Friday, April 20, 2018

John "We Know Where Your Children Are" Bolton Meets with Russian Ambassador in Washington

According to RT, John Bolton has just had a meeting with the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonev.

When we last heard about John "We Know Where Your Children Are" Bolton, he was threatening Iran, saying that Iran would be a vassal State of USrael by the end of 2018.  John is a "One Trick Pony" ever since 2001, when he was one of the primary engineers behind the 9/11 Inside Job mass murdering coup of the US government--for the purpose of destroying "seven Middle East countries in five years".  This, according to General Wesley Clark.  Can we speculate on what Bolton might have told Antonev?  First let's read the RT report and I'll have more comments to follow:

"The newly-appointed White House national security adviser John Bolton has met with Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to discuss the US-Russia relationship amid unprecedented tensions between Washington and Moscow.
“Ambassador Bolton reiterated that it is in the interest of both the United States and Russia to have better relations, but that this will require addressing concerns regarding Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, the reckless use of chemical weapon in the United Kingdom, and the situations in Syria and Ukraine,” the White House said in a statement.
While US officials and Trump had earlier personally expressed some will to cooperate and to build a “good relationship” with Russia, the White House has now taken quite a hostile approach, implying in its statement for the US media that Moscow should first confess its alleged sins in order to move on. The Russian Embassy in Washington has not immediately issued any statements following the meeting.
This was the first meeting between the recently appointed White House security adviser Bolton and Ambassador Antonov, who, after assuming his current role in September 2017, received a lukewarm welcome from US politicians.
The meeting between the envoys comes amid unprecedented tensions. The rift between the nuclear superpowers reached another level this month, after Washington and Moscow traded warnings ahead of the unauthorized US-led strike on Syria. Under Trump, the US has also taken the decision to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, while introducing additional sanctions against Russia. On Wednesday, the US leader once again boasted that “there has been nobody tougher on Russia than President Donald Trump.”
Despite a barrage of accusations leveled against Moscow, Russian officials have repeatedly reiterated that they are willing to work with their Western partners, including the US, to defuse any tensions that have built up over the last couple of years.
“Our countries need each other to define a joint program of work on strengthening international security,” Antonov was quoted as saying earlier."


Greencrow Says: Well, for sure, we can say that there were threats involved. Bolton does not let a sentence slither out from between his lips that does not contain a threat of one type or another.  No doubt some of the threats were related to the latest crisis--continuing from the neocons' failed effort to intimidate Russia/Syria with a barrage of missiles a week ago today.

All that the Friday night missile psyops proved was that the US is still capable of dragging the world to the razors edge of WWIII...but it is more like Stephen Speilberg "Star Wars" than "Gulf of Tonkin"...these shows get more shopworn with age.  And the "graphics/special effects" fireworks were spectacularly underwhelming.  70 of the 103 missile fired were intercepted by a third rate anti-missile system...not good, if you are a bully like Bolton.

"....And now here is the really bad news: the US ground forces (Army) are pretty much useless, while the US Navy and Air Force are in big, big trouble: the USN surface fleet is now quasi obsolete due to the Russian Kinzhal missile, while the USAF doesn’t seem to be able to operate in an environment with modern Russian surface to air missiles. None of them appear to be able to get anything done other than wasting an immense amount of money and killing a lot of people, mostly civilians. Just like their Israeli and Saudi allies, the US armed forces are just not capable of taking on any meaningful enemy capable of defending itself. There is only one segment of the US armed forces which is still fully capable of accomplishing its mission: the US nuclear triad. Hence all the attempts by US force planners and strategists to find a doctrine not only for the use of nuclear forces as a deterrent, but to re-conceptualize them as a war-fighting capability (missile defense, micro-nukes, etc.). Think of it this way: the only credible (real world) means of aggression left to the Empire are nuclear weapons. Many (most?) people don’t realize that (yet), but with each failed conventional attack this reality will become harder and harder to hide."
So, you can be sure Bolton's bluster and bravado threats to the Russian Ambassador contained some veiled references to a "limited" nuclear attack....should the "West" have to "punish" Russia/Syria again.    But I disagree with Saker when he says that the only "segment of the US armed forces" which is still potentially effective is nuclear.  I also believe that cyber warfare is an area where the US could do a lot of damage to Russia.  And here I want to present a report from Canadian newz that I took as a veiled threat of a future False Flag where there would be a huge cyber attack on the "West", particularly North America that would be blamed on Russia.  Please read the following report I read in a local news outlet:

LONDON, ENGLAND (NEWS 1130) – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has talked about the recent warning of cyber attacks by Russia during an intelligence briefing in London.

