Tuesday, March 6, 2018

BBC (Voice of Satan) goes full Monty against Russia...prior to Russian Election/World Cup

"[Common Sense/Logic about anything]
...is a powerful narrative that isn't being heard
in the British Media today"...George Galloway

Pity the poor sheeple...being whipsawed back and forth by the Main$tream Media--their millians of pathetic, tiny milquetoast brains being gathered together by Satan, mushed into one giant battering ram/sledgehammer and pounded against the Russian State 24/7.

Ever since Putin delivered his State of the Union address last week...and particularly now with the Russian Election mere days away and the World Cup mere months away.  The BBC is doing a full monty...it's letting it "all hang out" as we used to say in the 60's.

Yesterday, the BBC blamed Putin for the death of his best friend and early mentor.  The pseudo "newz" report read like a cheap dime store novel...a "movie magazine story" from the 60's or...hey...well like The Warren Report and The 9/11 Report.  All cheezy innuendo, torrid speculation and conclusions based on thin air.

BBC is going into mach 10 hypersonic speed and circulating its lies everywhere in the globe.  Putin may have his weapons but the BBC has Satan.  Say...is there any likelihood that humanity will ever find out who runs the BBC?  I mean can we have some names of people who order up this crap?  Is there anyone who can be held responsible for this attack on the collective sanity of the masses?

NOTE:  I am going to predict here and now that the "West", led by UK, USrael and perhaps Germany...will somehow sabotage the World Cup.  They will "seek and destroy" it...they will invoke a "scorched earth" policy towards it.  Absolutely will they not adhere to the rules of "sportsmanship" and participate or allow others to.  The sabotage will be based on a "taking the moral high road" pretense...just like when the US and its allies boycotted the Moscow Olympics in the 80's based on....wait for it....Russian military actions in Afghanistan.

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