Monday, April 9, 2018

Two Videos that the Sheeple will never see....before the coming White Flash of death

"Everywhere You Go - You Leave Chaos Behind"
Truth to Power?  Or, more correctly,
Superior [military] Power to Power

And, here, Syrian girl gives a blow by blow re-construction of the latest False Flag Casus Belli for WWIII:

Syrian Girl

The above two videos sum up the last 24 hours...perhaps the next to last 24 hours in recorded history.  Yet, they will likely never been seen by 95% of the sheeple...before these sad excuses for humanity are led to their planned slaughter in "Slaughterhouse WWIII".

They'll never know what hit them.  Remember the autistic woman who designed a slaughter house that had a narrow circuitous route up a ramp in a tower?  The cows would walk upwards on the ramp without fear or foreboding for their future?  Something in the design I believe.  Well the false flags are like that slaughterhouse ramp...designed to be very deceptive and calming to cows...or in this case...sheeple.  The managed news of the Journalist/murderers plus the False Flags of the MosCIAd and the M15ossad...combine to create the same circuitous, restricted design, the same calming dynamic for humans....the sheeple walk calmly up the tower of lies and ruses to their death...which will come in a blinding flash of white light...hopefully, if there is any mercy left in this world.

Any further updates for this date will be posted below as they occur...or become available to the Internet.

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