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The Park Bench Café #16 - Parkland Edition (The Russians Are Coming!)

The Park Bench Café #15 - Parkland Edition 
(The Russians Are Coming!)

Everybody's running...mass pandemonium...the sirens are blaring non-stop. The slower people get trampled on...nobody looks Sodom and Gomorrah...if you look back you might turn to stone.  The TV warning had been clear...Take Cover!  IT'S happening.  I'd been waiting for it ever since 1962 when we were in high school and had to "duck and cover" under our desks to avoid nuclear attack.  But this time, we know a plywood desk isn't going to help.  We need to reach a bomb shelter.  Nothing remotely close is within running distance...but there is the Subway.  We run for the entrance and fight the mass of humanity trying to jam through the doors and down the escalator...

Finally, gasping for breath...we reach the lowest level train's still not it surely will be in a few moments or seconds.  Metal benches are attached to the walls. Miraculously, one is empty and we sit on it...we're gonna be here for a while...hopefully!  We look this the last scene that we'll ever gaze upon?  Is this where it's all gonna end????  We look left, right, one side, we see a newspaper, neatly folded at the end of the bench. The Headline reads....

[My blogging colleague, Ed(itor) formerly of  "Occurrences", "The Boy Down the Lane" and "The Sullen Bell" has once again supplied the links for this feature.  Thanks Ed(itor)]

"Putin: If Attacked, Russia Will Respond With New

"Unstoppable" Nukes"

DOJ Files Prove President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy fighting Zionists When Murdered

December 10, 2014 Nicky Nelson NEWS

DOJ Files Prove President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy fighting Zionists When Murdered – by Nicky Nelson

Shocking DOJ case files released under a Freedom of Information Act through the Israeli Archives prove that President Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, were fighting the Zionists When President Kennedy was Murdered.

Save your video files! Health Ranger to launch YouTube alternative that protects the free speech of real Americans

“… Make no mistake about it, the individual IS the target. He is the unpredictable wild card in the deck. The technocratic planners know their algorithms don't work when there are too many independent individuals. So they must rub them out and make them willing "units" on the planetary chessboard…..”

The world on trial: will Socialism/Globalism win?
By Jon Rappoport

ROBERT STEELE: Tip of the Hat to the producers of this superb video which may not last long, but should be available at if YouTube takes it down. Protests will achieve nothing. Eric Schmidt does not give a shit and Larry Page is too clueless to realize he is eating his seed corn. What is needed is a massive Title 7 class action lawsuit that brings together ALL of the cases against Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, and mounts a SINGLE massive case with thousands of plantiffs, hundreds of thousands of “friend of the court” submissions, millions of demands for remedial legislation across every state, and at least 100 very specific discovery requests that will tie these people in knots for over a year. And while they are dealing with this, we create the Autonomous Internet, cobbling together Bitchute, Gab and other pieces, while also launching the encrypted distributed mesh. I know how to do this.

Add to this list the blogroll at

US training Europe to use tactical nuclear weapons against Russia is threat to non-proliferation - Lavrov | 28 Feb 2018 | US programs which train non-nuclear powers on how to use American tactical nuclear weapons violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. Lavrov's comments reiterate Russia's critical stance regarding the US and its training of NATO allies. The US is training European states who do not possess nuclear arsenals of their own on how to use American nuclear weapons stationed there. Moscow considers it a breach of the NTP, the cornerstone of the current non-proliferation regime.

[Ed.: This is the same bS from circa 1980 when the Pentagon tried to sell both the Crisis Relocation Program (when they spotted incoming, you were going to be told to get into your car and drive two hours to a different location, an interesting thought given what we knew then about the effects of nuclear weapon detonation, let alone what we know now, let alone the recent debacle in Hawai’i. They also tried floating the idea that the US could ship the wounded from a limited nuclear exchange in the Fulda Gap (look up the history) across the big pond to hospitals on the East Coast of America, an idea easily debunked by a position paper written by two physicians and an expert in EMS systems and mass casualty incident management by — among other things— merely pointing out the extreme demands on nursing time, plasma and blood supplies et alia involved in the long-term care of people with radiation burns. My role in writing that position paper cost me with three jobs and got me blackballed. The military-industrial complex will crush you if you try to feed them reality. Once published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, you can’t find a copy of it anymore, except possibly in a corner of the library at Swarthmore, but you can eaily find the rebuttal by three spokesmen for the Pentagon that explained that the notional profile — an interesting term, given the two-decades old flurry of mass medical trauma drills turned live — did NOT suggest the use of battlefield nukes. Apparently radiation burns come from too much time in the sun. ]

“… What strikes me is that this is the third major compromise of US SIGINT products in the last year. The first was the felonious disclosure to the press of US intelligence penetration of Russian diplomatic communications. the second was the disclosure to the press of penetration of GRU communications. In this one the oral or written discussions among the officials of several foreign countries are revealed. These conversations were probably encrypted.

Is Jeff Sessions still alive? Why are there no prosecutions for these felonies?… ”

Source: Technocratic Tyranny

By Vicky Davis • February 26, 2018

Just as an exercise, do a search on the term communism. You’ll find that it is defined as an economic system and/or a political system. Most people have probably read the Communist Manifesto in which Karl Marx outlined ten key points that are the goals of communism. The question in this writer’s mind is ‘Why is communism defined as a legitimate political and economic system’ when it clearly is a system built on criminality?

For the government to own all the means of production, they must confiscate (steal) the property from the owners of that property. They must indoctrinate the children and propagandize the adults and murder or imprison the dissenters.

Communists use logical positivism to “sell” the ideas in public discourse. If you research logical positivism as a philosophy, it gets quite complicated. The simplified summation of it in modern parlance is that a positive spin is put on a negative idea. The negative idea would be rejected immediately so logic is used in such a way as to turn the negative into a positive.

it seems to this writer that the definition of communism and the legitimization of it as a political or economic system is a case study in logical positivism. When the system of communism is dissected, this writer’s definition is as follows:

Communism is a criminal enterprise that uses perversity as a strategy for chaos and chaos as a tool for takeover.

When a criminal enterprise infiltrates the state, it uses the power of government as a weapon to further the objectives of the criminal enterprise. Defining communism which is a criminal enterprise as a legitimate political/economic system is to legitimize crime – putting a positive spin on a negative.

Understanding that communism is a criminal enterprise that has infiltrated government is a prerequisite to understanding what was going on in Broward County that caused the failure of the system to deal with the problems that Nicolas Cruz was having. The Sheriff, Scott Israel implemented Community Policing in Broward County. The following is from the Sheriff’s Office webpage. I just noticed something – the Sheriff’s website is a .org and not a .gov That’s significant…. [more at the link] 

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