Thursday, April 5, 2018

UPDATED: Atlanticist Ziofascists Want to "Own" Human Reality

United Nations Security Council

UPDATED:  The following video is of the UNSC session that took place earlier today.  Please watch...and note particularly the empassioned Russian demand for justice...and the evasions and manipulations of the UK ambassador.  Each of her statements has strategic omissions and distortions of fact.  Observe the Swedish Ambassador, sitting between the Russian and United Kingdom ambassadors...what a disgrace to a once proud country he appears to be. Looking at him and listening to what he became clear to me the ultimate motivation for this latest false flag dog and pony show.  It all goes back to what I have said in many, many previous posts was/is the main goal of false flags.  The primary goal is to be a "drill".  In national false flags, the goal is to identify those [particularly in law enforcement, justice and the media] who do not go along with the "official story"--and eliminate them prior to the next false flag or Deep State event.  In international false flags, such as the Skripal poisoning...the goal was to find out what Western states would fail to "fall in line" with the official story.  The litmus test was to see what states would expel Russian ambassadors on demand of NATO.

So, in my opinion, the motivation of the Skripal poisoning was as an international "drill" to establish the degree of subservience amongst the Western nations...prior to WHAT event?  Well, there lies the mystery.  One thing is certain...Sweden passed with flying colours [sarc].  Another point.  The Russian Ambassador asked the question: "You couldn't have come up with better fake story?"  The answer is that the scenario is deliberately shot full of holes...inconsistencies, implausibilities, incredibilities.  This is to make it all the harder for the vassal states to go along...they have to go against their own sense of reason and justice.  In so doing they incriminate themselves, tar themselves with the criminal UK Brush.  This stringent test of ludicrousness definitely tempts the vassal states to break free and exert sovereignty.  But the blackmail in this case [expulsion from NATO or the EU?] was so strong that almost every targeted vassal state complied.  The "drill" exposed only a few minor Bulgaria and Austria.   France was given an extra test.  It was demanded that it become personally involved in the "investigation".  I suspect that was because France, historically has been closer to Russia than the other vassals...see for eg., the "Mistral" episode.

Video of UNSC Meeting called by Russia
to discuss the UK engineered Skripal False Flag

"...I don’t even know how to comment on this. It’s some sort of the theater of absurd. You couldn't have come up with better fake story?” Nebenzia said.
“We know the worth of the British intelligence from Tony Blair though,” the diplomat added, apparently making a reference to the notorious lies on the allegedly existing Iraqi WMDs."

Observing a few moments of the "Live" RT broadcast from the United Nations' Security Council...where representatives from the world's nations are now meeting to discuss the International Incident that the Skripal False Flag has now deteriorated becomes obvious that reality, and facts have no place in this august room decreed by the Atlanticist Ziofascist half the world has divided itself into.

The other half...the reality-based half--and unfortunately the half that I have been geographically separated from...responds as if its been dropped down a rabbit hole from Lewis Carroll's classic children's book.  It is slowly dawning on the BRIC's nations that they are dealing with florid pathological psychosis.  I listened to the well-groomed male representative from Sweden and I hardly recognized the far removed as it is from the historical stereotype of the cool, cerebral Swede.  There he a Zombie...repeating the nonsense that has been spewing out of England for over two weeks now.

When it came time for Poland to speak...I had to click off the channel, knowing...all the polish jokes I'd ever heard in my youth were soon to be flung in my face...I decided to give it a pass.  Yes, the methodology is what I've said before.  Russia may just have announced that it has game changing weaponry far exceeding anything the West...which has squandered taxpayer dollars on failing military/industrial corporations for generations...has in its arsenal.  So, the slime-buckets who run the Deep State have decided to fight back by attacking rationality itself.

By attacking rationality/reality, stealing it from its former status as the common property of humanity, running off with it and destroying it with ludicrous lies and hopes to drag humanity down the rabbit hole into a "Wonderland" where the red queen DOES paint the roses red and where the Card soldiers do enforce her insane commands. "Off with [Russia's] head!"

Only in this bizarre environment...where one pill makes you smaller and another makes you larger...or, in the present instance...where one novichok exposure makes one entire nation [Russia] the subject of vilification based on no evidence....and the other nation [England] a surreal "Mad Hatters' Tea Party", can the Atlanticist Ziofascists function.

Wait!  Are we really experiencing this?  Or, is it just an Alice-like, matrix-like dream?  Where DID the antidote that cured the symptoms of Novichok poisoning in the Skripals come from?  Is there a similar, miraculous antidote for the Atlanticist' theft of reality? When will we all be able to wake up from the nightmare and crawl out of the rabbit hole?

Alice in Wonderland
Mad Hatter's Tea Party


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Thank you for your encouraging words, Rachel. It means a lot to know there are readers like you out there. That's the grease for my wheels.