Monday, March 26, 2018

Skripal False Flag Sh!t$torm Explodes into World Cup Destroying Main$tream Meme

Skripal False Flag Sh!tstorm Explodes
as Deep State tool to destroy Russia World Cup

This morning the Main$tream Presstitute Media is uniformly marching in anti-Russian goose step fanaticism. They're announcing the expulsion of Russian diplomats in all the Western vassal states. Looking back over the past week or two this was always going to be where it was headed. It was always going to be about suddenly and without cause, evidence or rationality...escalating the strategic project of isolating Russia exponentially...just ahead of the 2018 Soccer (Football) World Cup which is scheduled to start in Russia in a few weeks.

Anyone with a cursory understanding of geopolitics would know that the 2018 World Cup in Russia was never going to happen.  And today it is crystal clear how that Deep State decision which was likely made years ago.... is going to play out.  First banning and expelling diplomats to be closely followed by banning national teams going to Russia.  All Europe and North American [as if that would matter] football teams will not be going to Russia.

Now we know how ruthless these diablos are when they set their sights on destruction.  Funny, just yesterday I was thinking about that American hero who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic to Europe back in 1927.  Charles Lindberg was his name.  A very handsome fellow, he became a national, or even world wide hero.  Then, he came out against WWII.  He saw though the bankster, Deep State corralling and propulsion of humanity towards a World War with "enemy du jour" Germany....and spoke out.

Well, the Main$tream Media attacked him like a pack of jackals. Simultaneously, his firstborn child was ripped from his infant's cradle in the middle of the night and slaughtered.  These guys don't hold back.

That is what's going on re Russia/Putin at the moment. Total destruction of Russia's public image.  As I've said recently, the West's weaponry may be the sh!t$.... but their media is a top notch and ruthless reputation killer. IMO, Putin needs to strike back, and fast.  Losing the narrative is the worst thing that can happen in this situation...where Russia is the target of a global media Sh!t$torm attack.

UK political commentator George Galloway succinctly puts it:
Galloway said Russia should not assume that being soft in response to Trump’s action will have any desirable effect.

“If it were me who was making the decision, I certainly wouldn’t proceed on the assumption that being soft will in any way satiate the ravenous beasts that are baying for Russia’s blood at this point in time,” he said.

According to Galloway, the UK has not conducted a serious and unbiased investigation into the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter.

“As far as I can see there is no investigation,” he said. “The verdict was declared before the investigation began and I think there’s no investigation because the results of any serious scientific analytical investigation would show that the allegations against Russia are baseless.”
Galloway said there are still many questions which have been left unanswered in the Skripal case.

“I don’t believe that Russia is responsible for this act. And the good news is that most of the British public tend to agree,” he said.

If I were Putin [lolololol] what I would do is use this occasion to grab the narrative back by disclosing one of the secrets it must know about the West.  If Russia knows anything about 9/11 or the Apollo lunar's the time to disclose it. Now, before they shut down RT and the other friendly media like Sputnik and PressTV...not to mention the alternative blogs [like this one] and/or even the Internet itself.  Grab the narrative back, Putin.  The world's counting on you!



This link has a list of the countries that Qualified for the 2018 World Cup of Football.  Watch for intense international pressure/false flags...taking place in these countries.  Iceland has already bowed out ["diplomatically'] wonder if that means their team won't play?  This is how THEY play the game.


RickB said...

Just got in from work. Frustrating that due to work I can't respond to things nor post things on my blog as I would wish in a timely manner. I read your post earlier this morning and was thinking of responding and thanking you for your perspective... and now, later, seeing the headlines I echo your sentiments all the more.

While I'm here and able before leaving to spend time with my granddaughter, allow me to vent a bit on the mass organized disarm-America protests I watched this weekend in my hotel while working a gunshow selling my targets. Unless the two jewish gangs [one represented by Trump, the other by Dems and professional politicians] cause some truth to be let out what's going on behind the curtains because of their spat, I see Americans as being successfully disarmed, detention camps and a massive culling... a la the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Ya think the deep state jews will treat Americans any different than they did Russian?

