Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Canadian NewZ Update: Can it get any worse? Oh Yes It CAN!

Former UN Worker Peter Dalglish
with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

"Canadian humanitarian worker

Peter Dalglish arrested in child

sex investigation in Nepal, police say"

With all the distractions in the International geopolitical newz lately I have completely neglected domestic current events here in Canada.  We thought [erroneously as it's turned out] that things would go quiet here in the hinterland for a while...after the spectacular display of our Canadian Prime Minister, dressed in bespangled and bejeweled Indian regalia, going barefoot and dancing during his recent foreign affairs trip to India.  Well, apparently not so.  There has been a lot going on for anyone willing to dip into the tundra-like bogs of Canadian politics/current events.  Here's a small and relatively brief sampling:

First we have a story about the above Canadian, Peter Dalglish, who used to work for the United Nations.  Apparently he was arrested recently on suspicion of being involved with pedophilia trafficking of minors.  I would venture that 99.9% of Canadians don't know who the heck Peter Dalglish is...and the Trudeau government wants to keep it that way.  Perhaps that's why the newz was safely buried under a ton of frenetic international charade and drama.  And that's why Canadians are forced to go to this dubious source for the "real nitty gritty".  All I can ask is...Is there any lowlife/bum/scallywag that Trudeau has NOT been photographed with???

Next up, we have the ongoing saga of the Trans-Mountain pipeline controversy...with the unseemly sidebar of Alberta threatening to block gasoline transportation to BC--and further up our already "highest prices in North America" for gas at the pump.  BC has threatened to sue Alberta.  Now, after the Dalglish thing has surfaced...I'm wondering if all the inter-provincial threats drama wasn't a distraction...because it's all so silly.  But BC gasoline at the pump prices have sky rocketed, ever since the BC provincial government started dithering and "giving in to environmentalists" over the pipeline.  I have written about this pipeline in the distant past.  There is already a pipeline on the appointed route and it has already ruptured once, spilling unrefined gas products down the side of a Burnaby mountain and into the Burrard was a true local environmental catastrophe.  The Transmountain project proposes tripling this pipeline system and bringing in exponentially greater numbers of huge oil tankers into the narrow inlet.  It is a stupid and potentially disastrous plan but...hey...when did that ever stop the corporatists and banksters?  It WILL be built.  But I say, at least the BC government could hold Transmountain's feet to the fire long enough to get some burying all the transmission lines that go along the pipeline route.

Then, last week we had the charade over on Parliament Hill where Trudeau security adviser Daniel Jean appeared before the "Atwal Scandal" committee to tell the parliamentarians why he was able to brief some journalists over the scandal but NOT brief parliament.  What excuse did Jean give in the end?
Jean said Monday the briefing [of the journalists] was intended to dispel public suggestions that Canadian agencies could have acted sooner to ensure Atwal did not attend the first event.

“I provided information to counter the false allegations,” Jean said.

“We take the relationship with India very seriously. We remain vigilant to any potential threat.”

Well, that clears THAT up.

And, as a neat bookend to the CSIS involvement in blaming India for Trudeau looking like a clown over there...we have yet another CSIS scandal.  This time its of the old stock...get one of our "visible minority" citizens renditioned somewhere and tortured or held for no reason variety.  How much money in investigation costs and pay offs has CSIS cost Canadians so far?  And we haven't even heard how much money Canadians are going to have to shell out to the poor, benighted vulnerable couple, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody...who were the patsies in the BC Legislature pressure cooker bomb fiasco of July 1, 2013.  That case went to the BC Appeals Court last September and we haven't heard "boo" about it since.  No doubt, if the decision of Justice Catherine Bruce is upheld...the Korody/Nuttalls will be dipping into the federal "CSIS F-UP payout" well as well.

But don't worry, Justin still has that 7 billion dollar slush fund to pay all the aggrieved CSIS victims out of.

Finally, there's the ongoing soap opera called the NAFTA talks between the governments of Canada, the US and Mexico.  Latest word is that the US ambassador delivered a speech that "shies away" from the talks.  Well, when the end game is strong-arming, blackmailing, sanctioning whatever Canada and Mexico into relinquishing any pathetic amount of sovereignty we have left...what's the point of NAFTA?  Just keep on with and accelerate the never ending "harmonization" project.

And just a final venting of a longstanding pet peeve of mine.  Ever since the Kennedy phenomena in the United States...where the Deep State government ended up assassinating not one (JFK) not two (RFK) but THREE (JFK Jr) Kennedy populist politicians...there has been a psychological/disinformation campaign going on against "populist" politicians.  Here is a newz story about Trudeau's recent nose dive in the polls being blamed on "populism" desires by citizens.  This is brainwashing folks.  In a democracy, a successful politician HAS to be a populist.  That's what makes people vote for him...s/he is considered to be "their" man and "represent the people".  The Kennedy's were killed because the people liked and trusted them too much and thus they didn't need to bow to the deep state.  THAT's why the PTB hate populist politicians.  In that regard, the Deep State need have no fear of "Le Dauphin".


Anonymous said...

"Crudeau"protest in UK
On Wednesday, Greenpeace activists unveiled anti-oil banners with the words "Crudeau oil" at the entrance to the Canadian High Commission in Trafalgar Square in London, and built a mock pipeline.

greencrow said...

This tug of war has been going on in BC for many years. Kinder Morgan backs off for awhile and then attacks never lets up and never gives up entirely. Right now, it is pretending to be miffed and is "not putting any more money into the project" due to opposition. I very much doubt that Kinder Morgan has stopped its work. It's all smoke and mirrors...until the pipeline gets built and then, due to the inevitable earthquake, ruptures and destroys everything in its wake...including Burrard Inlet.

Penny said...

Hey GC: I'd seen the news regarding the pedophile- this is so typical of these predators- to 'fight' that which they are in the midst of perpetuating

It's like the war on terror- which is, in reality, a war of terror.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Note how the M$M is closely following the "Cosby Trial". Every salacious detail is magnified and obsessed over. Cosby may be guilty as sin but he was given a pass for decades...decades. Now when they need a "Black Man" take down...which they do on a clockwork basis. Cosby is ripe for the picking....his career over and the entities that got rich off his career are safely at arms length.

THEN we have the Dalglish scandal. With the photo of Trudeau and Dalglish surfacing, what is the connection? Where and when was the photo taken. But, no...the story was smothered and strangled in its cradle. Hypocrisy at its height. Well, I am going to put the Dalglish matter into my special file along with the Nuttall/Korody debacle and several other unresolved matters. I will keep my crow's eye panning the Internet for newz and will post whatever I find.