Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Post

The Everly Brothers - "Let It Be Me"

Every so often I go on a reminiscent kick of exploring some of the music of my youth.  Lately, I've been listening again to The Everly Brothers.  Paul Simon once said they had the best two part harmony in the history of modern music and I can accept that.  Taught music by their father and singing together since they were toddlers, Don and Phil said that while singing they could "read each other's mind".  In their adult years they had famous ten year long spats during which they had no communication at all.  Later on they got back together and did a few concerts.  Phil eventually died of COPD caused by being a chain smoker during their breakups.

While I did like the Everly Brothers music when I was in my late teens and 20' is only now that I fully appreciate the complexity and deep emotion they put into their songs.  The above "Let it be Me" is certainly one of their best. Today, I send it out to all those "lovers" out there on this Valentine's Day 2018...and particularly to my own "Valentine" of 41 years...depicted in the photo below : )

Greencrow and Better Half


Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo! Congratulations and have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your soul
But golf
I did watch when Tiger was tearing it up
Also the golfer that dressed different and died in his plane
So you two
Please have a dance to my tune, to you two

Anonymous said...

A false flag????