Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Toronto Truck Mass Casualty Event... "Jumps The Shark"?

Minassian Arrested

Minassian later brought before judge

Good morning folks.  I've been following the Toronto Ryder Truck Mass Casualty Event and have finally decided that it is yet another of the interminable list of terror false flags.  Red flags have gone up ever since the newz broke a few days ago.  I wrote previously about my concerns that it was neatly timed to distract from the huge would-be scandal [if Canadians were allowed to pay attention] concerning the arrest of Order of Canada recipient Peter Dalglish in Nepal on suspicion of being a serial pedophile.  This individual had been roaming the world on the public dime for years and now it looks like he had a very different agenda than his professed "...helping street kids".  

So when the Toronto mass casualty event became the focus of a media frenzy the very hour that the Dalglish scandal was written about in the Globe and Mail, I naturally had my suspicions.  Then my blogging colleague Penny from Penny for Your Thoughts started to gather details of anomalies about the Toronto event and a familiar pattern definitely started to emerge.  I'm just waiting to hear that there was a "drill" going on at the "very same time" (TM).

Then last night I saw a post on Angirfan that caused the whole event to "jump the shark" in my mind at least.  Here is the comment I put on Penny's blog this morning:

Hi Penny:

Angirfan did a very interesting post that was up on my favourites blogroll last night but has since disappeared:

Quite an anomaly, wouldn't you say? The guy arrested was bald as videotaped by a random witness...then this Alek Minassian shows up in court with a full head of hair according to court drawings! When I read the Angirfan post that was it...I concluded and will always conclude that this was a stereotypical false flag. No bouts adoubt it.


I have noticed that the discourse about the mass casualty event has deteriorated from a forensic investigation [whether this guy had gonnections with RCMP/CSIS "patsy" mentoring teams, a la Nuttal/Korody] to the silly meme that he was an "incel".  This is a blatant attempt to further the strategy of "identity politics"--to ridiculous lengths by carving out an anti-social media niche for goofballs and nerds...who, through their own mental health issues DON'T WANT to have relationships with women. Hey to blame women for these guys...who are likely sexually impotent, due to high levels of psychotropic medications they're beyond ludicrous.

The focus has also devolved down to emotional stories of the victims.  Anything to take peoples' minds of all the anomalies that Penny and others have identified.

More to come.


Greg Bacon said...

Happens at the same time the US State and Soros are trying for an Armenian color revolution and someone goes cruising down Toronto sidewalks?

It's truly amazing the timing on these events, like it was almost scripted.

Penny said...

Greencrow: ok, I've put up yet another post on the Toronto "attack" with a link back to this post and talking about intelligence agencies and facebook- because facebook was the source for the entire 'incel' narrative the always perception managing media is running with

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for sharing this post on your blog. I saw just this morning on the newz that there was something going on in France this morning-- re drivers of vans driving around urban areas looking for "sidewalks to drive up on and kill people". Can't find the link anymore.

Anonymous said...

The 'Toronto Hoax' video you reference from the has an issue with Paramedics using a bus. Well Toronto does indeed have a Paramedic Bus for emergencies such as this. It even says Paramedic on the roof. See video below