Sunday, April 15, 2018

Using "FUKUS" precedent, will Russia Attack Saudi Arabia amidst allegations SA is using CW against Yemen?

Cholera Outbreak Statistics - Yemen

While the world digests the implications of last Friday nights' FUKUS attack on Syria, based on "suspicions" that Assad was "gassing his own people"(TM)--without waiting for the results of the OPCW investigation which started yesterday (Saturday), not to mention obtaining a UN resolution legalizing their assault, one thing is certain...what's sauce for the goose can also be sauce for the gander.

Russia is now "legally' entitled to prepare for Strikes On Saudi Arabia as evidence of Chemical/Biological Weapon Attacks against neighbouring Yemen grows. 

The attack on Syria finally opens a window of opportunity for Russia and other states to deal with the inhuman treatment of Yemen at the hands of Western "ally" Saudi Arabia.

For several years now, there have been horrific reports coming out of that benighted but geopolitically strategically-located land, that Western ally Saudi Arabia was operating a project of genocide against it.  Using age-old weapons of starvation, warfare and use of chemical/biological weapons.  There is far more evidence of this war crime against humanity than there was/is that Assad, on the brink of total victory in Syria, was irrationally "gassing his own people"(TM).

It now makes perfect sense that Russia train its state of the art jet warplanes and rocketry on military targets in Saudi Arabia and/or Yemen and eliminate those who are poisoning Yemen's water supply.  Using the "legal" precedent for what happened in Syria on Friday night, who could say "boo" against Russia for doing so?  In fact, alternate media should expect to report how the West congratulated Russia for its "humane" intervention in Yemen...which is long overdue [sarc].  But wait:

US has long history of biological warfare

Is chemical/biological/weather warfare going to be the weapon of choice for the future?  Look at the following precedents that I have saved from just a cursory browse of the Internet.

Decades ago, according to a 1952 US report the US military dropped plague infected fleas on North Korea.

American citizens are signing a petition against the release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into Florida and Texas.  Unfortunately, the woman who led the petition and outcry against this domestic biological warfare was recently found dead in a swimming pool.

China like many countries is now using weather manipulation to control (for better or worse) the world's weather, particularly precipitation.  Those citizens who are complaining about unusual cold, dry or stormy weather...should really question the PTB about these phenomena...instead of simply chalking it up to "Mother nature".  IMO, all industrial countries are involved in this ultimately environmentally destructive practise.  But North Korea's decades long extreme drought certainly must be investigated in this light.

In summary, the perps have now opened the door to "might is right" "vigilante justice" against anyone that any military power feels they can take on and punish for some perceived evidence required.  In that case, the silver lining is that states like Russia are now free to bomb corrupt murderous bullies, like Saudi Arabia, in defense of the long-suffering Yemenis.

Let's see who lines up with who at the UN--to condemn any military activities Russia and other states might undertake against Saudi Arabia in the next little while--over the poisoning of water in Yemen.  Calling all hypocrites!


Dwayne said...

I'm waiting for the attack on the AshkeNAZI satanists occupying Palestine and murdering innocents there for decades.

It'll be a long wait me thinks...

greencrow said...

The end of THAT situation cannot come too soon, Dwayne.