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Putin's Speech: Match, Set and Game Over...the Rational World Breathes a Sigh of Relief... while the "West" foams at the mouth

Putin's State of the Union Speech - March 1, 2018

The fallout (appropriate terminology) from Russian President Vladimir Putin's State of the Union Address of March 1, 2018 continues to settle in the Halls of Power of Western Governments...and in the blogosphere of alternative geopolitical pundits.  It's as if these two groups of watchers and listeners heard two totally different speeches.  In the alternative blogosphere, we experienced an almost audible exhalation.. a "sigh of relief".  Relief from fear, trepidation and tension, pent up for several decades now...was momentarily slackened, as the realization set in that "Somebody" has finally grasped the bull by the horns and was/is going to DO SOMETHING.  Do something about the horror engulfing the world as the "Rule by Kleptoterrorocracy" is being imposed on us by USrael and its vassal states.

For was like finding out there was a God after all.  Some entity finally took pity on humanity and vowed to tackle the pure and unadulterated "9/11 coup" Archangel Michael perhaps?  Or a St. George to slay the dragon...closer to the mark.

St. George, Patron Saint of Russia Slays the Dragon

Weapons for peace

Stephen Lendman "got it" as did The Saker...they both clearly understood that What Putin was doing in his speech was forcing the perps to look in a mirror and see the shadow of Russia's determination to thwart their evil agenda.

So, while the small Google/YouTube-besieged community of rational thinkers and aware bloggers quietly celebrated this unexpected immersion in the ice-cold Russian baptismal waters of logic, sanity and confrontation of was way too much to expect the evil perps to do the same:

"Washington's reaction limited to parasitic group think" the headline in Richard Edmundson's blog Fig Trees and Vinyards.  The official reaction from the "halls of power" according to his analysis, displayed once again the rigid inflexibility, the entrenchment and the blindness of the perps' to anything other than their lust for gore, perversion and their hard-wired "exceptional" determination to cover the planet with their Rule of Kleptoterrorocracy.

Yes, it's a pity that the perp-controlled Main$tream Media continues to feed this slop to the masses....rather than ask the simple "Elephant in the Room" question:  How did Russia, who's yearly military budget is 11%  of the United States of America's so completely outstrip the West in terms of "bang for the buck"?  [metaphor intended].  No.  When put on "the back foot" as the BBC [voice of Satan] likes to say...simply ignore the realities and weave a web of lies so dense that it will confuse any "Golf Channel" watcher who momentarily switches the TV channel:

Case in is an analysis from the National Post.  It's so riddled with least one in every ten words...that it smells like a month-old corpse of a small pox victim...with the pox spots still apparent on the decayed corpse:

Satan Responds to Putin's Speech....and packs lies in every sentence.  I'm only going to post the first paragraph and will ink the truth in in red.

The man who would be tsar [Putin is a populist and broadly supported democratic leader...with more vote plurality than any western leader...or any leader other than his ally Assad]: Russians 'pay a very high price' when Vladimir Putin comes out on top

Putin takes mad gambles that would doom a lesser dictator,[Putin has been voted President in several elections monitored by Western NGO's who found them legitimate] but always seems to win: he annexed Crimea, [Crimea, overwhelmingly ethnic Russian...voted in a referendum by over 90% to rejoin Russia] tilted the battlefield in Syria, [tilted the battlefield TOWARDS the elected and legitimate UN recognized government of Bashar al-Assad...after terrorist proxies...created, trained and equipped by the West had tried to destroy they destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya] and gamed the U.S. election [this is denied by Trump and the US Democrats, who lost the election, have never provided a word of evidence to Russia or to Trump to support this allegation.]

Reading from a script [what Politician doesn't read from prepared notes?...Trump, perhaps..but then we know the conflicting drivel he routinely comes out with], the Russian President was blunt. He said the West has been “ignoring us.”
“Russia still has the greatest nuclear potential in the world,” Vladimir Putin said in his annual address to parliament:  "Nobody listened to us. Well, listen to us now."
Then he boasted [to use the pejorative verb "boasted" is a juvenile, unprofessional journalistic tactic...unworthy of a national media outlet]...when the Western Leaders talk about their programs...aren't they also always "boasting"?] of a new long range nuclear missile technology, illustrated with lavish video mocked up attack on America. ["lavish" another unprofessional adjective...and the video did NOT show America as has been asserted in the lying Western press...the earth's surface was pixilated beyond geographic identification...but it makes for a good lie for the sheeple]  The threat was clear.  Pay attention or else.
Putin is in a new phase of his unprecedented rule as Russian president...then puppet-master Prime Minister...then president again. [Putin is methodically building on his programs and past achievements towards stated future ANY successful Head of State]
He takes mad gambles that would ruin a lesser dictator, [Mad gambles?  Never! that is the thing about Putin...he's very methodical and conservative in his approach...and that's a clue to his success...he never bombs innocent countries as after-dinner entertainment for visiting Trump did in THAT was a "mad gamble" which was responded to with great restraint by Putin ]...but he always seems to win.  He annexed Crimea, tilted the battlefield in Syria, and gamed the American election [see above].  He taunts NATO and rouses Russian patriotism in the same breath...."  [Putin, describing weapons that supercede anything possessed by the west is considered "TAUNTING"...but US sanctions on Russia are just "bidness as usual" the West's warped satanic view...rousing patriotism in your country is considered a negative.]
As an antidote to the above chock-a-block mendacious diatribe...I will provide some semblance of rational analysis here by Alexander Mercouris"

