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The Park Bench Café #15 - "Meta-Analysis" Edition

The Park Bench Café #15 - "Meta Analysis" Edition

This Park Bench Café takes place in a beachfront WiFi Café somewhere down in one of those tropical Carribbean Islands far away from the snow and sleet.  You're walking along a sandy Palm-strewn beach on the ocean.. soft ocean breeze providing some small relief from intense sunshine and heat.  Carrying a cold Corona cerveza in one hand and an Internet-capable tablet in the happen upon a Palapa...just a palm-roofed shack....with a bar in the dark interior...and some bistro tables and chairs beckoning from the shaded deck outside.  Inside, there's a TV's a play-by-play of an Olympic Hockey game....coming all the way from South Korea.  The bar patrons can be heard cheering drunkenly for one or the other teams.   

You take an outside seat and order another cerveza and some tapas.  Then, you notice the other chair at your table has a newspaper, folded neatly, laid upon it.  Is someone holding a seat?  You wait a decent length of time for someone to show up...then slide your hand across and grab the newspaper.  The Headlines scream all the latest familiar M$M news and buzzwords....but there's a strange twist...Amazingly, the stories are written for the critical thinker--the "un brain dead"...the information presented is truthful...not propaganda and sh!t passing for facts.

So, without further is the latest submission provided by Ed(itor) formerly blogmaster of Occurrences, Boy Down the Lane and The Sullen Bell;


Keeping Up With Your Shots
“… That the advent of the internet changed everything has become both a mantra and a truism. What is not widely known by the public is that it created a whole new form of data-analysis called "meta-analysis," and a brief overview of this technique is necessary before reading the article, because the main argument of the article depends to a certain extent on this type of analysis, so it is essential to understand it, and what it can do, and cannot do. We all have a general idea of what scientists do when they analyze data. They "crunch the numbers" that result from their experiments, and then publish those results in professional journals, where other people in that field of science read them and debate the conclusions. That, anyway, is more or less how it's supposed to work. The articles are about the hard data. But as the internet arose, and more and more articles were archived and stored digitally, this opened a whole new way of analyzing data, for with this database and the addition of search engines, it became possible to analyze not the data in the articles, but the number of articles published on defined topics.

As a result, it became possible to look not for causes and effects, which would be more or less the purpose of individual articles themselves, but to look for significant and statistically undissmissible, or statistically significant correlations between types of data. In other words, meta-analysis is not about causes, but about correlations. It's saying "Look at this relationship, it's significant, it needs examination to see if there is a causal connection." Meta-analysis suggests causal relations on the basis of data correlations. This is quite the crucial point, as the author of this article, James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D., does not fall into the trap of deducing causes from correlations. Indeed, as we'll see, he even avoids the trap of saying "Vaccines are bad", but rather suggests that certain compounds and elements found in certain types of vaccines are the real root of the problem (e.g., Thimerosol, aluminum, &c.). One would be hard-pressed to debate that conclusion, for Jenner's small pox vaccine, for example, did not contain Thimerosol and, so far as I'm aware, aluminum or any of the other compounds or elements that have been identified as problematical over the past few years. The technique of vaccination is not the problem; the content of individual vaccines is….


The St. Valentine’s Day massacre

Wayne Madsen, identified by many as one of the leading investigative journalists in America, alleged by Wikipedia to be the son of a Danish communist, says in his report today [currently embargoed: ] that the shooter Cruz was emboldened by Trump’s support of neo-Nazism and white supremacy and echoes the reports that he was affiliated with the militia group ROF. But:

“… Leon County law enforcement sources told the Tallahassee Democrat that they could not find information linking Cruz, 19, to the Republic of Florida Militia, as claimed by the group’s self-proclaimed leader Jordan Jereb.

His comments to the Anti-Defamation League and The Associated Press set off a media firestorm Thursday at about midday that Cruz was connected to the alt-right, white nationalist group…..”

Law enforcement officials haven't confirmed the connection, and while Jereb did publicly disavow Cruz and his actions, he confirmed that Cruz did train with his militia, according to the New York Post. The leader of the group also told ABC News he has not spoken to Cruz in “some time” but said "he knew he would be getting this call." He would not comment further but emphasized that his group was not a terrorist organization.

However, a law enforcement official told the AP he knows of “no known ties” between the suspect and a white supremacist group. Lt. Grady Jordan is a spokesman for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in Tallahassee, where the white nationalist militia known as the Republic of Florida is based. Jordan said Thursday that his office has arrested militia leader Jordan Jereb at least four times since January 2014 and has been monitoring the group’s membership.

He says his office has “very solid” information on the group and “there’s no known ties that we have that we can connect” 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz with the group.

Jereb told The Associated Press earlier Thursday that Cruz was a member and participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee. Jereb said he didn’t know Cruz personally and that “he acted on his own behalf of what he just did and he’s solely responsible for what he just did.”

Obviously the Borgist Zionistas did not laugh as much as I did whe, on TV, Ollie North — the graying veteran of the infamous gun-swap for the American weapons trade run by a bureau of retired politicians — told us that the shooter was a member of some right-wing militia.