The briefing took place between Trudeau and the leaders from the UK, Australia and New Zealand, who are all in London for the Commonwealth meeting. Along with the US they make up the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance.

One of the big issues believed to be discussed is the recent warning of unprecedented cyber-attacks by Russia that includes targeting routers in people’s homes.

Mark Holland, the parliamentary secretary to public safety, says these are serious threats and it’s important to work with Canadian allies.

“We have conversations on a daily basis between our agencies and theirs, and between our governments and theirs on which threats are present and how we can respond to them."
He wouldn’t directly address the potential threats, but does say cyber protection is a priority for the federal government and our allies. “We closely monitor any activity that would threaten either Canadian government systems or critical infrastructure.”
The leaders were also expected to speak about Russia’s support for the Assad regime and the recent air strikes on Syria over its use of chemical weapons.


Greencrow:  We know that Putin/Russia has literally begged the West to sit down and come up with a mutual strategy to prevent/deal with cyber attacks.  The West has refused.  Why?  IMO, because they want to have the ability to do a False Flag cyber attack that could be blamed on Russia. Duh!

So, perhaps a cyber attack was also one of the threats that slithered out from between the reptilian lips hiding behind the handlebar mustache of John "We Know Where Your Children Are" Bolton.

But, Wait!  Just this morning we read that Trump has repeated his invitation to Putin for a meeting...and this time has suggested a locale...The White House.  Perhaps THAT's what Bolton was talking about with the Russian Ambassador...inviting Putin to Washington for a visit.  For anyone at all familiar with current geopolitics...the invitation itself represents a true threat of the most grievous nature.  For the following reasons:

1.  If Putin refuses...he's considered a boor.  The M$M will be all over him for...creating a rift between superpowers;

2.  If Putin accepts...then it's gangbusters to make the visit a horrific experience for the planet...just the potential for assassination alone--will render the World into a state of WWIII jitters just like we all were in...well, like we were a week ago tonight, for example...when the West "played chicken with the planet" by bombing Syria.  The Perps would not hesitate to bomb the White House if Putin were inside...Hey, they bombed the Pentagon on 9/11 didn't they?  And they would have the chutzpah to blame the bombing on Russia.  These guys are "NUCKING FUTZ!!!

3.  The chances of anything positive coming out of the meeting are a) slim; and b) none.  Trump does not have the power to follow through...even if there were any agreements reached.  In fact should the world survive the meeting between the two will probably hasten the impeachment of Trump.

So, in summary....with the new weaponry possessed by the Russians...the West is up against the wall.  It's only effective arsenal now are: 1)  threats of low level nuclear attack, 2) False Flags/Media psyops including a 3) False Flag cyber attack against the West to 4) be blamed on Russia.  This will likely happen soon, and be the pretext to have a massive boycott of the Russian World Cup of Soccer...which is supposed to start in May.  IMO, Bolton likely threatened the Russian Ambassador with this cyber attack and...wait for it...demanded that Putin "resign".  Hey, Bolton WOULD make such threat/ultimatum.  Just to keep the Russians off balance, the Putative President, Trump, repeated his invitation for Putin to visit Washington...which is, in light of recent events...a threat in and of itself.  Note Bene:  Should Putin decide, against greencrow's advice, to accept Trump's invitation, he should beforehand read up on the historical "Massacre of Glencoe" ....which resulted from a similar invitation by the Campbell clan to the MacDonald clan.


Anonymous said...

In lieu of his own self or some important minister who might have children, Putin can send some of those Russian robot hookers who can leak BZ on the rugs.

For those into science fiction, a good and entertaining parallel read might be "Saturn Run" by John Sanford and Ctein.

Ctein is a poly-math from Cal/Poly who is a cosmic-class photographer and photo printer.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the comment. Can you please give us a precis on the story line of "Saturn Run"?


Anonymous said...

Saturn Run (see ) is a fictional yarn from the suture involving space travel, international intrigue, the White House, the Chinese and very high-end informational technologies. I did see a movie trailer but it's uncertain....

Anonymous said...

suture = future... unintentional typo/pun....