Aftershocks from Putin’s State of the Nation address: Russia, China, the US and the return of the ‘balance of power’

Putin’s speech shows that the Russians consider the restoration of geostrategic parity and of the military balance of power as the key to preserving peace

Greencrow comments: If you've been reading the Main$tream Media's perversion, distraction and distortion of Putin's speech that I've just parsed in the piece from the National Post above, Please now read Mercouris's analysis in the link above, take two tablets of aspirin, lie down, listen to spa music and you will feel better in an hour or so.

Or, as Ed(itor) put in the comments this video:

"Don't Let the Devil Ride"
I understand Putin loves the music
of Fats Domino so this is an appropriate dedication to
Putin and all his supporters around the world


Ed(itor) said...

Ed(itor) said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this terrific post; one of your best!

The points you made are more easily understood when the fact that the USA is completely under Jewish domination is acknowledged. (perhaps in Canada it is dangerous to say that? Look what happened to Arthur Topham and Monica Shaeffer)

On the other hand, Russia is an Orthodox Christian country and they in defiance of the JWO. Orthodox Christianity is the original Christian faith/church. The Jews tried to eliminate it with the blood of 80 million martyrs in the 20th century with their communism project, but as it was written even "the gates of hell will not prevail against it".


greencrow said...

Thanks, Laskarina. I do believe that March 1, 2018 was a watershed day in the modern day version of John Milton's "Paradise Lost"... the story of the epic battle between the forces of good and evil.

Reading between the lines said...

"For was like finding out there was a God after all. "
Sooo very well said greencrow .A big sigh of relief along with it .

greencrow said...


My favourite part of the video of Putin's speech (link above) is at the very end, when the Russian Anthem starts playing and he steps out from behind the white podium and stands to attention...the huge symbol of the sword grasped by the double-headed eagle flapping on the flag behind him and Putin's eyes, totally impenetrable, implacable...staring coldly straight about a MESSAGE for the ages...directed straight at the perps!

Ed(itor) said...

I couldn't help but notice that today's major movie offered up by BBC (winner of previous Oscar for best continuity during live coveage of a major international false flag event) was "The Hunt For Red October", that old Naval Institute/Tom Clancy classic about the defection of a Russian first-strike weapon silent nuclear boomer sub. This was just before THE major Hollywood gushing piece of self-congratulation and social engineering by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

greencrow said...

Glad to have missed entirely the annual TV Satanic Garage Sale...The Academy Awards.


greencrow said...

So glad to have missed the "Oscars" if this is the kind of lying garbage that's being pandered to the Sheeple.

The above travesty of lies won out over the other travesty of lies about the so-called "White Helmets".

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
The MSM is always for wars. The West could not wage wars without the MSM convincing the public that it is a good idea/necessary/inevitable etc. And they always tell the most outrageous lies to achieve that end.

I think the 'sigh of relief' is a little premature, though. You will recall that Putin announced to the UN in 2015 that Russia has had enough of the US' behaviour and could no longer stand by and tolerate it. Two days later Russia entered the war in Syria.

It seems that the US is increasingly targeting Russian troops in Syria as well as getting more brazen in their attacks on the Syrian Arab Army. Putin's speech is Russia's considered response to those attacks. They will respond to further attacks without hesitation and if the US decides to escalate from there, the Russians have already decided to go to all out war if that is what the US wants. Russia will not be backing down and will not negotiate any more.

Putin said that Russia does not bluff and he is absolutely right. He could have equally been talking for himself, too. He has never bluffed.

So, we can fully expect the US military to continue their attacks (as the Neocons have been needling them to) and Russia will respond by directly attacking those US forces involved. If the US escalates from there, so will Russia. That is what Putin was telling the US govt. Or at least the non-psychopathic members of the US govt/forces.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

You're right. Note that I said in my post there was a "momentary" lessening of the tension the rationalists ("truthers") have endured since 9/11. There can be no permanent respite from this tension...which is rooted in the knowledge that our enemies are incorrigible psychopathic warmongers. Putin is acting on this knowledge. He knows that it will come down to the kind of war that Milton wrote about in "Paradise Lost"....which I am always referring to on this blog.