic engines of the failing war-based economy grinding and sputtering on.  Endless wars for resources and to use up the garbage military equipment.  I would like to know the percentage of Americans who are working either directly or indirectly for military/industrial complex employers...including the health care "industry" which has been dumbed down to force young people to join the armed forces to get decent medical insurance/Veterans benefits.  I bet it's over 75%.  Perhaps one of my American readers could let me know.

Which also begs the question of my final RANT topic....

How many have been killed in post 9/11 Wars?

U.S. air strike in Kobani, near the Turkish-Syrian border in 2014

"...bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That Our Flag was still there...."

The Truthseeker.UK had an interesting article the other day that tried to put a number on all the deaths that occurred following the "gift that keeps on giving"...the 9/11 atrocity.

Coincidentally, writer, Nicholas JS Davies has estimated that around six million people have perished in the perpetual wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.  Coincidence, because this is the same much vaunted number put out by Israelis for why they have to destroy the indigenous peoples of Palestine to create their so-called state [which is not a true state because the Israeli government refuses to set permanent borders]...wanting to crush the entire Middle East, balkanize it and run a tyranny over it...including this village which is almost entirely made up of amputees.

It doesn't matter that the United States has admitted it attacked Iraq based on the lies of WMD....in fact the fact that they didn't withdraw their forces after making such an admission supports my theory that they have to regularly break international codes of conduct, agreements, UN articles, whatever. They NEED to break the laws to reinforce that they are ABOVE THE LAW.

So, finally, we have six million and counting victims of the Permanent Wars Against Humanity [PWAH], based on the 9/11 atrocity...which, coinkadynkally, is the same number as the hypothetical and permanently unexamined but carved in stone "six million" dead.  One group of six million means nothing...the other group of six million is an excuse for endless death, tyranny, environmental destruction....a disaster for mankind. And today marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of that disaster.  The Nakba.

So now I'll sign off and return to my own little crises...a dog with a broken leg and a seemingly endless parade of house guests...which may well infringe on my ability to blog in the near future. DRAT!!!


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
You asked - "I would like to know the percentage of Americans who are working either directly or indirectly for military/industrial complex employers"

According to the Buckminster Fuller Institute some 20 years ago, 50% of all scientists and 90% of all physicists in the US were employed by the military/industrial complex. This figure presumably did not include the ironically named healthcare industry. Those figures above could only be worse today.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks for the info. When a nation's economy is based on the blood of other nations' citizens...it's time to turn out the lights and leave.

james@wpc said...

There was a researcher 10 or more years ago, whose name I can't remember unfortunately (Brian somebody), who found that every congressional district in the US had a military base or a manufacturing plant that fed the military. He also found that most universities were dependent, in part, for grants from this military/industrial complex.

Starting in the 70's, Britain's manufacturing industry was wound down except for the armaments industry. The US followed suit decades later.

So, you're right: the US economy is a war machine and it must be fed

greencrow said...

The MIC economy is a pyramid/Ponzi scheme. The warlords are scooping all the gravy off the top. Soon, due to China and Russia strategically [for this very reason] abandoning the dollar...the US economy will collapse....


FF + M$N lies = WWIII

Penny said...

If I may GC:

Kobani is the Kurdish name for annexed Syrian territory
that town is correctly Ayn al Arab- the eye of the Arabs.

No intent to offend, but, calling it Kobani is a gift to the imperialist Usreal annexation- sort of like using the term 'Israeli Golan' there is no Israeli Golan- there is only Syrian Golan- words create our world- and a world of war/destabilization and theft is not a world that should be validated via the word.
Syria still calls this locale Ayn al Arab, as they call the Golan their territory.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for this correction. I got the photo and description from thetruthseeker.uk article that I linked. I agree with you that it's important to make these historical and geographical distinctions.