Saturday, April 14, 2018

Paul Craig Roberts Does It Again

Pit Bull

Paul Craig Roberts, as much as I love the man, has done it again.  Yes, I can understand his frustration, I feel it too, believe me.  It's scary and lonely here in the blogosphere surrounded by insanity.  We rationalists need to stick together.
But I've mentioned before how Roberts seems to think Putin can solve the problems caused by American criminal, socio/psychopathic, foaming-at-the-mouth, world-wide warmongering tyranny.  Russia/Putin can't.  It's as simple as that.  Read Roberts' latest post and I will have more comments to follow:
Is It Russian Surrender that Is on the Agenda or World War 3?
Paul Craig Roberts
“As US President Donald Trump is said to be considering a full scale ground assault against the Syrian administration of President Bashar al-Assad, the top UN official has decried the onset of a new global Cold War and warned against “full-blown military escalation” in the war-torn region.”
If this report of a US ground invasion of Syria is true, which I doubt, it will be a consequence of Russian passivity in the face of Washington’s aggression.
Is the Russian government too humane to comprehend the evil that Russia confronts?
If Russia and China do not take steps to defeat the US before Washington forces nuclear war on the world, we are all doomed.
The American people are denied information, are uninformed, and helpless. The same is true for Europe and Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan.
Even if the peoples knew, they are impotent.
Putin often relies on non-existent or impotent common sense in the West, but does Russia have enough common sense to realize that there is no common sense in the West that can be effective?
The Russian government does not understand that the “rule of law” constructed by Washington is not a rule of law. It is a rule of Washington’s rule. Washington owns Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, the Atlanticist Integrationists inside Russia, and the UN. This is why Russia’s appeal to the UN is pointless, as Russia just again learned:
To restate the point once again, the passivity of the Putin government in the face of Washington’s aggressiveness is leading directly to nuclear war and the end of life on earth.
Roberts' by now familiar criticisms of Russia/Putin are a dead end.  It is not up to Russia to control America's own monstrous pit bull.  Use the analogy of a neighbourhood where one of the residents owns a vicious pit bull that, every once in a while gets out of the fence and roams the neighbourhood...killing smaller dogs and biting the children.

Who's responsibility is it to rid the neighbourhood of the pit bull?  The neighbours or the owner of the pit bull?  If the owner can't or won't deal with the pit bull because he is "helpless" and "uninformed" does that absolve him of responsibility?

Again, we go back to that word "responsibility".  That is what is lacking in the United States.  Even Canada can't deal with the pit bull.  It is up to the person who OWNS the pit bull to deal with it.  The United States people have to take responsibility, rise up and take on the pit bull themselves...with whatever means is at their matter WHAT that means is. It's time for Americans to start laying their lives on the line for truth, freedom and humanity!  The Pit Bull is your creation.  It belongs to YOU!

Quit blaming Russia. Please!


Greg Bacon said...

The only way to stop this descent into total tyranny and madness will require the loss of much blood and the expenditure of lots of lead.
No MAGA will do it nor a nice looking Hawaiian lady.

Putin's responsible for Russia, not the entire world.

greencrow said...

Exactly, Greg.

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
I too have wondered over the years about PCR's urging of Russia on to taking military action against the US and its proxies. Putin has largely played a waiting game which is (mostly) smart given that the US is getting weaker by the year and perhaps by the month now.

However, I wish to defend PCR in this case that you have blogged about. I have read his article carefully and there is not one sentence that I can disagree with. If you disagree with one or more sentences, I would be very interested in knowing which ones and why.

Roberts here is not interested in who is ultimately responsible because there isn't time for that now. It is a very immediate struggle for survival (or at least to avoid massive chaos) for the whole world. There is an urgency and need for action not discussion of political philosophy. The US's very weakness is such not that it itself poses the risk to everyone. The Neo-Bosheviks know its now or never.

So to use your analogy from what I think is PCR's perspective, we can agree that the pit-bull's owner is responsible for its actions and is responsible for restraining it and we can agree that the owner is not going to do that. But, because of actions taken and not taken in the past, the situation right now is that the pit-bull is charging towards your child and there is another neighbour close by your child. Do you use that short time available to argue with the pit-bull owner once again or do you call out to your neighbour to do something pronto to protect your child (and himself)?

I happen to agree with PCR in that Russia/Putin have not considered all the costs of trying to reason with psychopaths. PCR may not know the US Deep State to be psychopaths but he surely knows how they think and operate.

Unfortunately, there are not many people who do genuinely know how psychopaths operate and think. You need lots of exposure to them to understand them. You need to be beaten over the head multiple times.

The bottom line is that they are incapable of reasoning. And if you try to reason with them, they see that as weakness and they also realise that you do not understand them or the game they are playing. This is what PCR is talking about that is going on between the US and Russia.

To be able to reason with someone, you need to be able to have some level of identity or empathy with your opponent. Psychopaths simply do not have any level of identity with or empathy for others. Do psychopaths use reason? No. They only lie and threaten.

You can communicate with them through carrots and sticks but not reason. The most powerful thing the Russians can do now for their position (and Syria's and the world's) is to act and not talk. No more warnings and no more negotiating. Let their actions be their messages. It is risky but the risks of not doing it are higher.

james@wpc said...

"The US's very weakness is such now that it itself poses the risk to everyone.

greencrow said...

James says:

"...The bottom line is that they are incapable of reasoning. And if you try to reason with them, they see that as weakness and they also realise that you do not understand them or the game they are playing. This is what PCR is talking about that is going on between the US and Russia."

I agree with the above and with everything said by PCR in the post. What I have a problem with is that he doesn't tack onto his analysis in this or in other of his posts the inescapable conclusion that, in the end, it is up to the people of the United States to get rid of their so-called "democratically elected" leader. This must be emphasized in every analysis of what can be done. To leave it up to Russia to "cure" the problem is to allow the United States to escape the reality and the responsibility of the situation.

In stressing the word "responsibility", I "named" the problem. The exact cause of the ongoing crisis in the world caused by America's insistence of being world hegemon/policeman/looter and spoiler of the the lack of active resistance. Even the Palestinians put up more of a fight. Americans must rise up and take on the monster in their midst. The fact that they have left it so long and allowed the monster to strip them of all constitutional, judicial and democratic weaponry is no excuse.