It’s been disclosed [ ] that the FBI had information months ago about a threat of this shooting that took place yesterday (not the first time this kind of law enforcement lapse has occurred; in fact, it’s an open joke about how the FBI creates domestic terror) but apparently they were too institutionally bound up with covering for Hillary and calculating how to screw Trump.

Remember this?

Obama puts FBI in charge of nation's cybersecurity

Other impressions from skimming along the TV dial for two days during the non-stop coverage not unlike previous similar events going back decades [are you familiar with the term “media events” as described by Elihu Katz? Read his book someday… ]:

Did I see Anderson Cooper crying? Did the CIA teach him how to make fake tears when he was interning before his placement (he’s the son of a major oligarchic family) at Zionist News Network?

Some one pulled his android phone and said “we have an app for that now”.

“This violence has got to stop!” wailed one commentator, without a moment’s pause to consider how violence the US government has brought on to the world…. or how much we are immersed in violence when we watch TV drama, TV news, first-person-shooter video games.

“He took a southbound turn” said the cop at the press conference; I think he was referring to the alleged shooter’s exit from the scene, but may have bene alluding to his mental state.

“The first civil right is the right to be safe”… were the words that fell out of the mouth of one tongue-wagger trying to sell us more security measures, or to take away our right to protect ourselves and those (and what) we hold dear.

Another commentator said that all the TV coverage lacked any kind of rational discourse and was nothing more than emotional time-fillers. This is what Xymphora might call excessive virtue-signaling.

Making the evacuating kids march out with their hands up was an act of psychological warfare, to make them more used to a police state; it was suggested that that enabled the police to discern more clearly and accurately the perp trying to escape with his weapons, but of course that failed miserably; he escaped anyway (allegedly to slurp some soda).

We are told that guns are deplorable — not the connection to the linguistic term used heavily by the collectivists in describing those who supported Trump — but it is of course never the gun; it’s the way in which the gun was used. Some people go through life acting responsibly; others can’t be responsible for their own emotions.

Perhaps the one benefit to the wall-to-wall coverage is that it rammed the emotional response by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s to being taken to task for her advantageous use of her Native-American genetics to the deeper corners of social media.

PBS gave us a not-very-subtle flashback to Obama “wiping a tear” as he held a press conference about Sandy Hook, the event the anti-gun lobby will not let die despite numerous and pointed questions about it and those who participated in it.

Other graphics included a parade of Hasidic Jews as the backdrop for the narrator giving us a parade of Tweets about the event. [Did you happen to catch the news about the court ruling that makes illegal the re-use of a Tweet as a copyright violation?]

An elementary teacher I know with two master’s degrees and a decade of experience teaching in two “sanctuary” communities has been given ALICE training [ ] and says their orientation in the classroom, where she has handled special needs students that are mainstreamed into classes with other children, is a focus on SEL (social skills, emotional skills, and learning skills), but says that teachers may not discipline the children in their classroom even when the children themselves are violent and abusive to the teachers. She describes it as “adolescent warfare on society”.

“… We believe what is missing from the discussion is the idea of an educational response. Current policy responses do not address the fundamental question of why so many mass shootings take place in schools. To answer this question, we need to get to the heart of how students experience school and the meaning that schools have in American life. It is time to think about school shootings not as a problem of security, but also as a problem of education…. Current policy responses do not address the fundamental question of why so many mass shootings take place in schools. To answer this question, we need to get to the heart of how students experience school and the meaning that schools have in American life…..”

Via Zerohedge

The suspected shooter is believed to be mildly autistic, and was receiving treatment at a nearby clinic, but had not been back in a year. Cruz told police that he had heard voices in his head telling him to shoot up the school. He described these voices as demons, his legal team said.

Meanwhile, it also emerged that police were called to Nikolas Cruz’s family’s Parkland home 39 times since 2010, according to police records obtained by CNN.

The sheriff’s office received a range of emergency calls that included: ‘mentally ill person,’ ‘child/elderly abuse,’ ‘domestic disturbance,’ ‘missing person,’ and several others.

The idea that one could be remotely made to appear to be mentally-ill must be considered:

Was there an active shooter drill just before the event?

“When is the time for gun control?” was another plaintive comment. The collectivists have been trying to use school violence for three decades to move legislative action on gun control and it’s not working.

In an old blog that I deactivated in the face of organized interference by The Borg, I did an extended write-up on the book/video series "The Hunger Games" written by the daughter of a Vietnam-era military psy-ops operative and who resided in Newtown, CT and published by an outlet affiliated with the CIA; "Hunger Games" is unquestionably a tale of ritualized child sacrifice, though in the context of culture, media etc., ala "panem et circensees".

If you are inventive in your own search and verification methods, you could read the article I wrote for the trade journal "Rescue" (a JEMS publication). It points out the now-obvious long-term plan for school shootings that have had almost three decades of evolution and maturation in the Tavistockian campaign to create social fear, to take away our ability to defend what we hold near and dear, and to sacrifice our children because the article was published in the March/April issue in 1990. That out society cannot ascertain the sources of this pattern means that we are incapable or disinterested in doing so.

