Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Notice to Readers

Notice to Readers

Hi Everyone:

Just letting you know that my computer finally crashed on Monday,after deteriorating in function for some weeks.  Yesterday I took it to the computer technician at Staples where I bought it.  The same gentleman who sold it to me, "Hussein" told me he sees this situation about four times per week.  Someone comes in and tells him the same story...that their "Outlook" and "Word" evaporated from their hard drive and when they tried to fix it themselves, they were invited "by Microsoft" to buy a new edition.  When they clicked on a few links...things got progressively worse.

This is what happened to me...Hussein told me it is a common scam.  He says that the first four links that come up when you search "Microsoft" on Google are not "Microsoft" at all but scammers who will infect your computer. These scammers have the ability to "encrypt" your Outlook e-mails which is what he says has happened to mine.  He says he doesn't know if he will be able to get them back but he has to back up all my work and completely wipe my hard drive and then download all the material back onto the computer.  

I'm wondering...if Google is so all powerful that it can control and manipulate all the algorhythims on Google, why can't it detect and delete the scammer's links?  Why are THEY at the top of the Google list when you search for "Microsoft"?

Anyhoooooooo...I'm typing on my husband's computer as my laptop will  be in the shop for about three days.  If it's any longer than that I will keep you posted.



Northerntruthseeker said...

Welcome to my world.... I have my old computer back online and working for the moment, but will be purchasing a new system shortly...

I really do not like using Microsoft's bullcrap software, period... But we are stuck with that garbage on most systems....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your problems...
although they were forseeable to most.
First of all, your blog is hosted by google, so be aware that they can remove it any time they want without giving a reason, as they have done with several sites that reveal actual truth--you know the stuff that certain (((people))) do not want known.
Microsoft and it's minions like the antique "outlook express" are so vulnerable that it is ridiculous... not ot mention that any computer which has intel, or is HP is of Israeli origin.

Solution: first of all use only open source software such as Firefox browser,Mozilla for email, or better still the only encrypted email on this planet: Use Linux, not windows of any kind. For landline phone, to avoid excessive radiation, use Ooma VOIP which will connect to extant phone wiring in your home and is also voice encrypted when calling other Ooma customers. It costs aobut $70 US and is free thereafter. That's right. Free. It is available in Canada and calls world wide.

Blogger and blogspot are invitations to trouble. Get a cheap domain name out of US such as .is etc. and make your own webpage.

Never use Google or gmail under any circumstances, unless you want trouble. Use Startpage for searches. If you are concerned about searching, you can use a VPN.

Download (free) privacy badger and U-block and be free form tracking and all ads.

Always back up your work.

There is more but that should get you started to hassle free computer use.

People who do the above do not ever have the problems you are having now.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like google adwords is facilitating this type of phishing scam.

Anonymous said...

BoyDownTheLane says: "The Hegelian dialectic is alive inside capitalism. They make it, they break it, you buy it. A simple formula that could be applied to the analysis of almost everything going down."

wallflower said...

Hi GC...
I just found this and wanted to send it your way to digest and push on (when you have the ability). It's important stuff.

wallflower said...

...and here is breaking news:

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow, sorry to hear of this attack. Excellent point about Google allowing scammers to head the top of the search list.

It's a bit like the govt has total surveillance of electronic communications yet are unable to round up organised crime syndicates including child traffickers. But, what would I know . . .?

The PTB are singularly inept when it suits them.

Have you thought about using Linux? It's free and there are no virus attacks. Linux Mint is the most popular version.

greencrow said...

Yes, James...the government IS totally inept when it suits all the broken CCTV cameras on 9/11 and many other false flags.

I said to Hussein that I thought the government/Google et al was behind the scam. He said he didn't think so because the scam was very low tech (but broadly spread). I replied that that is JUST what the perps want...something that appears home made and they probably farm out the scam contract. Qui bono when our computers go down???

Thanks all of you for your solicitations and Wallflower for the links.

tsisageya said...

On the other hand, at this point, who cares?
We know. They know that we know.

It's only a matter of time, as usual. They are already imploding upon themselves. There's nothing they can do anymore except surrender.

Liars are liars and, when it's known that they are liars, they become desperate and double down. Triple down.

Keep on keepin' on, truth-tellers.

My advice, unasked for...

tsisageya said...

ifGoogle is so all powerful that it can control and manipulate all the algorhythims on Google, why can't it detect and delete the scammer's links? Why are THEY at the top of the Google list when you search for "Microsoft"?

My point exactly.

Sorry, but aren't we humans supposed to be at the top of the heap?