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The Landlord Must Kick Out the Squatter - Part II

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First of all, let me apologize for the glitch on my blog last night.  I was working on a Draft of this post, which is going to be about Syria having the terrible responsibility to the planet of kicking out the American military that is squatting on their land illegally.  Suddenly, the draft was "published" by Blogger.  I could not delete it off my blog.

This morning it is still up on the Internet...while here on my web page, it has been deleted.  Very standing in the middle of an Iowa corn maze and shouting out for help.  Who is "out there"?  We don't know anymore.

Anyway, I'm going to publish the post that I was working on while I am (hopefully) still able.

This is Part II of my post of a couple of weeks ago entitled "The Landlord Must Kick Out The Squatter".

Syrian City after American Bombing

My contention is that only Syria can kick the United States out and it must be done according to International Law. Lots of warnings...resolutions presented in the USNC...Syrian Military surrounding the embedded Americans. Assad must give the warning after a television address where he tells the world what he's doing and why. 48 hours to vacate must be given (at least). If the Americans don't go...then Syria must attack. As I've will be very bloody...but that's the only way to get them out...and for the sake of the planet...and the rule of [international] MUST be done.

Fate has given Syria a task of biblical proportions. It is required to enforce the most important principle of civilization...the respect for property law.

Yesterday according to media sources, Syria was being invaded and attacked by American and Israeli Air Forces.

Other alternative bloggers reported that the Pentagon was conducting "defensive" airstrikes against pro-Syrian government forces. Penny for your thoughts wrote that the US Forces are "very proud" of their illegal operations in the sovereign nation of Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister says that the US has finally admitted that it's goal in Syria is to destroy it and set up another state in its boundaries. Here is the report from RT and I will have more comments to follow:

US eyes partitioning of Syria, gave up on promise that fighting ISIS ‘only goal’ – Lavrov  

The US appears to be aiming at dividing Syria, as US troops still linger in the country even after its promise to end the mission after driving out Islamic State fighters, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“It’s very likely that the Americans have taken a course of dividing the country. They just gave up their assurances, given to us, that the only goal of their presence in Syria – without an invitation of the legitimate government – was to defeat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and the terrorists,” Lavrov said.
Regarding pledges to keep a limited military contingent in the war-town state, Lavrov says the US is not being open about their true objectives.
“Now [the Americans] are saying that they will keep their presence till they make sure a steady process of a political settlement in Syria starts, which will result in regime change,” the minister said during a conference in Sochi.
The foreign minister claimed there are “plans of virtual division of Syria.” 
“We know of [them] and we will ask our American colleagues, how they are seeing [Syria’s division].”
The US has nearly 2,000 servicemen currently stationed in Syria. In December, the Pentagon announced the troops will remain on the ground for as long as needed “to support our partners and prevent the return of terrorist groups.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson later reiterated the plan.
Although the Syrian government regards the deployment of US troops on its sovereign territory as “illegal,” Washington justifies its presence under the pretext of fighting IS militants.
Washington has also been arming and funding various groups under the banners of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) 
Moscow, which operates in the country on the Syrian government’s request, insists that the US has no grounds to have a [military presence in Syria]...."

So, as they say in law..."the issues are joined".    The United States believes it has the right to invade and destroy Syria on behalf of the tail that wags it, Israel.  Russia and it's allies [and particularly Syria itself] are insisting that the United States is acting illegally and criminally according to International Law.

It is very important here that Russia and its allies don't act illegally at this they leave themselves open to being tarred with the same brush as USrael.  They must explore all peaceful avenues to resolve the issue.  The United Nations must be the venue that the offended party, Syria, uses to seek justice.  Syria must declare its intentions of kicking the squatters off its land openly at the UN and give the squatters a reasonable time to vacate.

During this period, Assad must fully explain his position in a series of public addresses.  Only Assad can take these necessary steps.  Russia and its allies must remain in the background at this stage.  As readers can see from the astounding video from RT above...there are millions of Americans and Westerners who do not support the greed and warmongering that has been going on for decades.  Hopefully, folks like Steve above will put pressure on their governments to back off and get off the land that they're squatting on.

It would be interesting if Syria could force the US to engage in the dialogue and attempt to explain its actions in would wrap itself up in quite a web of deceit, half truths, limited hangouts etc., if it tried.  Of course, that's why the US has avoided any attempts to justify its "foreign policy" in Syria. Hopefully, unlike other wars [based on lies] that Canada and "the West" have been dragged into...Canadians will have an opportunity to discuss the issues beforehand in Parliament!

But, as I said in Part I, I believe this is the final chapter in the "unipolar moment" as the US just this morning describes his policy since the collapse of the Soviet Union.  This is the moment when the United States has to return to the Rule of Law...and in particular...the Rule of International Property Law.  If the US continues on its current path...just like in any landlord/tenant/squatter is the landlord who must come in and evict the squatter.  And, as I also said in Part I...if it gets to that catastrophic stage..."There Will Be Blood"...and lots of it.

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