A big reason I see this happening [barring ugly truth being let out accidentally due to the deep state jewish infighting that may wake people up] is because of the stupidity I see in the populace of those that are in charge of the interest of defending the 2nd Amendment right. Unless they stop playing with the cards that the MSM is giving them and callout the mass shootings as the government psy ops that they are, there is no hope in stopping the disarming campaign. The deep state players are smarter than the current idiots that are defending the 2nd amendment.

End of vent. Thank you.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB:

Ironically, I was against guns until 9/11. That event changed everything for me...including my former stance against private ownership of guns. Now I want to have a gun...a my house so that, when the brown shirts come goose-stepping down my streets and the police sirens start wailing they arrest anyone with half a brain...I want to go up on my roof with my rifle and pick them off as they come to get me. I know it will be a final act...but I'd rather go out shouting, as Patrick Henry did: "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!!"

Dwayne said...

I wouldn't hold my breath with the hope that Mr. Putin will reveal any dirty laundry about past events in the US. That he goes along with the Holahoax narrative that Germany and Herr Hitler were on the wrong side of truth is indicative enough to realize nothing will ever be forthcoming. Truth is always the first casualty in conflicts. As much as I support the Russian people (I wear a Russian flag pin on my ballcap in a showing of solidarity)... their "leaders" are as human as our "leaders" ("leaders" being the term for the elites that the tax livestock choose every number of years to be their masters).

As for ARMS ownership, I'm an ex-pat Canadian living down in OKC. I agree with RickB in that the pro-ARMS side of this battle is comprised of dimwits. Over the years I've attempted to get across the point that the 2A only protects the Natural Right of self defense using ARMS as the means of insuring this right isn't infringed. Every piece of ARMS control legislation across this shithole nation never uses the term ARMS. In place of this all important word are ambiguous terms such as "guns, firearms, weapons, etc." Insert the word ARMS into any of these pieces of legislation and it becomes readily apparent that the anti-ARMS crowd is attempting to infringe on this right.

ARMS of course implies whatever technology is available at the current point in time that allows a freeman to protect his person. At the time of the 2A authorship, this was the musket. Today it is the AR-15. Tomorrow, the lightsaber.

Unfortunately, my fellow ARMS owners are unwilling to use the proper term and insist on using the terminology the enemy conjured and uses in their legislation to disarm them slowly and with certainty.

Of course, all of this is moot. The reality is that man traded in his birthright of freedom gifted by the Creator for the promises of security and ease offered by other men. The Creator of the Universe apparently asks nothing of us other than to guard that birthright. This guardianship is evident in nature where animal and plant fight to live. We humans instead allow ourselves to be robbed each paycheck so that the elites can protect the tax livestock in order to keep a steady stream of income rolling into their coffers while they write out IOUs to cover the costs of the money diverted to their accounts and interests. Their is a reason legislation in the US starts out as a BILL... it's a debt the tax livestock are expected to repay (with usury attached). Americans by and large are a good hearted people... yet simultaneously they are dumb, ignorant tax livestock.

I'll conclude my vent with two quotes from Robert LeFevre -

"If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one."

"Government is a disease masquerading as it's own cure."

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment Dwayne. Lots to think about there. I agree that the word 'arms' is particularly misunderstood:

"ARMS of course implies whatever technology is available at the current point in time that allows a freeman to protect his person. At the time of the 2A authorship, this was the musket. Today it is the AR-15. Tomorrow, the lightsaber."

Anonymous said...

Dwayne said this
yet simultaneously they are dumb, ignorant tax livestock.
I do not think they are dumb
They are threatened to behave that way
If you do not submit
Who comes after you
Lawyers and police????
You are enforced to comply
A big difference than being dumb
Every town is corrupt
They steal much money from the so called coffers
I could give many examples now but too much to type
But main point
It bums me out when they fight at times like this
It ruins the games for political purposes
When we are not in it
Russia will shine
When Russia not in it
We shine
Who cares
Sports is like politics
Entertainment for the sheeple
Cheating to win
Winning is everything
But if you love to be entertained by sport
Do not let the political insanity of pussies ruin it for you
Tune in anyway
Besides Amerika is really not a soccer market
But US soccer fans should still tune in if you love being entertained by the sport
I would
Do not let political pussies ruin your appreciation of the sport

Dwayne said...