What is also amusing is the continued stubbornness of the national intel apparatus in thinking that the average citizen is incapable of coming to an understanding of the Hegelian dialectic, in discovering where and how that took root and was nourished, or in understanding the deep and long-standing plans for the use of these tools to ratchet forward and leverage the kinds of social engineering and “revolutionary” change that is now hidden behind centuries of subterfuge.

The Borg operates numerous “machine de guerre” such as known as Wikipedia. “Machine de guerre” are mechanisms that were first conceived in secret societies in Europe and now include Facebook, Google, and others (and, arguably, CNN). The Hegelian tool is was part of the curriculum of Weishaupt’s school of schools. This can be discovered by reading Melanson’s fat tome ntitled “Perfectibilists” and some companion texts that can be found through Trine-Day.

How on earth did the US machinery of government come under the dark cover of communism (or perhaps we should call it by one of its equivalent names of Bolshevism, Judaism, Zionism)? A close reading through multiple sources of the early developments of the OSS, the CIA, and the entire US security/intel covert operations will demonstrate the links to Wall Street, secret societies that were extensions of other secret societies, the hand-in-glove relationship with Britain and the Crown’s secret services (both of which heavily controlled by the banksters and complete with communist moles), and their transition through the crossroads of Istanbul (where Dulles first paid his dues by placing information in British and New York press outlets that the long-standing plan — whose subsets any idiot can see are functional today — was a hoax or forgery) and then World War Two. At the end of the war, we saw the wholesale importation of the Nazi machine so carefully constructed by Wall Street and the banksters into the US and its use a and transformation as a mercenary tool (The Muslim Brotherhood), as well as the careful creation of not only The state of Israel but its techniques of terror, its intelligence agencies and its subtle techniques for infiltration, subversion, and massed political influence. This was capped after World War Two by the assignment to the fellow trained under communism in Italy and who helped create the Mossad and then took over the Israeli desk at the CIA, the same fellow who played an instrumental role in the cover-up of the assassination of Kennedy.

But we cannot pay any attention to that today because the media has on its mind (and therefore yours) that in order for us to live sanely together, we must finally insure that no one has any guns (except, of course, those same governmental agencies who have been polishing their capacities for death and destruction and who now operate death squads in multiple nations (and have done so throughout the last century in Europe, Asis and America). It’s not clear just who and why they bought massive quantities of 40-caliber “dum-dum” ammo (or if they did), but it doesn’t matter. They have the pharmaceutical companies, the NGO’s, and countless other methods to put all the dum-dums to death.

They can bury their hearts at Wounded Knee.

It is interesting to note that the event took place on the anniversary of the Dresden bombings, which has its own underground history we’ll not address here.

“… As he leads the police response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is likely enduring some of the toughest days of his career. And he’s probably looking to his Judaism to guide him through it.

Israel is the county’s first Jewish sheriff, and it’s an identity he has embraced. A 2016 campaign flier reported on that year by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel centers on the role that faith in general, and Judaism in particular, plays in his life.

“My Jewish faith is a central part of my entire life,” the flier quotes Israel as saying. “My late father Sonny Israel fought in the Korean War and became a police officer because he believed in the call from the Talmud that ‘Whoever saves one life saves an entire world.’ Those words guided my brother and I, as we also became police officers.”

Israel is the sheriff in charge of the area that includes Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 faculty and students were killed by a gunman on Wednesday. Israel’s children, triplets, had attended the school. In a video recorded by a local NBC affiliate, he called the mass shooting a “horrific, homicidal, detestable act.”

“This is a terrible day for Parkland, Broward County, the state of Florida and the United States,” he told reporters that day. “My very own triplets went to that school and graduated, in Stoneman Douglas. They played football and lacrosse at that school. It’s just catastrophic. There really are no words.”

He’s also a vocal advocate for gun control. In the 2016 campaign flier, he mentioned fighting gun violence as one of his top issues. And speaking to reporters Wednesday evening, he said people who are being treated for mental illness shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns.

“I’ve said this time and time again,” Israel said in a video by NBC News. “While the people who are victims of mental health illnesses in this country are being treated, in the opinion of this sheriff, they should not be able to buy, surround themselves with, purchase or carry a handgun. Those two things don’t mix.”

The “hero” of the moment is described as a football coach and security guard who “threw himself in front of the bullets” (when he was young, he ran the 40-yard dash in 3.7 nanoseconds), but I’d think any security guard worth the appellation would be armed and willing to trade rounds for a brief moment.

See also these bits of nonsense:

WaPo Op-Ed Columnist Megan McArdle Wants Kids to ‘Gang Rush Shooters’

Greencrow on False Flags:  "My POV on why the False “Flags are so chock-a-block full of "red flags" and things that don't add up is because ONE of the main goals of all false flags is what I call a "media drill". They leave blatant inconsistencies in the official story and evidence in the wide open as "bait" for journalists in the M$M to see. If, the so-called M$M "journalists" take the bait--and publish a story about the inconsistencies...they're immediately out of a job. That's how the perps have kept the M$M in line ever since 9/11. It's a way of routing all potential truth tellers OUT of the main$tream media. And it has worked splendidly!!!"

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