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Too Soon Old ... Too Late Smart - Prominent Former Zionist renounces Zionism and supports Palestinian Equal Rights

Ahed Tamimi Arrested for Resistance
to Apartheid in 2017

Nelson Mandela Arrested for Resistance
to Apartheid in 1962

Fifty-Five Years of Resistance Against Colonial Fascism and Racism - Has Anything Changed????

There's an old saying...Too Soon Old...Too Late Smart...that I'm beginning to realize sums up most of humanity, particularly these days.  The Unz Review recently had an article based on a column that Henry Siegman wrote.  Siegman, now in his late 80's  is a Holocaust (TM) survivor, former Zionist and former head of the World Jewish Congress. Siegman's analysis was reviewed by    • January 27, 2018.

I guess when you're over 80, all your brains finally come in...that's when you can finally connect all the dots...say, between the incarceration of Nelson Mandella in Apartheid South Africa...and the incarceration of 17 year old Ahed Tamimi in Apartheid Israel.  It's absolutely amazing that the Jews in Ziofascist Israel cannot see the writing on the wall...their Apartheid State will end up just like South matter how they oppress and eliminate the indigenous Palestinians.

Here are selected paragraphs from Weiss's take on Siegman's essay.  Please read and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


"....His words are astounding because Siegman, a Holocaust survivor now in his late 80s, was himself a Zionist, and head of the World Jewish Congress. His bravery in renouncing the animating political faiths of his life– it’s inspiring.
Nothing has been as harmful to the Palestinian struggle to end Israel’s occupation and unrelenting theft of territory intended for its state as Abbas’ insistence on the preservation of the Palestinian Authority and the myth that it serves as “a state in formation,” when it so clearly allowed Israel to solidify its occupation. Trump’s move on Jerusalem achieved what years of Israel’s settlements failed to do—shatter the illusion of a two-state outcome, and allow the Palestinian national movement to turn into a struggle for rights, which is to say a struggle to end Israel’s de facto apartheid regime, a course I have advocated for over a decade, and now increasingly embraced by younger Palestinians. What is particularly significant is that this younger generation is opting for a struggle for equal rights in a single state not because they despair of achieving a state of their own, but because it is their preferred solution.

Siegman then endorse the struggle for equal rights and the end of Zionism. This is his conclusion. Notice the clarity of his phrasing. There are no evasions here. And: notice the repeated references to an exodus of Jews.
It is the right choice, for their struggle for a state of their own is one Palestinians cannot win, while a struggle to maintain an apartheid regime is one Israel cannot win.
If after what undoubtedly would be a long and bitter anti-apartheid struggle Palestinians prevail, they will be in the clear majority. Having established the principle that the majority can impose on the minority the religious and cultural identity of the State, Israel will not be in a strong position to deny Palestinians that same right. That will lead in time to a significant exodus of Israel’s Jews.
If Palestinians do not prevail, then the undeniable apartheid character of the state and the cost of the ongoing struggle will lead to the same result—an exodus of Israel’s Jews over time, creating an even greater demographic imbalance between the country’s Jewish and Arab populations. Palestinians will not leave because they will have nowhere to go.

Next, no tears for Zionism. And a warning to American Jews to abandon Zionism.
The outcome is therefore likely to be the end of Israel as a Jewish state. If so, it will be an outcome brought about not by BDS movements but by Israelis themselves, not only because of their rejection of the two-state solution, but because of their insistence on defining Israel’s national identity and territorial claims in religious terms. A state that fast-tracks citizenship through government-sponsored religious conversion to Judaism, as Israel’s government now does, cannot for long hide that it privileges its Jewish citizens—just as the United States could not have claimed to be a democracy if conversion to Christianity were a path to U.S. citizenship.

Of course Palestinians have been saying this for a long time, idealistic democracy-loving Palestinians like Ali Abunimah and Omar Barghouti and Linda Sarsour. Yes, but it is meaningful that a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former Zionist leader is saying so, folks.
Some other bits. The peace process is a lie and a scam.
Critics of Trump’s declaration warned that it will put an end to what prospect there may still have been for a resumption of the peace process. Apparently word that the peace process is dead and buried never reached them. The fiction of its existence served no purpose other than to provide Netanyahu cover for his lie that the reason Israel is not already an apartheid state is that he is waiting for the resumption of the peace process with a more accommodating Palestinian leadership.
The leaders of Western democracies have yet to end their shameful collaboration with this Israeli scam. Not that they ever believed it, but they needed to pretend that they do, for otherwise they would have had to explain why they urged the security council to impose sanctions on Russia for its land grab in the Ukraine but refused to impose sanctions on Israel for its land grabs in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

There is also some excellent religious history about the non-attachment of Jews to Jerusalem as a place.

