Friday, March 16, 2018

Greencrow Gives an Art Therapy Class

Greencrow Gives an Art Therapy Class

Hello Readers.  Today I'm giving an art class...actually a video Art Therapy Class for followers of current geopolitics.  Please view the above video and Enjoy!

UPDATE:  My blogging colleague, Ed(itor) who hails from the vineyard State of Connecticut

Connecticut State Flag

...has just provided this link for those who are unable to make their own...but still want Russian flag lapel pins:

...and an even more thrilling rendition of the Russian National Anthem...with Putin and 130,000 Russians singing:

Putin Sings the Russian National Anthem


Ed(itor) said...

I don't hail from Connecticut. When I do go there, go there under duress. My paternal roots are in Maine via North Shore Massachusetts, my maternal roots are in the vicinity of turn-of-the-century steel industrialization in Pittsburgh with the Scots-Irish, and I was raised around Reading, PA (home of railroads, pretzels and the Pennsylvania Dutch) by a Mennonite nanny, and I spent my teen years at the Western base of Mount Greylock, my college years in the Connecticut River Valley, and my parental years in the Merrimack River Valley. I currently live downslope from Mount Watatic.

greencrow said...

Mount Watatic. Wikipedia says its somewhere between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

same ; )

Now, why'd you have to make me have to go and look up the spelling of Massachusetts?