Thursday, April 26, 2018

World War III has already been Planned - BUT wait - look over there...Cosby was found guilty!

I particularly like the way he factors
in the 9/11 False Flag Atrocity

Ever wonder why, every half dozen years or so, a famous black man is totally ruined in a court of law...his career totally destroyed?  Today it's Bill Cosby. Prior, it was OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson had HIV. Well, after seeing this meme play out in the media for many decades now...I believe it's some kind of ritual sacrifice or "show of power" by the diabolical ones who are the descendants of slave owners.  Not to say these accused individuals weren't guilty to one degree or's the ritual mass media frenzy that goes on that I'm talking about.

The above-mentioned men were all "products" of the system.  They were created, enabled, raised up, and then torn down...and here's the crucial the SAME system of society and mass media that created them in the first place.

The reason I bring this up is because, IMO, everything is planned and the CSIS/Facebook false flag held in Toronto the other day; like the Cosby take down which will dominate the newz cycles for the next two days.   Like the 9/11 atrocity of September 11, 2001.  The reason I bring up the Cosby trial is because every time some schmuck gets found "guilty" in a court of law...It brings to mind all the dozens of mass murderers of the 9/11 atrocity, from Dubya/Cheney/Wolfowitz/General Meyer/"Lucky Larry" Silverstein/John Bolton on down who not only walked away from their murders of over 3,000 innocent people on that day...but made "killings" in the stock market, insurance scams, theft from the Pentagon/defense budget, military industrial complex bribes, etc., etc.,  Their crimes make Bill Cosby's serial sex attacks seem like small potatoes...but he's goin' to jail...and they're NOT.

No.  They're not going to a matter of fact they're still part of the cabal that is currently planning WWIII.  Watch the excellent video above...and realize that the Cosby trial was just a bit of distraction/dysinfo...causing you to believe, erroneously, that the "justice system" DOES work, after all.  

Meanwhile, the perps...who operate above the law...are planning your destruction in a WWIII mass cull.


Greg Bacon said...

Neither will serial rapist Weinstein or Polanski or Woody Allen ever go to jail for their massive number of child/statutory rapes.

It's good to be the King or short of that, Chosen by G-d.

greencrow said...

Good point, Greg. There is definitely some who are above the law...whether it's criminal, national or international...Israel is definitely above the law as opposed to, say, Serbia.


tsisageya said...

...and I bet Kim Kartrashian has posed nude somewhere, and her husband is having another of his melt-downs. For example.

Look! Over there!

And, also too, RAPISTS!

MachtNichts said...

Aside from being a distraction from more serious events, which is debatable, I don't think Cosby's serial sex attacks are such a small matter. Given that the nuclear family is the pillar of any society he did some serious damage to the 'wholesome' image of family life having been in his shows for so many years.

And, if you extrapolate his behaviour, condoned by Hollywood et. al. to a broader spectrum you end up with small scale perps operating above the law. Not only the Silversteins.

It's not always opportune to only focus on the 'big' events when the 'small' ones also have a detrimental affect on society.

greencrow said...

The heart of the damage Cosby did was that he GOT AWAY with it for so many decades. The women were not listened to--and did not have access to justice.

My point is this is exactly what is currently happening on a much larger scale to humanity vis a vis 9/11. A much more serious crime---mass murder [not to mention all the wars] was perpetrated but...the cries of the victims and society have not been heard and there has been no access to justice.

All the while....the SAME perps focus THEIR media on one individual [Cosby] being "brought to justice" if that were proof there WAS justice.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I agree with Greg about the fact that the blacks get sacrificed on the alter of public "opinion" while the real sicko perverts and murderers, the goddamn Jews, seem to get away all the time!

And you are right, Crow... Lets distract the simple minded Americans from the reality of the sickness of their government pushing the nation to the brink of a major world war by throwing "fluff" at them and continuing to turn their minds to mush...

And tsisageya is right... Kim Kardashian is at it again posting nude pictures of herself on "Instagram" and American Jew spew media calls THAT "news"!

Reading between the lines said...

I have to agree somewhat with Jeff ,especially on mankind being led by the nose by entities that now seem to control the world but then again ,I am the eternal optimist.
I can't bring myself to believe that mankind will forever be controlled by satanists.
It is just not in my blood .I believe that there will be a turning point and the tide will change.People will wake up on mass .Whether I live to see it , but I hope I do,is another matter.
Cheers to all on this forum.

Anonymous said...

a court of law...?

The reason I bring up the Cosby trial is because every time some
" schmuck "...gets found "guilty" in a ..."court of law"....!

Brilliant observation...what "Law"...? {{{TALMUDIC}}}
since...1933, 1860...

nonetheless, the micro/macro...issue is how many blood sucking
parasites does a Nation....really NEED ?

... every dark cloud has a seriously SILVER in what
can "we" do to point out the obvious HIGH-POCK-KRISSY...of
the "JEW" worshipping dingbats, idiots and JEWTARDS..?

wear KKK outfits and protest outside sentencing...FREE COSBY !!!

{don't waste taxpayer contributions to global insanity & Jew perfidy}

Arrest the deviant currency printers...& Terrorists that
produce all the filthy lucre, and the lies of the Jewish media

BILL COSBY should be the poster BOY !!!

for telling the truth...and make him
tell the truth...about who owned the slave ships...
who profited from WWI & WWII...
who has a zionist Terrorists state
who MASS MURDERED the Davidians...with Jewish Media ACCOMPLICES ?

who Hates Jesus as a bad faith religion..

like right now alex jones is being sued...what about
Amicus briefs...Affidavits with TRUE INFORMATION
about the Mass Murder for filthy lucre terrorists
Waco/OKC/9/11....wars in the Middle East...
Afghanistan, Iraq,Libya, Syria, Yemen, !!!


piling more jew poo on the stool sculpture doesn't make the truth...
go away