Muslims actually lived in Jerusalem and worshipped at the Noble Sanctuary for over a millennium. Most Jews did not make their lives in Jerusalem during these past two millenniums, even in times when they were able to do so…
In fact, the Jewish attachment to Jerusalem related not to its status as a capital city but to the location of the Batei Hamikdash, the two ancient Temples; Jerusalem was not known as Yerushalayim Habira (Jerusalem the Capital). When the second Temple was destroyed and the sages deferred its rebuilding and the resumption of its rituals to messianic times, there was no longer a compelling reason to live in Jerusalem. The small Orthodox community that continued to exist in Jerusalem considers Zionism a heresy and to this day does not recognize the religious or political legitimacy of the State of Israel.
The founders of the Zionist movement had little regard for the Messiah, and even less for Jerusalem….

I don’t understand why Siegman is not in all our leading papers and on the cable shows. The New York Times should be interviewing him; Chris Hayes should be hosting him. Because this is news. For the U.S. establishment it’s huge news. The two state solution is an illusion, the peace process is dead and buried, maintaining otherwise is a scam that serves Netanyahu, and Jews should prepare themselves for a “significant exodus of Jews” from Israel as it faces a future of acknowledged apartheid or– democracy."
Greencrow comments:  Astoundingly, Weiss does not "understand why Siegman is not in all our leading papers..." Well, perhaps he's not "old enough" yet to understand that not only is Palestine under occupation by the Zionists...but so is the United States. That's why I call it "USrael". All the media is controlled by Zionists. So is all the West, including the "Five Eyes" vassal states of UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada" under Ziofascist occupation.

That is why the silence on all the details of the brutal treatment of Palestinians. That is why the Ziofascist controlled media tries to ignore and minimize the Palestinian misery...conditions lacking water, basic necessities...a society on the brink of genocide.

Here's a snippet of a letter to the editor of the New York Times that was never published. A Palestinian, Darin Hussein, accompanied a Jewish-American writer, the "young" [as opposed to the older and much wiser Seigman] Roger Cohen, on a tour of Palestine recently...the resulting report was a contrived minimization...which ultimately blamed the Palestinians for their own victimhood. Please read and I will have final thoughts to follow:


"Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality

US Politics

"...Here’s the story Cohen didn’t share with his NY Times readers. During the nearly ten hours I hosted him, we walked about Balata, where he met people who talked about the ongoing struggle of Palestinian refugees, the cut off of funding, and the increased rate of unemployment among young people. Or in expressing sympathy for Israeli settlers, he fails to inform readers that these settlers are illegal occupiers who have stolen Palestinian land, which has been lived on and farmed by some of the same families for hundreds of years. And on our drive from Nablus back to Ramallah, Cohen failed to tell the story of how we witnessed on the highway more than 50 Israeli soldiers protecting two teenage settlers, who had been throwing rocks at Palestinian cars. He reported a scene in which settler youths “milled around the roadside as a squad of Israeli soldiers tried to keep them away from Palestinians: just another day in the West Bank.” That’s not what I saw. I saw the same pattern of illegal settlers taking Palestinian lands and being protected by Israeli soldiers—a colonization that I told Cohen has been consistent from the early days of Zionism..."


Greencrow says
: The sad (or happy, depending on perspective) reality is that the jig is almost up for apartheid genocide in Israel. The bile (caused by the State-orchestrated oppression and torture of the Palestinians...particularly the children like Ahed Tamimi...and the State sanctioned theft of land) is rising in the throat of the point where the entire Ziofascist entity, and all its followers will be spewed out. Siegman has realized this and that's why he wrote his article as referred to above. Another very old man, Henry Kissinger, said about 10 years ago now...that the State of Israel would be "gone in 10 years". You would have thought that someone would have listened to him and/or to Henry Siegman. But No.

Greed and psychopathy are like a very heavy ear wax, deafening those afflicted. Stealing land causes invisible blinders that block sight of neighbours whose land has been stolen. So the deaf and the blind are now stumbling around in the insane asylum they call Israel. They think that Trump's announcement about the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem will solve their problems with Palestine...but as Seigman prophesizes will just hasten the end. Unfortunately, the end will not come soon enough to save martyrs like Ahed Tamimi.

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