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The Betrayal of Man by Science

The Betrayal of Man by Science

I've had the idea for this post in the hopper for some time now.  How fitting that today, the day I decide to finally publish the day after the death of the Great Science Hoax, Stephen Hawking.  I note that Mike Rivero, avid supporter of the Lunar Hoax, is saddened by the death of this scientific mascot/figment of the British Imagination.

Last July, I wrote about my suspicion that the Stephen Hawking who lived over 50 years with Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)...longer than the next survivor of that disease, who lived 20 years...was not the "real" Stephen Hawking.  I said at the time that the entity called "Stephen Hawking" was being used by the pseudo-scientific community [more likely the M16 handlers of the scientific community] to make "profound" but fallacious pronouncements on topics that the unwashed know nothing about. In other words..."Stephen Hawking" was a lead the public down the garden path of pseudo-science.

I thought I was alone out on a limb with this theory...but, just today, The Truthseeker.UK re-published a 2015 article by another disbeliever of the Stephen Hawking meme.  What a comfort it is to know that some of the people over in the UK these days are not hysterical imbeciles, believing everything their controlled government feeds them. But, back to science.  Our Canadian newz is saying that "Stephen Hawking helped to elevate Canada's scientific profile".  I love the irony of that statement.  What scientific profile?!  lol.

But, but, but, WHY did the perps pick yesterday to finally kill off their fake, mute scientific genius?  Could it be a temporary distraction/obscuring of opposition and negative public reaction against their fake set up of Russia once again?...this time by M16 poisoning one of its former Spys and blaming it on Russia?  Or, more likely...could it be signaling an end to the era of the fake science...all the fakeries, hoaxes and failures [F-35 anyone?]  that have been substituted for real science and technological breakthroughs?

Could the "killing off" of Hawking be a signal to the scientific community that they have to "up their game"?  Especially now since the Russian military scientists have literally "blown the West out of the water" with all the high tech and low cost nuclear weapons recently announced by Putin.  What a sad reflection on a privileged and highly paid community. friggin' one after another

Let's face it.  The West has lived on lies for decades and generations of mediocre/pseudo science...starting with: The Moon Landings...If they've been lying about that...have they lied to us about everything?  Yes.

Lunar Hoaxes

I've been talking about the lunar hoaxes for over five years now.  And folks, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only is Western Science a hoax in and of is a constant threat and weapon against its own people.  Examples of this is the US government refusing to compensate civilians for cancer-causing pollution by foreign military bases.

The US government makes no bones about using Western civilians as Guinea pigs for their GMO experiments...witness these gmo mosquitoes being released in Miami.  All their random testing of flu viruses without public knowledge threatens a global pandemic.

Then we have the constant exposure to the cancer-causing substances produced by Western Science...Glyphosates and the threats against and silencing of any scientists who warn against them. Western science has run amok--and is used for social control. All the over-medication of the elderly...and the lucrative [to Big Pharma] project of killing off of the "surplus" population of underemployed young via the current opioid epidemic.


Then we have the entire diabolical realm of vaccinations--which are now used more for human engineering than preventing disease.  Today, nobody knows WHAT's in the vaccination you submit your body to on any given day.  It might be might be might be something that is dormant and only decades later can cause disease, sterility...whatever.  We just don't know.  And if we ask questions...we're threatened and bullied by the so-called scientific community and Big Pharma... Knowing exactly what's in vaccinations is "none of our bidness".

The Internet has raised the awareness of the critically thinking faction of the public [approximately 37%] and they are starting to examine the raw data that is available.  Here is an example of how diseases with an unknown etiology can be traced back to a mass vaccination against influenza in 1976.  Blogger Jon Rappoport has done some very good investigative work in this area as shown here and here.


