Monday, April 23, 2018

Toronto Truck Crash.....Ryder Truck also linked to Oklahoma Bombings

Ryder Trucks Rental Company is not Generally
Thought to Operate in Canada.
9 dead, 16 injured after white van strikes pedestrians in North York

From here's the relevant snippet

In a statement, Ryder, the company from which the van was rented said it was co-operating fully with authorities.
The Toronto Transit Commission, meanwhile, suspended Line 1 subway service between Sheppard and Finch stations and said there would be no shuttle bus service...."

Last time I remember hearing about Ryder Trucks was in connection with the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Building.  Here is the link:

The Oklahoma City Bombing

What was the Army doing with a Ryder Truck just before the Murrah blast?

The following photos are mirrored from

The pilot who took the photos wishes (for the obvious reasons) to remain anonymous, but these photos are purported to be of an area near Camp Gruber-Braggs, Oklahoma in early April of 1995. Needless to say, just days after this photo was taken, the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed (along with internal cutter charges) by a Ryder truck full of explosives. 
NEW! In a recently discovered news article written by the Washington Post on June 17th, 1997, the Oklahoma National Guard authenticates the following photos as being exactly what they appear to be, photos of a Ryder truck in a clandestine base at Camp Gruber-Braggs.
[followed by a series of aerial photos of trucks in a lot].

Early in the "investigation"...but already there are some red flags.  I just wanted to get this out there asap...  Sure takes your mind off the Dalglish scandal, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Let us admit that we were indeed Stupid to remain silent when P.E.T. told us in 1971 that Multiculturalism was going to be 'Good' for Canadians. I was only 12 and wanted to hitchike to Ottawa and Blast the M'fer.

Star Wrek
"She's Dead, Jim"

greencrow said...

Are you referring to le Dauphin?

If so I totally agree.


Anonymous said...

Worse than Dead, His Brain's gone...loL

Just read your Freeland Post. Aye aye,,,
The Nerve of these Treasonous Ghetto Hounds.
And we seem to be out of Choices.
She's Dead, GC Let Her Go. Try to Find Peace.
A Raccoon hath Vastly more Elegance and Class.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Restraint by the Officer in the Street during the arrest.

Dwayne said...

I was within a 1/2 mile of the OKC explosion, driving north along I-235 when the Murrah Building went up in a thick dark column of smoke. I worked for ONG (Oklahoma Natural Gas Co) as a leakage survey technician. My job duty entailed doing physical surveys of our pipelines for leakage. Many of us within the company immediately thought that we had had a major interior gas leak that had been ignited. The appearance was consistent with an interior explosion.

Oddly enough my parents were arriving the day after from their home in Elliot Lake, Ontario. When they arrived I took them down to the Murrah Building explosion site. I was able to escort them down to within a block of the building (before it was cordoned off to encompass a larger area and limit viewing). My mother lived through WWII in Holland as a teenage girl and had seen buildings destroyed from bombings. The first thing she said when she saw the Murrah Building... "that was no truck bomb". She relayed how she had seen aerial dropped bombed penetrate roofs and floors of buildings to strike in the basements where they detonated, blowing out the side or sides.

The Murray bombing was a Clinton psyop distraction. Anyone with a modicum of sense can see that this building had been blown out from the inside. Maybe some day the Truth will come out.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Don't connect Freeland with Raccoons. They never damaged Canada the way she has.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the "Heavy" link. Interesting that the "Tweets" included one from the infamous "Rita Katz". Now THERE's a big red flag. IMO, this is a psyops to distract from the Dalglish scandal...which has enormous potential to damage the perps. "Hey...look over THERE!"

greencrow said...

Hi Dwayne:

I have always believed the OKC bombing was a precursor to 9/11. In many ways a "drill". And, like 9/11, the building destroyed contained incriminating legal documents that the perps wanted to "disappear".

Dwayne said...

Without a doubt there were far too many questions that went unanswered. Many of the survivor's families have their doubts about the USGov.mafia's story. Too many events transpired afterwards to "hush" people who were asking too many questions... the trail being moved to Denver which contradicts the law, the bizarre "suicide" death of OKCPD Sgt. Terrance Yeakey who pulled four victims from the building and likely saw things during that process.

All these events are typical of the Clinton machine. Wherever those two satanist go people end up dying...