Anonymous... by and large, 'Murikans are dumb tax livestock. They attend government operated day camps for twelve years of their childhood being indoctrinated into accepting the lie that "government is a necessary evil". When pressed to justify the existence of government, their argument breaks down to this singular topic... "who is going to build the roads?" Doesn't get more dumb than this.

I'm cognizant of the reality that singularly I'm not going to change anything by participating in a system based on the monopoly of force. And that is all government is... physical force brought to bear to make one comply to the wishes and demands of these lying elites dubbed politician.

Thus, I refuse to participate. I withdraw myself from this coercive, immoral thing called government. And though the thieves may steal without my consent a portion of my property each payday for which I labor... I hold the view that Nature will auto-correct this wrong in time. Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Dwayne says this
Thus, I refuse to participate. I withdraw myself from this coercive, immoral thing called government. And though the thieves may steal without my consent a portion of my property each payday for which I labor... I hold the view that Nature will auto-correct this wrong in time. Karma is a bitch.
I say
I have never participated even when they say your vote matters
I laugh
I think of Florida and the chads
I think students getting involved cheating and lying while doing volunteer work and cheating blah blah
But you must play or pay the price
When cops or police are getting paid to protect and serve and you get served a ticket so maybe one day your insurance rates go up or you lose your licence and Greencrow says fight it
Yeh right
Who has the time to play that game,they serve you a fine
That is where your tax dough goes
All they do is oppress
I call it a dictatorship.
Aside from school bringing you in to accept it,television brings you deeper into it to accept the reality that exists
I still think a lot of people are awake
But because of consequences by not complying no one will take the chance
My fathers friend had your belief system,he lost his business he drove without a license and insurance
I always call insurance an extortion racket
People agree but they still comply
Do what I do
Say and think
May the lord strike you down the way you strike down your fellow man while playing your sick and oppressive game
I have seen things happen
You mentioned karma
Well after those thoughts
I seen karma
So please chant it and all victims chant it
I know you are not to wish ill will to folks butthese people are demons and victims need that help
Maybe if wee all call out for help
It will come
Galations 5
I used that line against a player
He laughed and said
What he gonna do for you
I said probably nuthin
But I saw somethin after that
I said
You are breaking the by law in the bible
I am charging you now
Galations five

Dwayne said...

Anonymous... I'm a deist and discount all "holy books" as drivel. I was raised in a Christian home of the fundamental bible believing baptist variety. I've also read the Quran and though it like the Bible have some sound principles in it, the idea that these books are some sky god's revelation of himself to mankind is too much for my reasonable mind to accept. And since I'm of Celtic/Germanic background, if I were inclined to worship a fictional god, it would be one my ancestors worshiped... Odin. It definitely won't be a Judaic god (of which the Hebrews had many thus the admonition of not having other gods before him). My ex-wife was Choctaw and for some reason she felt the need to worship this Jewish god instead of the god's of her ancestors. Nanishta sounds much cooler than yhwh/yahoo (sounds like a chocolate drink).

I have an older brother living in British Columbia. He drives a car. No license. No insurance. What is this gang of elites going to do? Arrest him? Meh, he doesn't care as it's a victimless crime. No victim, no crime. All they can do is threaten him with physical violence... the only tool "government" has at it's disposal to force compliance and obedience to the elites the gullible tax livestock choose to be their masters. These elites can go pound sand as we say here in Oklahoma. Or eat shit and die.

He, myself and yet another older brother living in Toronto are all anarchist (no rulers, just moral rules instituted by the Creator of the universe). We figured out that "government" is nothing more than a gang of elites who attempt to control others using physical force and violence. For this reason alone it's difficult to hold discussions with those who want to talk about "government" (US, Canada, Russia, Syria, or any of the nearly 200 others) as though it's a entity unto itself. Of course Frédéric Bastiat succinctly said it best... "Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."

If you've never read Adam Kokesh's free ebook "Freedom", take a look at it. Worth spending a few hours of your time. ( )