Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russian Trolls cause Hillary to slip---into a video meme

Hillary in India
At least She's Not dressed like
a Bollywood Movie Actor

Sometimes things get so bad all you can do is laugh.  Russia, thank God, has an excellent national sense of humour.  Something USrael and its vassal states sorely lack.  Here we have a video that has been definitively attributed to....wait for it....RUSSIAN TROLLS.  Have a good Sunday, folks!


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

She was in Korea just before they tried to kick off a side show ten years ago or so. She's now back to checking the wiring and relays in the main theatre of slaughter. Might be they decide to go a little early with the big one so long planned for by RCE/LC. There can be no more doubt any longer that she is a programmed Stepford robopsycho evilvacuoustart.

India is hoaching with the Chabadee cultee thugees. BTW so is Indonesia, only it is Mancunian variety there.

tsisageya said...

With my son, this took me down a rabbit-hole that I don't want to see anymore. It's like 'harlem shakes'. SUDDENLY there were all these memes! From everywhere. It was quite a discovery. I hate it when music gets stuck in my head.

BUT. I like the Trump one the best---production-wise. Then, I liked Putin. Killary came in 3rd.

Poor baby.