“… That the advent of the internet changed everything has become both a mantra and a truism. What is not widely known by the public is that it created a whole new form of data-analysis called "meta-analysis," and a brief overview of this technique is necessary before reading the article, because the main argument of the article depends to a certain extent on this type of analysis, so it is essential to understand it, and what it can do, and cannot do. We all have a general idea of what scientists do when they analyze data. They "crunch the numbers" that result from their experiments, and then publish those results in professional journals, where other people in that field of science read them and debate the conclusions. That, anyway, is more or less how it's supposed to work. The articles are about the hard data. But as the internet arose, and more and more articles were archived and stored digitally, this opened a whole new way of analyzing data, for with this database and the addition of search engines, it became possible to analyze not the data in the articles, but the number of articles published on defined topics.

As a result, it became possible to look not for causes and effects, which would be more or less the purpose of individual articles themselves, but to look for significant and statistically undismissible, or statistically significant correlations between types of data. In other words, meta-analysis is not about causes, but about correlations. It's saying "Look at this relationship, it's significant, it needs examination to see if there is a causal connection." Meta-analysis suggests causal relations on the basis of data correlations. This is quite the crucial point, as the author of this article, James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D., does not fall into the trap of deducing causes from correlations. Indeed, as we'll see, he even avoids the trap of saying "Vaccines are bad", but rather suggests that certain compounds and elements found in certain types of vaccines are the real root of the problem (e.g., Thimerosol, aluminum, &c.). One would be hard-pressed to debate that conclusion, for Jenner's small pox vaccine, for example, did not contain Thimerosol and, so far as I'm aware, aluminum or any of the other compounds or elements that have been identified as problematical over the past few years. The technique of vaccination is not the problem; the content of individual vaccines is…

Raining viruses?

So, the public [the critically thinking public but, sadly, not the masses] are now largely aware of the dangers and threats in vaccinations and are able to act accordingly.  But, just when you thought it was safe to back in the water...remember "JAWS!"? Western science comes up with another blight on the planet...that seems to be their main assignment and "stock in trade".

Along with such scientific lies as "global warming" and "extreme weather" there is the sudden, inexplicable cases of rare diseases striking in odd places.  Here is an example of a rare form of cattle eye worm showing up in an unusual setting.  Now, wonder how that happened?

Weather manipulation?

Could it be, like this article says..."It's raining viruses - billions fall from the sky everyday".  For some years now, I have been of the opinion, frequently expressed on this blog, that a lot of phenomena called "global warming", "Extreme weather" is actually caused by the weather manipulating  HAARP-like technologies which we KNOW exist and are active.  We also KNOW that there is a constant assault on the Earth's atmosphere by chemical spraying by military planes.  What is in those chemtrails?  Well, we learned several years ago that they are mainly composed of coal dust.  To which is added lithium. This has been admitted by the Western scientific community.  It is my opinion that additives are constantly being injected into the chemtrail "brew".  Influenza viruses in the spring rains.... brings a flood of extra lucre to the pharmaceutical companies.  GMO seeds and bugs can rain down on us Guinea pigs here on earth.  Biological wars can be waged on other countries without anyone knowing...mass die offs of herds of wild elk in some Siberian hinterland...whatever.


Let's face it!  Man has been utterly betrayed by modern science.  Rather than Science being a tool to better the lives of has been manipulated, twisted and turned on its head to make gullible fools out of most of the compromise our health, the earth's environment and to put us in grave danger of nuclear war.

This latest threat has just become sickeningly real just this past two weeks--when Russia announced that it had far outstripped Americans in the "nuclear arms race".  While the western scientists were busy with their hoaxes,  their military failures (F-35) costing quadrillion$ of taxpayer dollars....their death-dealing "vaccinations" and chem-trails...Russia was coming up with invincible doomsday machines on a shoe-string budget.  Who could blame them?  The Russians are constantly and insidiously threatened 24/7 by the hubristic, warmongering  Western politicians, and so they had no alternative.  The danger here is that the constant provocation of Russia by the west will end up in them USING their weapons in self defense.  And to think that all that scientific genius, know-how, funding and energy could have been devoted to cures for cancer, alzheimers, als, environmental degradation, etc., etc., etc....

THIS, folks, is the ultimate betrayal of man by Science.

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