Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday Morning, Coming Down - More reflections on the "War on Rationality"

Saker presents Gone With The Wind

Looking over the headlinez in this morning's Newz it appears that the psychopathic press in the West is working overtime to cover up the public relations calamity that took place on Friday night.  I read where according to a very recent poll, only about 24% of Brits supported the attack on Syria.  No doubt those numbers also reflect public opinion in the US, Canada and the other vassal states.

A concerted effort, therefore, must be made to hide these numbers.  Ergo, we have headlines actually, I kid you NOT, claiming that Russia is preventing the OPCW investigators from reaching the site of the supposed CW attack in Douma.  

At times like these, in almost universal Western bodes well to simply step back from the situation...or, as the greencrow does, fly high and get a "Bird's Eye view".  In the situation at hand, there is a war going on alright...but it's a war on rationality...on evidence...on the rule of law.

Thus, we witness the battles and skirmishes going on in the British Parliament, the United Nations Security Council and in the government buildings of Washington...although that battle has largely been won by the perps...there's just the wreckage of battle strewn around...the stench of dead bodies...similar to what was left under the rubble (TM) after US bombing of Raqqa.

No, the fields of battle have now shifted to the parliaments of the European Union and the seat of International law.  Whoever wins there will determine the fate of the planet.  The weaponry is the barrage of lies, disinformation, obfuscation, manipulations, and distractions.  But the greatest weapon of all is the matrix itself...the matrix is being imposed on the parliament of Britain this moment as I type...RT is carrying the "debate" in the British Parliament live.  Over the weekend we saw the matrix being imposed on the UNSC.

The matrix is a super weapon--composed of all the above [lies, disinformation, obfuscation, manipulations, and distractions].   All these weapons have been combined together to form another level of reality...which is then imposed on humanity...a matrix/virtual prison that the vast majority of humanity is unable to even see or feel.  The delivery system of this super weapon is the English Language.  Yes, folks, it is the English Language which is the fundamental vehicle that all the lies are been transmitted by.  THAT is why the never-ending globalization is taking balkanize humanity and impose English on them...thus destroying the worlds' language/culture.  THAT is why Russia under Putin was able to [so far] avoid being sucked into the spreading cancer of the matrix.

When Putin took over after Yeltsin in the early 1990's the first thing he did was kick out all the rotten western-affiliated oligarchs and use the Russian legal system to stop the looting of the Russian state.  Most importantly, he shut down the creeping anglization of the Russian language.  THAT is why you will never hear a Russian government official speaking formally on behalf of the state in English...although all of them (including Putin) know how to speak the language.  Did you see the Swedish ambassador to the United Nations the other night? He was speaking to the United Nations Security Council in English!  What a disgrace to the once proudly independent nation of Sweden!

You didn't have to listen to what he said...the moment he opened his mouth and the lying formulations of the English language spewed knew what had happened to Sweden...a nation that had held out for so long and whose Prime Minister Olaf Palme had been sacrificed in the early years of the wars for humanity.

Yes.  There is a skirmish going on in the British Parliament as I type.  It is being conducted in the English language...which, according to my view, is like a highly concentrated vial of Novichok being fractured and the contents spread globally....via the media and the Internet. Thus....

“We live in a world where propaganda seems to be more important than what’s really going on.”
–Roger Waters

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