Thursday, March 1, 2018

Putin Announces "Peace" Bombs--So Advanced that they render the entire Western arsenal obsolete

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives his annual state of the nation address in Moscow on Thursday. Putin set a slew of ambitious economic goals, and spoke about new nuclear weapons the government has been developing. (Alexander Zemlianichenko/Associated Press)

In a stunning announcement made during his "State of the Union: address on Thursday, March 1, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has upgraded its nuclear arsenal to a force that renders the entire Western nuclear arsenal obsolete for the foreseeable future.  Please read the following from the CBC this morning:
[Putin] said that the U.S. has ignored Russian complaints.

The growing Russian military power will guarantee global peace.- Vladimir Putin
"No one has listened to us," he said. "You listen to us now."
"Putin emphasized that Russia is concerned about the Pentagon-led nuclear review released earlier this year that envisaged the development of low-yield nuclear weapons, saying that it could lower the threshold for using nuclear weapons.
"We will interpret any use of nuclear weapons against Russia and its allies no matter how powerful they are, of low, medium or any other yield, as a nuclear attack," he said. "It will trigger an immediate answer with all the consequences stemming from it. No one should have any doubts about it."
He said that Russian military experts and diplomats would be ready to discuss new weapons systems with their U.S. counterparts.
"We aren't threatening anyone, we aren't going to attack anyone, we aren't going to take anything from anyone," he said. "The growing Russian military power will guarantee global peace."


Oh! to be a Russian or a Russian ally!. Here is the announcement from RT:

"Russia has developed a number of advanced weapons systems, including a nuclear-powered cruise missile, which make all US capabilities aimed at undermining the Russian nuclear deterrent obsolete, President Vladimir Putin announced.
The latest advances in Russian strategic deterrence have made America’s anti-missile systems obsolete, so Washington should stop trying to diminish Russia’s security and start talking to Moscow as an equal partner, not the dominant military power it seeks to be, Putin said.
The Russian leader made the comments during his state of the nation address on Wednesday. While the first part of the address was a straightforward description of domestic goals and achievements, the second became a defiant challenge to the US. Putin announced that Russia has successfully developed several new weapons systems, which basically negate American anti-ballistic missile capabilities.
The Russian president accused the US of arrogance, saying that it thought that Russia would not be able to recover anytime soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and that its interests can simply be ignored. One particular move – the withdrawal by George W Bush from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in 2002 – resulted in Russia being increasingly surrounded by American assets, which undermined the country’s nuclear deterrence.
“In the end, if we did nothing, this would render the Russian nuclear potential worthless,” Putin said. “They could simply intercept all of it.”
Without a nuclear deterrent, Russia would be exposed to US military pressure and would not be able to pursue a sovereign policy, Putin said. The president warned as early as in 2004 that Russia would not sit idle and that it would respond to this threat by developing new weapons systems...."

Greencrow comments: And Putin added that "an attack on Russia's allies would be considered an attack on Russia itself" ...and Russia would respond instantaneously to such an attack, say on Iran, Syria. But does this also include the BRICS nations of China, India..or any of the BRICS nations? This was not made clear.

So, Folks...while the West was busy developing the "weapons of social, economic (sanctions) and reputational destruction", perfecting their controlled Ma$$ Media onslaughts of isolation, minimization and demonization strategies...Russia was busy developing defense weaponry to counter the actual and implied military threats that have been directed at them non-stop by the West--ever since the rise of the Russian Federation from the ashes of the Soviet Union.

So, all the West has now is the "Voice of Satan" psychological warfare of Orwellian newspeak. Russia, OTOH, is preserving the World from the threat of the outdated nuclear weapons that the west maintains in their '50's era bunkers.

Putin said this morning that the Russian advances guarantee "Peace". But I, sadly, disagree. Unmatched weaponry is no protection against fanatical, psychopathic insanity. The perps have made it abundantly clear they would rather destroy the entire world than give up their wet dream of global hegemony....and THAT is the ultimate weapon being wielded against Planet the neocon, Ziofascist, globalist warmongers.


Pete Fairhurst said...

All well and good. If nukes are real that is.........

So the Russian bogey bear rears its head yet again, yawn. This is yet more evidence for me that, at the elite level, all these national mainstream agendas are irrelevant. That they are just for the little people.

See James Corbett for plenty more evidence. He shows that, at the top of the pyramid, the US/Russia conflict is false. Just look at the Trump/Russia BS for more confirmation of false news. Endless anti Russia and no evidence whatsoever. But the masses buy it.....

