Friday, April 13, 2018

"Flim Flam Man" Trump as seen by Russian Leadership - Plus: Armageddon Update

Russian Political Panelist has Trump's Number

While it appears from a cursory browse of this morning's headlines that the West has "walked" back from the brink of nuclear Armageddon that its Ziofascist controllers have dragged the world to earlier this week, IMO this is likely not the case.  Whipsawing back and forth between false flags, false flags hoaxes and relative calm is the hallmark of the perps.  In this way they maintain all important "control of the narrative".

The Russians have a much clearer perspective of what is actually taking place, as is evidenced in the "must watch" panel discussion in the above video.  Please watch to the end as one of the panelists makes the best summing up of the geopolitical crisis that has been delivered so far.  Right on the target and right on the money.

Two more links that provide exceptional insight are here and here.  All I need do is remind readers to think back to the run up to the "attack on Iraq" in the early 2000's.  The current dynamic is a clone of what went on there...absolutely a mirror version...just change the name from "Iraq" to "Syria".  These entities really are "one trick ponies".  And they don't have to be creative because the ultimate weapon is and always will be force.  The stories of "WMD" (TM) and "Gassing His OWN people" (TM) are just clumsy foreplay.. prior to rape.

I predict the next ratcheting up of tension...and possibly the inevitable war...will take place on May 7th, 2018 which I understand is the date of the inauguration ceremony for Vladimir Putin.  The Perps will definitely NOT allow that event to go as planned.  So prepare your own personal survival plan working around that date.  As per usual and as I did back in the run up to the Iraq war...I hope I am wrong about this...but I sincerely doubt it.

In the meantime, all is not black newz.  We have some very good news this morning as reported by RT.  Here is the headline and report and I will have final comments to follow.

"Russia to suspend nuclear, rocket cooperation with America, ban US tobacco & alcohol – draft law 

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