Sunday, April 22, 2018

Middle East Leaders - What Happens to "Populist" Leaders at the Hands of the Neocon

walking the streets of Damascus without security
- link thanks to Seemorerocks

Robin Westenra of "Seemorerocks" blog has just posted the above video of Syrian President Bashar al Assad walking through the streets of Damascus without security and mingling with Syrians in a Bazaar.  I would like to see a similar circumstance...where any Western Leader could interact with ordinary citizens without a flank of security to keep him (or her) separated and protected from them.  This, in spite of the destruction the Syrians have shown in the photo below.  The people KNOW who their enemies are...and its not their leader!
Destruction of the Syrian City of Homs

Reminds me of another "dictator" who "terrorized his own people" Muammar Gaddafi.  Please note how beautiful the city of pre-war Tripoli is in the background of the video below.  Tripoli used to be a tourist destination...not any more.

the Streets of Tripoli prior to the US
"regime change" terrorist invasion 

...flash forward to what Tripoli looks like today.

Tripoli after lifting of "the siege" 

The videos of Assad and Gaddafi remind me of a video I watched years ago of  Saddam meeting with and being cheered by ordinary Iraqis in a public place.... before the destruction of Iraq

Saddam Hussein Walking the Streets
during the US invasion of Iraq

Here is a photo of the destruction of Iraq. Interestingly, this one was taken after the Canal Hotel Bombing which...was a counter-invasion bombing of the Canal Hotel. At the moment the bomb exploded there was a meeting going on in the hotel between Sergio Vieira de Mello, formerly the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and at the time of the explosion, the UN's Special Representative for Iraq and US New York "refugee lawyer" [aka mass migration facilitator] Arthur C. Helton.  IMO they were meeting to plan mass migration of refugees into and out of Iraq as a fortuitous (for some entities) by-product of the Invasion.  "Unfortunately", this meeting was interrupted by a fatal bomb blast.

Canal Street Bombing, Baghdad, Iraq

Here's a video of Saddam's Last Speech and his execution (graphic) at the end....

Saddam Hussein's final Speech
Rising to the Occasion
He leaves a lasting legacy of Resistance
for Iraq and ALL countries in the Middle East

Despite the obscene focus of the diabolical Ziofascist American warmongering machine on countries in the Middle East for the past 17 years...ever since the 9/11 pretext for war...History will show that those nations targeted so far...Syria, Libya and Iraq....were well served by their leaders.  Hussein, Gadhafi and Assad's courage and resilient devotion to their people will long outlast all the current and recent past so-called "leaders" (who were/are actually Deep State puppets) in the West.

Again, for those who insist that one single person cannot make a difference in history....I offer up these three leaders as case-in-point for the opposite side of the debate...and as yet another example of why the Western poohbahs "hate" populist leaders.

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Reading between the lines said...

Good post green crow .Hopefully the lying leaders of the West , egged on by the Israelis , will not succeed in eliminating Bashar al Assad .He is surely protected by his people .