They've been using the nuke scare since 1945 and it has worked very, very, well for them. The nuke scare has also drained $billions from the US national exchequer, if not $trillions. Yet nobody has ever seen one exploded for 50+ years, so how do we know that they REALLY exist? Answer: we don't

There is evidence that they don't exist, evidence of a big con. See these:

greencrow said...

Hi Pete Fairhurst:

Apparently you missed all the news reports about nuclear testing going on by, say France, Pakistan, etc., etc. etc, right up to the recent tests by North Korea.

I would also include the "suitcase nukes" that destroyed the WTC twin towers on 9/11 (in combination with thermite and regular explosives)....but you probably never heard about that either.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Mr. Fairhurst...

My father served in the Canadian air force from 1950-1969 and was part of several contingents that went and observed several US nuclear tests... He was a most intelligent man and said to me flat out decades ago that nuclear weapons are absolutely real and very deadly... I therefore have a real hard time with the numbskulls out there that are still screaming that nuclear weapons are "not real" and I associate them with the "flat earth" clowns....

You also forget the nuclear test ban treaties of 1963 which forbids atmospheric detonation of test devices.. That is the primary reason why we have not "seen" an actual nuclear test in "50 years"....

Nuclear weapons are very much the "jew bombs" and were first developed in America through the Jewish criminal "scientists" including Oppenheimer and others.... I have not only my own father's testimonies, but my own research being a University Physics student, that shows that they are absolutely real....

The entire post war "conflict" is of course a farce to generate a wealth of business for the US military industrial complex.. And business has been great... It has been called the multi trillion dollar swindle and it continues to this date...

I therefore dismiss those who claim nukes as not being "real", for their belief is as dangerous and disturbing as "flat earth"....

Pete Fairhurst said...

Hi Greencrow

No I did not miss the news reports about all the "testing" going on. But what does that prove? News reports by the mainstream media are very often false. Very often. What evidence do we have that they are real? Well, non actually.

Nor did I miss the 9/11 theories. I know that you view 9/11 as a pivotal event, that made so many of us realise that we are deluged with lies by the mainstream media, I've read your excellent work for years now. But the suitcase nukes theory is just that, a theory. Ditto directed energy weapon a la Judy Wood. The 9/11 crime scene was compromised immediately and my guess is that we will never learn the definitive truth about 9/11.

Please take a good look at the Miles Mathis link in my first comment and carefully look at the photo analysis therein. Then answer me this: if the nuke tests were real then why did they need to fake the photos of those tests?

Anonymous said...

@ Peter Fairhurst

Miles Mathis papers are usually easy to verify if you do your own research. But, he has a lot of blind spots.

He is way off on the nuclear question, as well as "the Protocols".

Maybe he should go to Fukushima and set up his art studio there.


Pete Fairhurst said...

Mr Northerntruthseeker

With all due respect to your father how would he be able to verify anything about nukes? Maybe he believed what he was told by his superiors but what does that prove? Was he a scientist involved in their production? Did he see a rocket shaped missile and, if he did, what does that prove? He told you "flat out", but what was his evidence? You don't say.

As for nuclear test ban treaties, well doh, my bad. But think on this: if the nuke scare was really false then both sides would have had a vested interest in lying wouldn't you say? So how are YOU so certain that they were not lying? What is your evidence other than the hollow words of the mainstream media?

I have a BSc[Hons] in Physics, from Nottingham University in England, I graduated in 1971. At that time I believed what I was taught by the experts. But like I just said to Greencrow 9/11 changed everything for me too. So I do not intend to offend, it's just that I question everything now, including independent bloggers like you both.

Please look at the Miles Mathis link that I provided and answer the same question that I just asked Greencrow [assuming that she doesn't moderate me away that is]. Look at the Bikini link in his first para too. The photos are clearly false. Why would they need false photos if the tests were real?

Anonymous said...

@ Greencrow

Thanks for comment above.

Oppenheimer was a child rapist (boys) like so many Jews. He had no regrets about that nor about the nuclear hell he unleashed on the world. He was actually proud of the hell he unleashed.

One problem today is that there is dearth of real education and so many are so ignorant of basic physics that they can believe CGI over reality as if a hollow fiberglass and aluminum object can pierce steel re-inforced concrete--or that "fire" hot enough to melt steel somehow cannot burn tons of paper flying throught he air and piling up in the streets.


greencrow said...

Pete Fairhurst says:

"....the suitcase nukes theory is just that, a theory."

But it's a theory I've believed for more than a decade now. My belief is based on my own eye witness viewing of videos of final explosions of both WTC towers. Those, IMO, were very obviously nuclear explosions. There is reams of other evidence supporting this theory but I won't get into it. You saying that there've been no nuclear tests for 50 years is, IMO, treading very close to trolldom so don't push it if you don't want to be "moderated away".